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GrandChase Tier List (2021 Update): Our Picks for the Best SR Heroes in the Game

Almost 3 years following its international release, GrandChase continues to remain as one of the most engaging and addictive strategy RPGs on mobile, banking well over 2 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone as well as maintaining largely positive average user review ratings on both Android and iOS platforms. With a massive roster of heroes to collect and upgrade, paired with tons of content that offer a wide array of challenges, GrandChase is guaranteed to provide hours after hours of immersive and enjoyable adventures fit for beginners and experienced RPG enthusiasts alike.

GrandChase does provide a lot of features and mechanics that may appear overwhelming to total newbies. However, the tutorial session that comes with it makes grasping the basic ideas easy enough. Just the same, if you have just started your adventure in the fantasy world of Aernas, we highly recommend that you visit our GrandChase beginner’s guide. Our earlier guide tackles all the basic tips and strategies you need raise your team’s BP fast and efficiently.

With well over a hundred heroes to form an ultimate team with, a chunk of the fun and excitement in GrandChase dwells on the heroes you choose to invest resources in, as you will hardly have enough of it to enhance and upgrade everyone in your roster. As it should be, being very selective when it comes on which heroes you invest time and resources in grows more and more crucial as you progress further and encounter more challenging battles.

grandchase best characters 2021

Heroes in GrandChase come in varying rarity grades: A, S, and SR. Naturally, higher grade heroes have better stats and skills, making most, if not all, lower grade ones temporary substitutes until after you acquired the ones you really need for your tem. A grade heroes only have 2 active skills and a passive skill while S grade heroes have special skills. SR heroes can acquire chaser skills once they have gone through the sixth transcendence. In this regard, we will only be considering SR grade heroes for this tier list.

Like all other tier lists we have published, it can be expected that this one is equally subjective. We understand and respect as well how different players have different perceptions as to which heroes are better than others considering a variety of factors. As every hero in GrandChase rightfully has different values and uses in different game modes, our tier list is based on their overall prowess across all of the game’s content.

Do note that heroes listed under any tier are considered equal to others within the group and are arranged alphabetically in contrast with strongest to weakest. From top to bottom. Although the skills and attributes of heroes belonging to the same tier are not absolutely equal, they are more comparable to the tiers they belong to than the other tiers. Arsad [Tank] and Gaian [Mage] are not yet included in this tier list as they still do not have Chaser skills, making it impossible to rate them against all other heroes.

GrandChase S Tier Heroes

Considering the 30 SR grade heroes in GrandChase, these are the ones whom we feel are the best investment options. These heroes excel in just about any challenge, be it PvE or PvP. You cannot go wrong prioritizing to build these heroes up once you obtain them as they are solid characters to help you breeze through the early game as well and take you all the way through to the end game contents.

Europa [Assault]

europa grandchase

Undoubtedly the best assault character in all of GrandChase, Europa is an excellent hero to bring with you through all of the game’s content. Her skills may take a little longer to cool down but she can be at par or even go beyond the top damage-dealers in the game.

Nova Impact does 246% of AoE physical damage as well as a lightning scar that lasts 10 seconds, opening a 10% for them to receive additional damage worth 20% of their HP. Talos’s Shield reduces damage taken of allies by 30% for 10 seconds. Her passive ability, Hunting Time, triggers a lightning spear once every 3 basic attacks, enabling AoE damage worth 84% of physical attack to enemies. Her special skill, Howling Thunder, does massive damage equal to 1,900% of physical attack and also summons her hound Laelaps for 15 seconds.

Nelia [Mage]

nelia grandchase

Nelia is the mage equivalent of Europa in terms of being a hero whose versatility cuts across all challenges that come your way. She deals superb damage both against a single target and groups of enemies, and target prioritization of the former is lodged against the enemy with the highest attack.

Her first skill, Twilight Flames, spawns a pillar that drags enemies and reduces their speed by 70% for 5 seconds, on top of the 260.7% of magic attack as damage it deals. Within 8 seconds, it can be recast without cost. Twilight Flowers summons a flower that follows you around for 15 seconds automatically firing every 0.2 seconds at the enemy with the highest attack power.

Nelia’s passive ability, Twilight Curse, is imposed on enemies receiving damage from her skills for 10 seconds. Cursed enemies suffer 50% more magic damage and has lowered recovery rate by 50%.

Tia [Tank]

tia grandchase

Tia is a superb defender as far as her role as a tank is concerned, but way beyond that, her set of utility skills, which involves providing buffs to allies and inflicting debuffs, make her a solid team member across all PvE and PvP challenges.

Tia’s Dragon Orb passive, which lets her gather dragon orbs with each skill use, can transform her into a dragon for 12 seconds once she gathers 7 orbs. Dragon mode adds a chill effect to her skills, which can reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

Dragon mode also changes her basic attack into an AoE attack that has a 16% chance of freezing enemies on top of the 192% physical damage. The dragon aura obtained from orbs boost her allies’ attack speed by 90% and damage by 20% while dragon mode can replenish the team’s HP and immunizes Tia form status effects.

Her first active skill, Icicle Stamp, provides a shield to allies equivalent to 20% of their max HP for 10 seconds. This also deals AoE damage equal to 324% of physical attack. Under dragon mode, this has a 50% chance of freezing enemies for a second. Cramp Ice drags enemies with an ice wall, dealing 280% of physical attack as damage and provides protection to allies, reducing final damage by 45%, conditionally replenishing health as well if they receive more than 30% damage at once.

Her special skill, Ice Vortex gathers enemies and deals 855.9% damage, exploding for an extra 474% of physical attack as damage, freezing enemies for a second as well and earning Tia 3 dragon orbs in the process.

GrandChase A Tier Heroes

With only 3 heroes manning our S tier, you can be sure that each hero within this tier is still worth every bit of investment. Given that you need 4 heroes for a full team, and cannot likewise expect to have all 3 of the above to instantly form part of your collection, these are the next set of heroes to keep an eye on. None of the heroes under this tier can work superbly across all game modes but they will excel in most challenges.

Elesis [Assault]

elesis grandchase

Elesis may not be a superior assault character as far as dealing damage is concerned, but her overall utilization makes her an excellent hero to carry the team across most PvE content and is a decent member of an attacking or defending team in PvP as well. Her ability to provide a shield and buff on her allies can set her on the role of a tank and her increased survivability and overall utility more than makes up for her comparatively average damage outputs.

Critical X is a piercing attack that initially deals 123% of attack as damage to enemies in its path, followed by a leap attack that does 344.4% damage to the enemy, which can interrupt an attack. Mega Slash grants Elesis a shield worth 30% of her max health for 8 seconds, followed up by a jumping attack that deals 252% of attack as damage as well as gather enemies in the area.

Dauntless Skill is a passive that gives Elesis leader’s qualities, increasing her allies’ attack speed and attack damage. When near-death, Eleis becomes invincible for 3 seconds and recovers 20% of her HP.

Io [Ranger]

io grandchase

Although Io is not like the S tier heroes who definitely cut across all of the game’s content with flying colors, her overall utility and skill kit makes her an excellent character for most of the game’s challenges. In addition to her damage capacity, Io provides helpful buffs to her team as well.

Io’s primary skill, Justice, does 210% of attack as AoE damage , enhancing her arrack for 10 seconds as well. When upgraded, Justice provides a 10-second attack speed to the entire party. Imprison does 296.1% of AoE damage and marks them with stigma as well. This also initiates unity state for 15 seconds, reducing damage taken by 20% and preventing knockbacks. Io’s passive ability, Inquisitor, applies stigma to enemies for 10 seconds on a 10% chance per hit, causing damage taken by a marked enemy to be reflected on up to 10 enemies.

This also applies Angel’s Mark on allies, increasing their skill damage by 2% per stack, up to a maximum of 10 stacks. Io’s ultimate skill, Judgement, does an AoE attack worth 819.6% of physical damage for 3 seconds.

Myung Hwarin [Healer]

myung hwarin grandchase

An excellent healer across all game modes, Hwarin provides SP recovery as well as resurrection on top of her superb healing powers.

Wandering Spirit does 244.8% AoE damage for 5 seconds and also heals the party worth 30% of her magic attack. The healing effects are further boosted based in the number of enemies struck by the skill. Supernatural Power grants a possession effect to an ally with the highest attack power, dealing 86% of magic as AoE damage and heals the ally’s HP by 6%. SP usage and skill cool down period are reduced by at least 30% and damage is increased by 25%. Hwarin’s passive, Queen of the Underworld, enables Shikigami Manyan and Nanshin to join her in battle.

Her ultimate skill, Returning Soul, pulls nearby enemies and does 850.3% of magic attack as AoE damage, grants her immortality for the duration, and revives allies continuously to full health, granting a 2-second invulnerability to them as well.

Ronan [Tank]

ronan grandchase

Ronan may be far from impressive early on but does exhibit the potential as one of the best tanks in the late game. While he performs well above-averagely across most game modes, save boss battles, he shines brightest as a defender in PvP combat.

Sword Lancer lets Ronan apply a permanent shield to allies worth 20% of his max HP and receiving 30% less damage for 7 seconds.This is followed up by a physical attack that deals 246% damage, increasing magic attack damage subsequently received by targets by 25% for 5 seconds. Magic Defender removes all negative status effects on the team and grants a 3-second invulnerability.

Ronan’s passive reduces damage he takes from enemies by 5% for 5 seconds whenever he receives damage and when skills are used, damage received will be further reduced by 10%. His ultimate does 140% of attack as AoE damage but, more importantly, grants invincibility to allies for 5 seconds, dispels all negative status ailments, and boosts magic damage by 30% for 15 seconds.

Veigas [Mage]

veigas grandchase

Veigas, does not impress at all early on but once you hit his chaser level 20, he starts to shine almost as bright as Nelia. His damage-dealing capabilities make him suitable for every challenge requiring offense and he has decent self-buff as well.

Dark Hole creates up to 12 dark holes based on the number of enemies in the area, which deals 78% of magic attack as damage for 8 seconds. Once a dark hole explodes, it deals an additional 64% of magic attack as damage. Dark Frenzy will stun the target for 3 seconds, pulling all other enemies nearby and explode for 120% of magic attack as damage.

Dark holes present will be pulled into the dimensional chasm as well. Veigas’ passive ability, Dark Fury, boosts her skill damage by 2% with every skill use up to a maximum of 20%. Dark Spear, her ultimate skill, does 1,344.3% of magic attack as AoE damage.

GrandChase B Tier Heroes

Given the 8 heroes in the upper tiers, the heroes under this tier may seem like bad investments but given that these heroes still perform very well for a multitude of game modes, they are still worth spending time and resources on. Naturally if you have acquired heroes from the S and A tiers, they ought to be prioritized for resources. Just the same you can consider these heroes as substitutes until better ones come along.

Amy [Healer]

amy grandchase

Still among the best healers, Amy’s ability to replenish huge amounts of HP, as well as regenerate SP and reduce skill cool down makes her the next choice of healer in the absence of Hwarin. Considered by many as the best choice of healer for PvE content, Amy’s value is further increased by her superb ultimate skill.

Loving You recovers health equal to 249.9% of magic attack and provides a love buff for allies that lasts 10 seconds. The love buff lets allies gain 0.1 SP for every critical hit. Let’s Dance recovers health for allies as well by 120% of magic attack. Further, it decreases damaged received by 15% for allies. Everyone’s Favorite is a passive ability that lets Amy earn beads with her basic attacks.

These beads recover 1 SP and when her SP is below 5, she replenishes 0.25 SP per second. Idol Stage, her ultimate skill, earns her 12 SP for 15 seconds and also heals allies worth 23% of magic attack per second. The team’s skill damage is increased by 100% and skill cool down period is decreased by 70%.

Asin [Tank]

asin grandchase

Asin combines defensive prowess with relatively high damage outputs for a tank. There is lack of crowd control skills, which is a typical trait of tanks but Asin works great against single bosses compared to all other tanks.

Quivering Palm provides allies with a shield worth 20% of his max HP for 7 seconds. This is followed by an attack that does 240% of physical attack as AoE damage to enemies, leaving a demon scar for 7 seconds as well. Enemies afflicted with the demon scar receive 10% of physical attack as damage per stack and max stack is 3. Within 7 seconds, the charge can be used 2 more times without SP cost.

Demolition does 300% of physical attack as AoE damage, reducing the targets’ final attack damage by 50% for 20 seconds. Asin’s passive, Blue Fox’s Energy, grants SP recovery and extra damage to enemies. Turbulence grants allies a shield worth 40% of Asin’s max HP that lasts 10 seconds. This is followed by an attack that deals 476% of physical attack as damage to a target, inflicting 3 demon scars and reducing the target’s final attack damage by 70% for 20 seconds.

Grandiel [Healer]

grandiel grandchase

Grandial also exhibits great healing and buffing capabilities. He is an excellent healer to take your team through most of the adventure content from beginning all the way to the late game challenges.

Rapid Heal restores his allies’ HP by 246% and boost their skill damage by 30% for 8 seconds. Within 5 seconds, he can use Magic Circle of Healing at no extra cost, restoring HP worth 70% of magic attack as damage and creating a shield worth 30% of HP for allies within Healing Marble’s range for 5 seconds. Healing Marble follows allies around for 20 seconds, healing HP worth 30% of magic attack and 0.2 SP per second.

Time Reverse is a passive ability that provides a 5-second invincibility to an ally who is near-death, healing them for 60% HP as well. Grandiel’s ultimate skill, Time Distortion, recovers allies’ HP by 550% of magic attack for 20 seconds, increasing basic attack and movement speed by 70%, reducing skill casting speed by 100%, and reducing cool down period by 20%.

Jin [Tank]

jin grandchase

Like Asin, Jin is a type of tank that excels in dealing damage as well. Beyond strong personal offense and defense, Jin comes packed with a buff that can be a tremendous offensive tool for specific teams.

White Flower Technique creates a shield for the team equivalent to 15% of HP for 5 seconds. This is followed by a charge attack that does 120% of physical attack as damage, consuming 2 chi force but has a 5% chance to create 1 and consume it. Another charge attack can be performed within 7 seconds at no cost. Stone Immortal consumes all chi force, granting stone immortal status to all allies for 15 seconds, which reduces damage taken by at least 40% and increases magic damage dealt by at least 10%.

Additionally, allies with the buff fire chi bullets at the enemy with the highest attack power, dealing damage equal to 20% of Jin’s physical attack, at the very least. Chi force is generated with basic attacks and Jin’s ultimate, Flash of Light, deals 420% of physical attack as AoE damage to enemies.

Ley [Mage]

ley grandchase

Ley is not the best mage for any of the many challenges or game modes in GrandChase but she is definitely a superb candidate for some of them. She is a viable option for DPS on the adventure mode as well as offense in PvP. As a mage with high damage outputs, she is useful as well against boss battles.

Ley’s first skill summons Jeeves to deal 246% of magic attack as damage. Once summoned, Jeeves will charge and deal 239.8% of magic attack as damage. Follow! Haunt does 108% of magic attack as damage with a summon and Haunt follows the nearest enemy to deal 110% of attack as damage per second, reducing the target’s health recovery as well by 50%.

Demon Resonance upgrade’s Ley’s basic attack when she summons, inflicting 35% of her magic attack as exploding damage, sharing her magic power with her summons in the process as well. Her ultimate skill, Center of Gravity, creates a black hole, pulling nearby enemies towards it and then explodes for 644% of her magic attack as damage.

Lime [Healer]

lime grandchase

Lime is an overall decent healer with numerous healing abilities that can tremendously boost her survival as well as that of her team. She excels in dispelling negative status ailments as well and comes packed with a temporary invulnerability spell for her team.

Bless recovers allies’ HP equal to 110% of her magic attack damage as well as enable her to perform a Holy Smash attack on enemies to deal 120% of her magic attack as damage, increasing her magic attack further by 25% for the succeeding 5 seconds. This will provide additional HP recovery for allies based on the number of targets attacked by Lime, as well as grant a shield worth 30% of Lime’s HP for 5 seconds. Glory also instantly recovers allies HP worth 120% of her magic attack as damage.

In addition, it purifies negative status ailments for allies for the next 3 seconds. Oracle is a passive ability that lets Lime’s basic attack have a 10% chance of healing allies for 30% of her magic attack. When enemies are close, Lime’s attack shifts to a splash attack, rendering each attacked enemy to have a 20% chance of healing allies by 30% of her magic attack.

This passive ability also makes allies invincible for 5 seconds when they are at the brink of death, healing their HP for 30% of her magic attack as well. Liberation is an ultimate attack that does 280% of attack as AoE damage, heals allies for 50% of magic attack, and purifies negative status effects as well.

Rufus [Ranger]

rufus grandchase

Rufus is a typical glass cannon that has superior offense but lags behind on defense. Beyond high damage outputs and skills that further boost his damage, Rufus can also reduce the enemies’ movement speed and health recovery.

Final Shot shoots a powerful bullet that deals 120% of his physical attack as damage, marking them with a wolf seal in the process. Make it Rain is an AoE attack that does 196.8% of his physical attack as damage for 5 seconds, reducing the movement speed of his targets by 60%. Wolf’s Seal is Rufus’ passive that gives him a 10% chance to inflict a wolf’s seal on enemies with each attack.
The seal lasts 5 seconds and increases damage taken of marked enemies by 50% as well as reducing their health recovery by 35%. Rufus’ utimate skill , Expunge, is an AoE attack that packs 447.6% of physical attack as damage to enemies.

Ryan [Tank]

ryan grandchase

Ryan is a solid tank that comes packed with strong damage reduction skills, provocation, and a superb buff for allies that deal physical attack damage. He is a solid character for the PvE story campaign and does well enough for most other game modes as well.

Nature’s Punishment deals 120% of attack as damage and provokes enemies. This skill transforms Ryan into the Guardian of Nature for 15 seconds, giving him immunity from negative status effects, damage reduction by 50%, and health recovery by 3% of max health. Using this skill also transfers 60% of damage taken by allies to Ryan and he becomes invincible for 2 seconds.

If Ryan dies in battle, Ressurection grants him a 2-second invincibility and a 40% instant HP recovery. Finally, Ryan’s ultimate skill, Guardian Nephilim, deals 196% of his attack as damage to enemies. Using this skill also increases attack damage of allies by 30%, recovering 5% of their max health over time.

GrandChase C Tier Heroes

This is the bottom tier for SR rarity heroes and just because all the other SR heroes are in the above tiers does not necessarily mean that these heroes are useless. For one, each of these heroes are still better than lower grade heroes and while they may pale in comparison with heroes in the above tiers, they are still capable of performing well in some game modes.

Arme [Mage]

arme grandchase

Dio [Assault]

dio grandchase

Edel [Assault]

edel grandchase

Kanavan [Assault]

kanavan grandchase

Lass [Assault]

lass grandchase

Lire [Ranger]

lire grandchase

Mari [Mage]

mari grandchase

Rin [Healer]

rin grandchase

Serdin [Healer]

serdin grandchase

Sieghart [Assault]

sieghart grandchase

Werner [Ranger]

werner grandchase

Zero [Tank]

zero grandchase

This concludes our GrandChase tier list (2021 Update) and we hope that our picks as to which SR heroes are the best and which ones are the worst has been aptly in line with your picks as well. Keep in mind that each hero in GrandChase can be built differently as well, which can tremendously impact their performance in various undertakings.

As GrandChase will certainly be having more updates to come in the future, it can be expected that new heroes will be added to its roster while the present heroes listed here may also undergo some changes.

Also, always consider that GrandChase is a team-based game where one unit’s value on one team may differ tremendously in another team. In most cases, simply lumping together heroes within the top tier will not necessarily result in having the best team, which is why consideration of each hero’s individual skills and roles ought to considered in relation to the abilities and limitations of every character in the team.

Did your favorite heroes in GrandChase make it to the top of our list? We are very much interested to hear about your views on our tier list so do not hesitate to share them with us through the comment section below!


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