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Golf Impact: World Tour Guide: 14 Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Winning More Matches

Golf Impact: World Tour is an iOS and Android golf game by Neowiz and it promises to give players a “hit of satisfaction” each time they hit the ball. This game allows you to compete against human opponents in different modes and in various fictional, yet realistic golf courses.

Like other games of its kind, it challenges players to hit the perfect shot while dealing with the wind speed and other factors such as the weather, and there are different modes that offer something different for those who want to go beyond simple 1-on-1 matches.

As is the case with other mobile golf games, Golf Impact is very easy to learn. Mastering the game, however, is a completely different story, and one shouldn’t mistake this title as an overly casual experience — there are dozens of different pieces of equipment to collect, and the differences between golf clubs and golf balls are far more than cosmetic in nature. Then you’ve also got the various game modes and the different things that can happen when playing a PvE game of golf on your mobile device.

golf impact tips

We hope to have you covered with this comprehensive Golf Impact guide, where we’ve included 14 tips, tricks and strategies that are mainly designed for new and intermediate players, but could also be helpful for more experienced players who want to gain an extra advantage over their opponents.

1. Getting Started With Golf Impact

If you’ve played Golf Clash, Ultimate Golf, or other similar titles, then you may not need much of an introduction to Golf Impact. The basic mechanics of this game are very similar to the ones we mentioned, as is the premise — it’s one-on-one, casual PvE golf where you’re paired up against another human player and tasked with getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes, or attempts, as possible.

The graphics may not be as advanced as some of the games we mentioned above, but they are quite impressive, and despite the cartoonish touch in this title, you should have little difficulty learning the basics of swinging and putting.

When it comes to swinging your club, the first thing to do would be to set the pin on the map of the golf course, though the tutorial stage won’t tell you about this just yet. As such, you can focus on the swinging mechanics, which would involve tapping and holding on the ball, drawing your finger backwards to gain power on your swing, and letting go of your finger once the arrow reaches the very middle of the swing meter, or as close to that as possible.

It’s best to pull back in such a way that the ball is centered inside the circle; pulling back short of the circle would result in a weaker swing than what’s ideal, while going past the circle would result in an overly powerful swing. If you let go of the ball with the arrow perfectly centered, that’s a Perfect swing, which is what you should be aiming for. Ending up in the yellow zone would result in a Great swing, which should suffice in most cases. Definitely, what you want to avoid is ending up in the blue, or even the green zone of the swing meter.

golf impact gameplay

Once you’ve gotten the ball close enough to the hole, that means you’re in putting distance — for those not too familiar with golfing terminology, putting the ball means gently tapping it toward the hole. But just because you’re very close to the hole doesn’t make a putt any easier than a regular swing; in fact, you’ll need to deal with a similar HUD meter, as well as the expected path of the ball, which could curve left or right, especially if you’re more than five yards away from the hole.

Similar to what we told you above, you can start your putt attempt by tapping-and-holding on the ball and pulling your finger back. Likewise, you want the arrow to stop as close as possible to the center of the meter, but here, you’ll also need to pay close attention to the expected path, and make sure that it actually leads to the hole.

At the end of the one-on-one match, the player who takes fewer strokes to sink the ball in the hole wins, and the prizes would include coins, which are the game’s common currency, and a Golf Bag with cards representing different items, usually new golf clubs. On some very rare occasions, you may end up with a special ball, which would provide certain advantages over the default ball. You would also be awarded with trophies, which determine your tour placement and whether you can move on to the next tour or not.

Losing players, meanwhile, do not earn any rewards, and they will also lose some trophies, but not as many as the trophies you could earn for winning a game. In the event of a tie, in which both players take the same number of strokes to sink the ball, there will be a tiebreaker round where the player who lands the ball closest to the pin ends up winning the match.

All told, it’s business as usual for those who played the games we mentioned above, and a lot of the tips we will be discussing below may also be familiar to you, if that’s the case. But as you’ll learn as you continue reading this guide, there are some features that set Golf Impact apart from the competition.

2. As Usual, You Can Only Hold Four Golf Bags At Once

This tip is unquestionably a mainstay of mobile golf games, as well as other titles (usually casual sports games) where winning players get a box, chest, or bag that needs to be unlocked. But we’re going to mention it anyway for the benefit of those who may not be too familiar with such games — Golf Impact only allows you to hold a maximum of four Golf Bags at any given time.

That means if you’ve won four games and have four bags in the queue, you will forfeit your prize if you win a fifth game — unless you’re willing to pay some gems (the game’s premium currency) to immediately unlock your current bag. Now that’s something we would discourage, unless you’re overflowing with gems and/or don’t have much time to wait before the bag is available to open.

unlocking golf bag in golf impact

Likewise, the same rule applies when it comes to how many bags you can unlock at the same time — only one. And since Golf Bags have different rarities, with the rarer ones taking longer to unlock than the more common ones, time management is key if you want to keep playing more matches and regularly add more bags to the queue.

That would mean opening the more common bags while you’re awake while saving the rarer ones for right before you go to bed — a Gold Bag, for instance, takes eight hours to unlock, while a Royal Bag takes 12 hours. That way, these rarer bags will be available to open once you wake up (or may only have a few hours before they get unlocked), thus allowing you to play more often without having to forfeit your prize.

3. The Game Offers Tons Of Free Bags

Aside from the Golf Bags you can earn after winning a match against another player, you can also open free bags every four hours — these also contain coins and golf club cards for the most part, and as we’ve observed, the contents of the free bags are often better than those you can find in the basic, common blue bags.

golf impact free bag

This is a great way to load up on resources for upgrading your existing golf clubs, and who knows — you may end up unlocking a new one if you’re lucky. The items you may receive inside the free bags will depend on the highest tour you qualify for, so if you’re currently in the third tour, you will receive items that you can normally get from the Golf Bags from the first to the third tour.

However, if you aren’t able to immediately open a free bag, you don’t need to worry — Golf Impact allows you to hold a maximum of two free bags, which is especially useful when you’re sleeping. Assuming you sleep eight hours, that means two bags to open once you wake up. However, if you want to maximize the number of free bags you can open while you’re awake, it’s best to turn on your notifications — once you get one, log back into the game and open a free bag, easy as that!

4. Use The Wind Strength Ad Direction To Set Your Pin

Although the location of your pin might not matter that much while you’re in the first couple of tours and are usually paired up against beginners and other low-ranked players, setting the pin will soon become the most important aspect of each match you play in Golf Impact, more so than timing your swings and putts to make sure they’re perfect.

You may think it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, considering it will almost always take a few swings before you reach putting distance and how hard it is to get a hole-in-one in this game. But the location of the ball after each swing, and its distance to the hole, plays a large role in determining how quickly you’re able to get the ball in the hole.

golf impact wind strength

At some point, the game will offer a mini-tutorial that shows you how to deal with wind strength and direction — you will see this indicator on the upper left whenever you’re setting the pin before taking a swing.

Fundamentally, it’s quite easy — look at the direction of the wind and move the pin toward the opposite direction. But by how much? Take note of the wind speed and look at the rings around the pin — not the largest one, but the rings inside the big circle. As the game suggests, one ring is equivalent to two miles per hour, so if the wind is moving left at 4 mph, you’ll want to move the pin to the right by the distance representing two circles.

5. Don’t Take Too Long To Take A Swing Or Putt!

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to take your time while swinging or putting in Golf Impact. Rushing your shots, after all, could result in the arrow ending up in the green, or even worse, in the blue zone. Or, on a more realistic note, you may end up with a merely Good or Great shot instead of a Perfect one. However, there’s only so much time you can take, as you’ll notice when you see the blue timer on the top of the screen when swinging or putting.

That timer actually starts when you’re setting your pin, so that’s something else to take into account. That may leave you with less time to monitor the arrow as it moves from left to right — experienced players might not have much of a problem with this, but if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to be careful not to wait so long that the game will start counting you down.

golf impact swing

So what happens if you take too long to attempt a shot and time runs out on you? Your swing or putt attempt will be forfeited, and that will count as one stroke where you didn’t do anything at all. That, of course, will give your opponent a huge advantage and, in most cases, will give them a great chance to win the match.

So don’t take too much time when swinging or putting, and, in order to avoid timing out due to technical issues, make sure you’re playing on a strong internet connection so you don’t get kicked out of a match!

6. Be Careful When Setting The Direction Of Your Putt

For most players, taking a big swing at the ball may be the most fun of all to do — we’re talking about big shots where the ball travels dozens of yards in the air and much closer to the hole. These swings require concentration, and as we mentioned above, setting the pin is very crucial, but at the end of the day, they don’t require as much concentration as putting the ball.

Sure, those putts of three yards or less are essentially gimmes, but anything beyond the six-yard range may throw you off and leave you at a disadvantage during a close match if you aren’t careful.

We did briefly discuss putting at multiple points in this guide, but if we are to deep-dive into the topic, the most important thing when putting is to properly judge the direction of the expected path of the ball. That path, after all, can curve off at some point, and missing the center point of the putting meter, even by a few millimeters, could be much more costly than getting a mere “Good” or “Great” shot when swinging your club.

golf impact putting

So with that in mind, you should move the expected path in such a way that it ends at the hole itself — this would naturally be more difficult for longer putt attempts, or those in the 10-yard range or greater.

The distance of the path should also be taken into account, as it shouldn’t be too short or too long, as noted earlier. As making it too short would result in the putt attempt falling short of the hole, you can make it just a tad longer than it should be, but definitely not too long — oftentimes, the game will warn you if you’re using “too much power.”

That’s where things can get really wacky, as we have seen instances where the ball will drift into the hole, only to pop out and move a couple more yards. That’s not something that happens in the real world of golf, but in Golf Impact, it is a possibility if you aren’t careful when attempting a putt — you don’t want the hole to literally spit out the ball, especially if you’re in a tight battle with your opponent!

7. Reach The Maximum Number Of Trophies Stated For Each Tour

When competing in the different tours in Golf Impact — there are 10 all in all, from Tour 1 in the Maldives to Tour 10 in India (Taj Mahal) — you can move on to the next one if you’ve accumulated a certain number of Trophies. For example, you’ll need to have 100 Trophies in order to unlock Tour 4, which is the Isle of Serenity in Fiji.

Each tour has its own settings for tee position and arrow speed, as well as a speed range for the wind, and apart from how your opponents tend to get tougher to beat as you move up from one tour to the next, the above factors make it even harder to get those good shots that may have been part and parcel of your playing experience in the earlier tours.

Although you may want to focus on the higher-level tours once you unlock them, it’s also a good idea to go back to the previous tours and see if you can beat enough opponents to reach the maximum number of trophies that’s stated in the basic tour information.

golf impact rewards

For example, the maximum value would be 25 trophies for Tour 1, even if all you need is a mere 10 trophies to unlock Tour 2 in New York. So even if you’ve got New York (Metropolis) unlocked, you can go back to Tour 1 and beat more opponents until you’ve got the maximum 25 Trophies — you won’t be able to earn any more beyond that if you keep playing there, but once you reach the 25 mark, you will earn a Royal Bag corresponding to the tour you completed.

The number of cards inside each Royal Bag will vary depending on the tour, but either way, you’ll be getting dozens of cards (76 for the Tour 10 Royal Bag), with a few of them of guaranteed Rare and Epic rarity.

That’s a pretty nice incentive for technically completing the tour, and while the Royal Bag is only a one-time prize, you can always return to a previously completed tour if you’re having a tough time in the higher-level tours. You’ll still be able to earn coins for a victory, and the stakes and pressure should ideally be lower, making this a nice way to regroup after a rough series of matchups.

8. Get More Goodies By Earning Trophies And Improving Your League Ranking

On the upper right corner of the main screen, you’ll see two buttons, one with the word Ranking and the other with the word Trophy. The Ranking button will show you where you currently rank in your league for the current season — your league will depend on how much experience and how many Trophies you’ve accumulated while playing Golf Impact, and each season lasts one week long.

Depending on your placement at the end of the season, you may earn some freebies, such as Green, Blue, and Gold Bags for the top 20 players in the Beginner League. So if you’ve got a lot of free time and maybe a ton of gems to spend to speed up the unlocking of those queued Golf Bags, it doesn’t hurt to keep playing and shooting for the top 20 in the league rankings!

You can also expect better rewards as you move up from league to league, so don’t be discouraged if the worst you can do in terms of prizes is a rather unappealing Green Bag.

Next to that, the Trophy button will show you how many you currently have, and you will also see a ladder of prizes, with each item gradually improving in terms of quality and rarity as you earn more Trophies. Now this is where you can earn those special golf balls you may have seen your opponents use, though you could also end up with Rare or Epic clubs, as well as coins. If that doesn’t encourage you to keep playing in the tours instead of setting the game aside for several hours on end, we don’t know what will.

9. You Can Still Earn Impact Pass Rewards As A Free Player

While we’re still on the topic of free rewards, let’s talk about the Impact Pass, which you’ll also see on the top part of the main screen, right in the middle, next to the Ranking and Trophy buttons. Like most sports games of its kind, Golf Impact offers big rewards to those willing to pay a monthly fee to become a premium member — this is called the Impact Pass, and currently, it costs $10 or its local equivalent per month to gain membership this way.

However, you can still access the Impact Pass menu and earn prizes for each time you get enough points to make it to the next tier. You can earn points for each time you open a Golf Bag, or each time you redeem one of the prizes in the Impact Pass menu, and you will level up to the next tier for every five points you earn.

golf impact impact pass

If you’re a free player, you can only receive the prizes in the Free Pass section, but we’ll still say they’re pretty good. Your initial reward, for one, would be a whopping 100 gems, and after the three high-end Golf Bags (two Epic, one Gold) for reaching Tier 1-3, you’ll get 50 more gems for making it to Tier 4.

That’s just a brief run-through of the prizes you can win as a free player, but if you’re willing to pay $10 a month, the actual Impact Prizes are much better — the initial reward is a random Legendary Club, followed by five straight high-end Golf Bags (Epic, Royal, Epic, Gold, and Epic), and 500 gems for reaching Tier 6.

As the Impact Pass requires monthly payments, the “season,” if you may, for the pass lasts exactly a month long — that means everyone’s back to zero once the 30 days are over, meaning a brand new month to keep opening Golf Bags and redeeming Free Pass and Impact Pass prizes!

10. Know Your Clubs And Prioritize Upgrades For The Rarer Ones

Soon enough, you’ll realize that sticking to your default set of clubs wouldn’t cut it if you want to win more consistently in Golf Impact. That means as soon as you start opening bags and receiving the Club Cards within, you’ll want to head to the Equipment screen (fourth button from the left on the bottom menu) and start switching your Beginner Clubs with the special ones you’ve unlocked.

All in all, you have seven clubs that the game will automatically select for you depending on the situation — a Wedge, a Short Iron, a Long Iron, a Driver, a Sand Wedge, a Mid Iron, and a Wood. Each club is rated based on several attributes, namely Power (the maximum distance in yards when swinging), Top Spin (improves the ball’s ability to travel farther after landing), Back Spin (opposite effect of Top Spin), Curl (allows the ball to “curl” a greater distance when aiming a shot), Ball Guide (extends the ball guide when setting a pin), and Impact (arrow speed — higher Impact means slower speed).

For each type of club, you can collect multiple varieties across the different tours. All your clubs except the beginner variant can only be unlocked from a certain tour onward — for example, the Hammer is an Epic-rarity Wedge that becomes available during the second tour, while the Axe is a Rare Wedge that you can only unlock once you’ve made it to the seventh tour.

When looking at the base stats, higher-rarity clubs will be more effective than their beginner equivalents, but if you’ve upgraded a common club enough, it may be more impressive than a Rare club that’s still at level 1.  So with that having been said, the best approach here is to save your coins in order to upgrade your rarer clubs.

Naturally, that’ll cost you far more currency than what you’ll need to pay when upgrading a Common club, but you can always focus on Common clubs initially — just be prepared to pay thousands of coins to upgrade a rarer club and improve its stats!

11. Train Your Clubs To Improve Their Impact

We did mention that Golf Impact has some unique features that aren’t found in too many other golf games, if any at all. One of the most noticeable such features is the ability to train your existing clubs — doing so will improve their Impact rating, which, as we stated in the last tip, determines how slow or how fast the arrow moves across the swing and putt meters. This is the only way to achieve this, as simply leveling up a club won’t do anything at all for its Impact.

Just as we recommended earlier, focusing on the rarer clubs is the best course of action when using the Training feature, which can be accessed by tapping the Training button right underneath the clubs. Once there, you can choose any one of your clubs to train, and depending on its rarity and its training level, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

golf impact training

You can pay gems in order to immediately complete the training, but much like we warned you when talking about unlocking Golf Bags, it’s very seldom recommended to bypass the wait time by paying premium currency. Once you’ve trained the club, you will notice that it will take a bit longer for the arrow to move across the meter, thus making it easier for you to hit a Perfect shot.

Additionally, there is an optional second training slot in the Training menu, though this will require you to pay $10 in actual money in order to unlock it.

12. Save Your Rare Balls For The Higher Tours

Compared to clubs, which are very easy to collect, golf balls are one type of equipment that you may find some difficulty coming by. Sure, you can win them by accumulating Trophies and reaching trophy milestones, but other than that, you will very seldom encounter them as a free item. That means they are best saved for the higher tours, where the wind resistance is greater and your opponents are harder to beat.

Just what type of advantages can you expect from a special golf ball? As you’ll notice when you tap on the Ball section in the Equipment screen, then tap on any of the special balls you have, using them results in increased power, decreased wind resistance, slower arrow speed, and greater spin.

All these things can be very helpful if you’re trying to finish off a tough opponent, but there is one more thing you need to remember about rarer balls — you will always have a finite supply of them. These items, unlike your golf clubs, are consumable, which makes it even more important for you to use them wisely instead of at the soonest possible convenience. (If you have two balls of a certain type, you end up using one per game, not one per hole!)

golf impact balls

Considering how we’ve been advising you to hang on to your gems as much as possible, we would now recommend saving them for ball purchases at the in-game store, which can be accessed by tapping on the second button to the left on the bottom menu. Scroll down and you’ll find six different ball types, each of which offer different statistical improvements like the ones we mentioned.

Balls have similar rarity classifications as clubs (we call all the non-generic balls “rare” due to the simple fact you have an unlimited supply of the regular ones), and those that are classified as Rare or Epic will be more expensive than the Common ones. The Feather ball, for instance, only offers a small increase in Power and Arrow Speed, no change whatsoever in Wind Resistance, and 40 percent more spin.

As this is officially a common ball, it’ll only cost you 30 gems to buy ten of them, and 450 gems to buy 150. Compare that to the Super Rookie, which costs 150 gems for ten balls and 2,250 gems for 150 — this Epic ball improves your Power by 9 percent, reduces Wind Resistance by 30 percent, slows down Arrow Speed by 10 percent, and adds 60 percent more spin.

Additionally, take note that some balls, including the ones you may win for reaching Trophy milestones, cannot be purchased at the in-game shop — more so than the ones available at the shop, you should save these balls for the higher tours!

13. Join The Special Events For Big Prizes

Challenging human players in 1-on-1 competition is not the only way to enjoy Golf Impact. The game comes with multiple limited-time events, including the Long Drive, Putting Challenge, and Championship, the latter of which is only available for those in the Amateur league or higher. Long Drive, as the name suggests, tests your ability to swing the ball as far as possible across the course, while Putting Challenge determines how well you can putt the ball on the green — this is a fairly new addition to the game that was added just a couple of weeks ago.

All these limited-time events promise a wealth of prizes, mainly “special” Golf Bags, with the rarity of the bag increasing based on your performance! Depending on your ranking at the end of the event, you can also win non-generic golf balls that you can add to your equipment inventory.

golf impact special event

There is, however, one caveat to these special events — for the Long Drive and Putting Challenge events, you are only allowed one free try per day, with succeeding tries costing real money, e.g. one dollar for an additional attempt at Long Drive.

That means you should make the most out of your free opportunity, though it might not hurt to pay for an extra swing or putt if you’re especially high up in the rankings and want to see if you can move up higher and potentially qualify for better prizes.

14. You Can Exchange Gems For Gold In The Store

Going through a rough patch where you’ve lost almost all your gold due to a series of losses in a higher tour? This is something that can happen even to the best players, and in such times of emergency, there is a way to get a quick injection of common currency that may allow you to keep on playing. You can go to the store and scroll down to the very bottom of the screen to exchange some of your gems for gold.

Currently, there are only three packages available — 80 gems for 4,000 gold, 570 gems for 40,000 gold, and 12,000 gems for 1,200,000 gold. Chances are you’re going to be opting for the first package, but if you just so happen to have lots of gems saved up, the latter two offer a lot of bang for the buck, so you just might want to consider them if you’re overflowing with premium currency!

golf impact gold

As a bonus tip, you don’t necessarily need to pay real money to refill your gems, as the game allows you to watch a maximum of five ad videos per day to earn five free gems per clip — that’s up to 25 gems, which isn’t enough to afford the cheapest gems-for-gold package, but at any rate, we don’t think it’s very likely that you’ll completely run out of both types of currency when playing the game.

And that concludes our Golf Impact: World Tour guide. If you happen to know such tips, that we haven’t mentioned in the article, please let us know by leaving a message in the comment area below!


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