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Grand Summoners Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Progress Fast in Your Adventure

Grand Summoners is a massive turn-based strategy RPG from Good Smile Company Inc. If you are not familiar with the Japanese firm, it is mainly because their first few games were not released globally. Grand Summoners, however, has successfully launched worldwide back in 2018, and continues to attract RPG enthusiast and beginners alike while maintaining its largely positive average user review ratings on both Android and iOS platforms.

Grand Summoners combines sleek 2D anime-styled graphics with hosts of colorful characters to collect with an enormous content that fans of the genre will certainly enjoy. Despite the plethora of loosely similar games on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, Grand Summoners has provided most, if not all, the contents and features that players love and enjoy as well as chipped in their own brand of unique features and events.

To say that there are tons of activities to engage in the world of Grand Summoners is actually an understatement to say the least as the plethora of choices on what to dive into can even be an overwhelming experience to total beginners.

leveling up in grand summoners

Grand Summoners comes with a straightforward interface, simple controls, and familiar strategy RPG mechanics that make it easy for just about anyone to pick it up and play. While some strategy RPGs tend to increase difficulty of challenges fast enough to challenge players, Grand Summoners provides each player more than enough avenues to learn the ropes of the game and become familiar with the mechanics as well as their heroes.

Now, if you need help to strengthen your heroes and beat each challenge, then stay with us and read our Grand Summoners beginner’s guide, as it comes with loads of tips and strategies to start your adventure on the right foot!

1. Reroll For The Best Heroes And Gears

Strategy RPGs that host an expansive roster of characters almost always employ the gacha approach towards obtaining new units. This means that luck is an integral part of every pull you make with probabilities that make the more powerful characters much more difficult to obtain.

As each character and gear in Grand Summoners is categorized under different rarities among other classifications, being able to secure one or a couple of the best heroes and gears early on can tremendously impact your performance and progression in your adventure.

Beyond the challenge of securing units and equipment belonging to the highest rarity grades, it can be expected that some will perform better than others leading to the differing valuation of each hero and gear. In this sense, simply nabbing a hyper rare unit or a 5-star gear will often be not enough, as you would naturally want to have one of, if not, the best hero the game has to offer.

rerolling for the best heroes in grand summoners

To be honest, going through your first pulls off the gacha is an exciting experience. For some players, even with the knowledge of rerolling do not steer them away from accepting the fruits of their first roll and continuing on with their adventure with whichever heroes and gears they obtained. There are plenty of free ways to pull from the gacha later on and rerolling can be a time-consuming activity as well. In any case, you can skip the reroll part if you are okay on going through the game with your real first set of gacha pulls. If not, then continue on how to reroll below.

Rerolling on either an Android or iOS device requires you to reset your game data. This means that you have to go to your device’s settings on Android and clear the game data. On iOS, uninstalling the game and reinstalling is required. Note that you should not link your account to Facebook until after you are done rerolling. Once you have settled on a decent pull and have decided to keep your units and/or gears, then you can click on the “Transfer Device” button on the lower left side of the main screen and link your account to Facebook.

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You will go through a short tutorial once you dive into the world of Grand Summoners. As soon as you are able to venture across any banner or icon on the screen, be sure to claim gifts via the treasure chest icon at the upper right side of the screen. You should be able to start off with enough gems to do an 11x heroes pull numerous times or mix it in with some 11x equipment pulls. You can also acquire numerous gems and amass more before going for gacha pulls.

Before you start rerolling, be sure to identify the top heroes and gears in the game. Note that there are different banners available when you start playing so be sure to draw from where your target hero can be obtained from. Some banners are also available for a limited period of time so check each one before deciding on where to spend you gems.

2. Progress Through The Story

Although Grand Summoners provides a ton of content available for players to venture in early on, going through the story chapters still has its value. There are plenty of resources to earn from progressing through the story chapters especially on the first clear. Beyond resources, you can earn a lot of XP from clearing story chapters that lead to increasing your account rank. Though contents are not locked behind rank levels and story progression, each rank up replenishes your energy, which is a resource you need to engage in every activity you participate in.

grand summoners story progression

One of Grand Summoners’ biggest incentives for new players is actually reducing the energy cost of story quest battles to zero for the first few days of playing. This, combined with more energy earned from ranking up, will net you more energy than you can possibly consume in the first few days of adventuring.

Considering that it will take a long while before you experience hardships progressing through the story mode, chances are that you can make good progress especially since it does not consume energy. If you happen to hit a roadblock or if a maxed out unit requires evolving, you can easily farm for the needed resources. As the zero energy benefit is only available for a limited period of time, you should make the most out of it.

isliid empire grand summoners

Beyond the quantitative benefits of progressing through the main quest stages and chapters, another important reason for you to spend time in it is to familiarize yourself with the units you use in combat. Auto mode is certainly a quick and convenient way to get around and through most levels within and outside of the main quest. While it can certainly speed up progression and completion of earlier levels and dungeons, you will need to play manually well enough in later challenges as well as co-op modes.

3. Take Note Of And Accomplish Sub-Quests

The farther you reach across the main quest chapters, the better and higher level sub-quests grow. If you have not ventured into each clickable icon or banner in Grand Summoners early on, then chances are that you have yet to see the town.

At the home screen, tap on the “Town” button at the lower left side and you will be taken to town where a lot of the features you can also access through other menus will be available. Tap on each shining light you see to earn extra resources. To check the list of available sub-quests, visit the Adventurer’s Guild.

There is actually a long list of sub-quests for you to accomplish in Grand Summoners. While most will only require you to turn in specific resources, some quests will send you to eliminate specific mobs of monster. Some quests also require you to perform certain upgrades on heroes and gears.

sub-quests in grand summoners

If you started the sub-quests a little late, chances are that you will already have an overabundance of the needed resources. For the mobs you need to hunt, tapping on the details of the sub-quests will show you which area and stage the mobs can be found and a quick run on it will almost always satisfy the condition.

One of the advantages of taking a peek at the available sub-quests is that you can quickly satisfy an objective that is in line with your planned activities. As an example, knowing beforehand that there is a sub-quest requiring you to evolve a unit should direct you to activate the sub-quest first before evolving one of your units. While some of the rewards you earn from completing sub-quests can also be obtained from other sources, they are not that common and some will even be difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else.

As you will have the initial days of play in the main quest free from energy consumption, it is also the best time to rack up on resources you can obtain both from the main quests and the sub-quests. As a reminder, be sure to be on a lookout for sub-quests that provide you with various keys for boot camp adventures. These keys will definitely come in handy especially if you are raring to enhance and evolve your best units.

4. Maintain A Balanced Team

Grand Summoners provides players with tons of heroes to collect and upgrade and even if we cut down the choices to just units with a rarity grade of 4 stars and above, it will still be a very long list. With this list comes various ways to classify heroes as well as there are different types of units in terms of class or role and each character also has one of five different elemental affinities.

Although we do not yet have our own tier list for Grand Summoners for now, we will be publishing one soon enough. In any case, it is best to keep and maintain a balanced team in your roster considering both the roles and elemental affinities of the heroes you have.

To start off, there are five different types of units based on their roles in combat. These are the attackers, defenders, support, healers, and breakers. Although you only have 4 available slots for your team on all game modes, it is best to maintain a main character for each role as differing scenarios will evoke the need to utilize each one of them.

Relative to tier lists and consideration of best heroes, paying attention to each unit’s role in combat should be given more importance than squeezing in the best units despite their lack of synergy. Any team combination that has a representative from different classes or roles will always perform better than a full squad of top-tier units with mostly similar roles across the characters.

team lineup grand summoners

Attackers are the main offense of the team and are expected to deal the most damage to enemy mobs and bosses. Attackers typically do not have high defensive capabilities and require protection from support and defensive allies.

Defenders are naturally the polar opposite of attackers and boasts superb defensive capabilities not just for themselves but for their party as well. Defenders are naturally important for tough battles where the need for survival exceeds the desire for swift victories.

No RPG is complete without support units that provide a wide range of assistance to the whole team. Support units can either boost the team’s offense or defense with buffs, or can weaken and inflict negative status effects on the opposing team or enemies. Experienced and veteran RPG players should be very familiar with the value of healers in the field of combat.

You might not appreciate a healer’s value early on in Grand Summoners, given that initial story quests and dungeon levels are easy enough to plow through without one. On latter levels, though, especially with bosses that can take a big bite out of your team’s HP, healers will become vital to your team’s survival.

Last but not the least is the breaker, which is a unique class or type of unit in Grand Summoners. If you notice during boss battles, an orb counter slowly fills up below the enemy boss and when it reaches the maximum amount of five orbs, the boss will unleash his or her special attack.

Before doing so, however, breakers can more quickly fill up the break bar that can boost damage taken by the boss for the break duration and also disable his special skills in some occasions. As far as stats and gears go, breakers are closest to attackers and can also deal decent damage against enemies.

battle victory grand summoners

Beyond each unit’s class or type, a careful consideration of each unit’s elemental affinity should also be made. Grand Summoners employs the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” method in providing some advantages and disadvantages in combat based on the cycle of elements the units have. There are essentially 3 basic elements and 2 special elements in the game.

The basic elements are fire, water, and earth while the special elements are light and dark. Again these are common game mechanics found in almost every strategy RPG. As basic as the whole idea sounds, it is important to note how this can often be the line between winning and losing in a particular stage or challenge.

Fire is strong against earth but weak against water; earth is strong against water but weak against fire; and water is strong against fire but weak against earth. Light and darak elements are considered special elements in the sense that they are both strong and weak against one another.

For starters, avoiding a full team of units with same element is the only roster consideration to be avoided. This is plainly because you would not want to be in a situation where the opposing enemies or boss has the elemental advantage against everyone in your party. What you should rather go for is a good mix of elements in the team for general battles and at the very least have a decent fighting chance across various game modes in Grand Summoners.

Early on, you can afford to consider just about any mix of elemental affinities for your team but as you reach mid to end game content, having invested in at least 1 character to represent each element will pay off. Some game modes in Grand Summoners have waves of enemies sporting only one element for the whole battle, in which case a team of heroes having the superior element will be the best choice. As it will take more recruiting and upgrading to have full teams of heroes representing each element, at the very least start off with one for each.

The unit with an elemental advantage deals 20% more damage on a target with the opposing element and at the same time take 20% less damage from them. This percentage is pretty huge and difficult to ignore so its either you gain the elemental advantage in combat or at least not be disadvantaged.

As a lot of game modes in Grand Summoners will pit you against mobs of enemies and bosses that have varying elemental affinities, a primary team consisting of units with different elemental affinities is recommended. Naturally, you will earn enough decent units to even keep a secondary roster of substitutes for a variety of scenarios.

5. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes And Gears

Collecting various heroes and gears in Grand Summoners bring a whole lot of fun and excitement on its own. As you make progress through the main story and partake in various events, you can obtain even more heroes and equipment to grow your collection. Naturally, though, the best ones can be obtained through summoning and through exchanging special event currencies for them.

While securing Hyper Rare units is a challenge on its own, obtaining the ones you want or need is even a bigger challenge. Since there are numerous upgrade options available for each unit as well, you should consider the acquisition part as only the first half of the challenge. As every bit of enhancement has required resources, which are naturally limited, it is vital to limit these enhancements to only units that will remain as part of your team for the longest time.

As some upgrade resources are dependent on a unit’s elemental affinity, focusing on one unit per element works in line with farming and managing upgrade items in the sense that no 2 units will be sharing the same upgrade needs at the same time.

The easiest and most basic way of enhancing a unit is through levelling them up. Units you use in combat earn experience points but you can also boost their levelling through using chickens aligned with their elemental affinity. Chickens provide a huge chunk of experience even if used on a unit with a different element but an extra 50% EXP is provided on the unit with the same element.

hero and gear upgrade grand summoners

There are specific game modes to farm chickens from but they can also be earned regularly from most battles, including story chapters and stages. As the EXP required to level units up is based on the character’s level, it is advisable to use the chickens by bulk early on.

Note that even enhancement at this point can be impacted by luck and, sometimes, the enhancement effect can be more than just successful, granting even more EXP to the unit being enhanced than what has been projected. In this sense, it is best to enhance units with a projected output that is lower than the max level to leave space for extra EXP just in case.

A unit’s level cap is determined by its star grade or rarity and while some units can be evolved to reach higher grades, some are acquired at the highest grade they can reach. You can only evolve units that have reached their level cap and one good thing to note is that these units will not revert back to level 1.

Each evolution stage requires a set of evolution materials based on the character’s elemental affinity. Evolution materials can be mainly gathered from the materials dungeon while the most difficult ones to farm can be obtained from giant boss battles.

It is important to consider each unit’s final evolution or awakening stage before deciding if you want to invest in him or her. As you will have plenty of opportunities to recruit more heroes on a daily basis, it is best to limit enhancements and investments in units that can at least reach 5 stars.

While obtaining a copy of one of your favorite units may seem like a downer, it is actually more of a gain than loss. You actually need copies of your units to perform a limit break and each unit can pass through a limit break upgrade 5 times.

limit break grand summoners

Each limit break performed increases the basic stats of the units but, more importantly, boosts their luck levels as well. As luck plays a vital role in the acquisition of rare drops form every battle you engage in, having a leader with high levels of luck is very important especially for the highest difficulty dungeons.

Just like heroes, gears in Grand Summoners are also covered by a rarity system from 1 to 5 stars. Beyond that, each piece of equipment can also be categorized by type which may be physical, magic, defense, healing, or support.

Given that there is also a gacha summon for gears, you can expect that the best gears and the rarest ones are the most difficult to obtain. More so, gears also need to be matched and equipped with the heroes you use and it can happen that you will have excess gears yet have units who are not fully equipped.

Like units as well, gears can be enhanced and go through limit breaks. Enhancement requires various enhancement materials and each gear will have a level cap based on their rarity grade or stars. Each new level reached through enhancement can boost the stats and abilities of the gear. Limit breaking a gear requires a duplicate of the equipment or an equipment LB stone. Limit breaking reduces the cool down period within which the equipment’s active ability can be used again.

To some extent, the pressure or necessity of expending gems to obtain gears from gacha pulls is not as demanding. You can craft various gears under the crafting option within the “Equip” menu. Various materials are needed to craft a single item and the higher grade gears naturally require equally rare materials.

Just the same with unit upgrade requirements, you can also tap on the materials you need to see where you can obtain them. It can happen that a higher grade gear will seem available for crafting on the list even if you do not have all the materials required to do so.

6. Challenge The Different Game Modes

One other unique feature of Grand Summoners that sets it apart from other strategy RPGs on mobile is that you can freely engage in a wide variety of game modes that are not locked behind account ranks or story progression. While the plethora of game modes to try and immerse yourself in can be overwhelming for newer players, checking each one out to farm basic resources as well as secure rare items is a must.

Note that some of the game modes are available only for a limited period of time while some are recurring instances on specific days of the week. As such, prioritization should be based on time limitations as well as your current needs.

Most additional game modes in Grand Summoners can be accessed via the Exploring banner on the lower right side of the home screen and within it are a plethora of different dungeon-type battles organized under 4 distinct categories. In any case, be sure to check the entire list of available game modes under the events, giant boss, material, and boot camp tabs.

game modes in grand summoners

Note that there are extra rewards for first time completions so be sure run through each one you can even if the mobs or enemies are beneath you considering your team’s current strength.
We consider the events section as one of the more urgent group of game modes in the sense that most of them are only offered for a limited period of time. In this sense, the rewards that can be obtained from these event dungeons are also limited and difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else.

You can vividly see the amount of days or hours left before the event will be closed, so based on that information you should prioritize pushing as far as you can in the event that will expire the soonest.

Each game mode within the exploring menu consumes energy with each attempt, requiring more energy the more challenging the stage is. Depending on how far you have progressed in the main quest prior to peeking into all other game modes, chances are that you amassed more than the maximum energy limit you should be able to hold normally. In any case, energy is replenished by 1 every 3 minutes once it goes below the max limit and when it does, you will have a more limited time to engage in various game modes.

The material dungeon is one of the set of dungeons you are likely to visit often as you can gather most evolution and equipment materials from these dungeons. The material dungeon works uniquely in that, based on element, a different dungeon becomes available almost each day of the week.

Weekdays are divided across each of the 5 elements while a mix of materials can be obtained on the weekends. If you are looking to evolve some 4 or 5 star units within your collection of heroes, you can always check the materials they need on the units menu before farming for each one.

santa claus grand summoners

Like the material dungeon, the boot camp also offers a mix of dungeons that you are likely to visit often. Most of the dungeons here do not consume energy but instead require keys for you to engage in them. If you do not feel obliged to take on sub-quests from the adventurer’s guild in the town, then this ought to motivate you to clear some of the quests form the list.

Giant boss battles typically start off with a dungeon level on 4 stars, and if you have experienced a lot of dungeon battles in Grand Summoners, then you should already know that difficulty levels are not as consistent across different dungeons. Giant boss battles are generally more difficult than other dungeons so be sure to prepare well before even taking on the lowest difficulty levels.

These boss battles are most likely the ones you will have to prepare for the most. As you will only be dealing with a known element, preparing a team specifically for each boss is among the basic requirements. If you have not joined a multiplayer session before, then these giant bosses should encourage you to start or join a session. If you have hoarded all those food items as well, you should consider using them here before entering the fight.

7. Accomplish Mission Objectives For Extra Rewards

Grand Summoners definitely makes it so that every battle you engage in earns you instant rewards. There are even extra rewards from logging in daily with some providing extra within the duration of special events. Suffice to say, how fast you can make progress through all of the game’s content can be dependent on how efficient you are at gathering resources on top of strategizing around characters and gears prior to and during each combat.

While you can survive through the challenges laid out in front of you as you traverse the world of Grand Summoners through basic grinding, a lot more rewards and resources can be earned by aligning your activities with the objectives laid out under the missions feature of the game. Missions in Grand Summoners all naturally relate to the usual activities you engage in your adventure and chances are that you will accomplish a lot of the objectives without even knowing the specific requirements.

For the best results, though, make it a habit to read through the objectives and strive to accomplish the ones that are easiest for you. To some extent, reading through different mission objectives will remind you of features you may have neglected or even forgotten about. There are daily missions, weekly challenges, missions, and limited missions, you should make it a habit early on to check each objective listed as you log in on Grand Summoners.

earning rewards in grand summoners

Daily missions are expectedly the easiest of the bunch and deals with the general routine of simple tasks you should have no trouble accomplishing. Weekly missions are simple and straightforward enough as well and largely dependent on your daily activities in connection with the daily missions. The objectives in the missions tab serve as milestones or achievements you reach that more or less gauges your overall progression in Grand Summoners.

Some of the objectives laid out here are expected to take a while to accomplish but can offer rewards that mirror the gravity of the feat you accomplished. The limited missions are the hardest of the bunch especially given that these missions need to be accomplished within a limited period of time.

Grand Summoners is definitely a game where progression can be determined by the amount of time and effort you invest in it. While there are still features and game modes we cannot delve into enough in our beginner’s guide, we are confident that the simple tips and strategies we provided will suffice to jumpstart your adventure.

We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed our article and if you happen to find something worth sharing from your experience in Grand Summoners, we welcome you to share them with us in the comments below!