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Groove Planet Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Better Combos and More Earnings

Ever wanted to be the mayor of a Funky Town? Animoca Brand’s Groove Planet allows you to become the mayor of the titular planet, and all you’ve got to do in this game is to keep on clicking. This is a clicker game where you’ll have to play a song and tap along to the rhythm, as you earn notes and get your constituents up on their feet and dancing. The game comes with five EDM songs from independent artists, though you can also set the game up to play your favorite songs from your music library. You can use the notes – the game’s currency – to create new buildings and expand your population. In short, this is probably the funkiest city-building clicker game out there, and if you’ve got an iOS device, we can’t blame you if you’re getting interested in this game.

Being mayor of Groove Planet is no fun and games, however, if you’re not progressing as far into the game as you should, but we hope we can remedy that with these Groove Planet tips and tricks.

1. How To Add Your Own Favorite Songs

The game’s description does clearly say you can add songs from your music library, but some people have had some trouble doing this. But it’s actually easy to do – iPhone and iPad users can simply go to their music app, check their options for a song, and choose the option to make them available offline. That’s all there is to it, so when the song’s done downloading, hit the reload button so that it appears on your Groove Planet playlist.

2. Choose Fast Songs

Groove Planet, according to its description, makes use of chord recognition technology to detect the chords and keys of your chosen song. It can also distinguish the tempo of your song, so with that in mind, choose fast songs so you can tap faster and come up with bigger combos. And believe it or not – you can even choose a speed metal or hardcore punk song (which may seem counterintuitive to a dance-inspired title) and it can actually benefit you in this game! What you may want to avoid, however, are songs that come with a lot of tempo changes. (For example, a song like Megadeth’s “Mechanix” could be a good choice because it’s a generally fast-paced song with a consistent rhythm, but the same band’s “Holy Wars” less so because of its various tempo changes.)

3. About The Game’s Limitations And Workarounds

Unfortunately, Groove Planet isn’t able to pick up a song’s beat, which makes it theoretically possible to create your own beat to a spoken-word track – yes, even standup comedy or DJ patter can be plugged into the game! But you can double-time or quad-time the beat, allowing you to work around slower songs; the game usually allows you to make combos to beats of a maximum 240 BPM.

4. Keep On Adding Buildings

As mayor of Groove Planet, you should make it a point to add as many buildings as you could, and to upgrade them until the upgrades are too costly. These buildings earn notes when you’re offline, which allows you to sign off or keep listening to the music as your earnings add up.

5. The Perk Mechanic

You may notice records showing up in your planet’s core – tap on them and slide up, and you’ll either gain or lose a perk. Losing a perk can be nullified if you watch a video, while you can double the impact when gaining one, also by watching an ad video.

That’s all for now, as far as our Groove Planet tips and tricks are concerned. In case you know any other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!