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Guns, Cars, Zombies Guide, Cheats & Tips to Kill Hordes of Zombies

A zombie apocalypse is just one of the end-of-the-world scenarios for mankind but it is possibly one that we are fully prepared for. There are games for every possible zombie situation and Guns, Cars, Zombies is one of them. Available on iOS and Android devices, this zombie-themed action-packed racing title from Denali Games focuses on what people with cars would do in the event of a zombie outbreak. Your goal is to turn those grotesque undead into roadkill. You can upgrade your car and weapons to make sure you deal maximum damage each time you ram your car into a zombie horde. There are several different game modes for you to play. You can even test your skills against fellow drivers in a PVP arena. Don’t forget to read our Guns, Cars, Zombies guide to make sure you survive regardless of the situation you find yourself in!

1. Upgrade Your Car

There are several options for you to upgrade your car. You can upgrade various features of your car through the Customize menu, as well as improve your car’s Armor and Fuel. All of these upgrades are important if you want to continue progressing in the game. Make sure you allot resources for each type or you will have problems surviving later on in the game.

The Customize menu installs several upgrades on your car but it takes a while for these to complete. You need to make sure you always have a customization going on so you don’t waste time waiting for them later on. There would normally be just one or two available at a time so you won’t have much trouble choosing which one to install. If you had to choose, however, pick the whichever upgrade helps with survivability such as armor increase.

Fuel upgrades increase your car’s fuel capacity. It helps you drive around longer. Armor upgrades, obviously, increase your car’s armor. It increases the amount of damage mitigation your car has. Both of these are important but you should prioritize fuel over armor in a 2:1 ratio. It doesn’t matter how much armor you have if you can’t drive away anyway.

2. When To Upgrade Weapons

Before you start investing in weapon upgrades, keep in mind that not all game modes are affected by these. For example, if you play the Turret mode, you will notice that the weapon upgrades you have for your car are missing. This becomes problematic if you like playing Turret mode because you will be torn in terms of investment. It would be best, however, if you used your springs for upgrades in the Guns menu. You can upgrade weapons in Turret mode only if you have springs to spare. Of course, if Turret mode is the only one that matters to you, feel free to spend as many resources in it as you want.

3. Play The Different Modes

As of this writing, there are five different game modes that you can try out. These game modes have independent energy meters and rewards so it is a good idea to play each of them every day. When you start out, only the Story mode will be available. Keep playing it in order to unlock the rest of the features of the game. To help you figure out which game mode is best for you, we have listed all of them below.

Story Mode

This is the main mode of Guns, Cars, Zombies and it is divided into different stages. There are certain objectives for each stage that you need to achieve. The good news is that you these objectives are usually cumulative. You just need to keep replaying and you will eventually be able to complete a level even if you are a terrible driver.

PVP Arena

This mode pits you against another player. You won’t, however, be dueling to the death against each other. Instead, you will both compete to see who can kill the most number of zombies in a single run. Make sure your car is well upgraded to help you get those zombie kills.


As the name suggests, this mode will have you complete several challenges in order to get awesome rewards. The routes are always the same so all you have to do is keep practicing until you have mastered everything. One good trick is to keep hitting zombies so your car will slow down, making it easier to steer.


If you are feeling a bit trigger-happy, you can play this mode. The goal is just to shoot as many zombies as you can. This mode has a separate upgrade for its weapons so don’t forget to work on that if you plan to play this a lot. Practice your aim since head shots deal more damage, making it easier to eliminate zombies. Make sure you shoot any exploding objects such as barrels as these can take multiple zombies out at once.

Daily Showdown

The goal in this mode is to drive as far as you can. Precision driving will help you succeed but filling up your rage bar once in a while wouldn’t hurt either. Try to hit a few zombies on the way to slow your car down. This is especially useful if you are having trouble steering your car properly.

4. No Need For Ammo

If you are just playing the story mode, you will rarely encounter objectives that will require you to use your weapon. Shooting zombies help you rake in more points but ammo can be quite expensive when you are still starting out. It would be better to use your money on upgrades instead of something consumable like ammo. When you have progressed far into the game and have a lot of money to spare, then you can use your weapon as much as you want.

5. Be Careful When In Rage Mode

When you enter the rage mode, you will temporarily be invincible. However, there will be a lot of times when your rage mode ends right before you hit an obstacle. Hitting obstacles decrease your armor by a lot, especially when you are still starting out. The best thing to do is to still try to avoid obstacles even when in this mode or you may end up driving right into a bus.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse can be a daunting task, but our list of Guns, Cars, Zombies tips, tricks and hints can definitely keep you alive! If you have anything to add to this guide, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!