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Go Pug Go Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Survive Longer and Get a High Score

Want more of those games that keep it simple and don’t offer any bells and whistles to speak of, or just a few at the very most? Go Pug Go is that kind of game, and in this Android and iOS title, Josiah Jenkins takes the Ketchapp route by limiting the game description to a few quick sentences. In fact, all you need to read in the description is the line “run around to dodge the falling obstacles.” That’s the essence of the game and just what your pug needs to do, as falling objects will instantly kill your character.

According to the developer, this game will challenge your reflexes, so if you’re still with us, you’re probably guessing that this is an “easy to play, hard to master” title. You’re absolutely right if that’s the case, but we hope to keep you and your pug alive for longer with these Go Pug Go tips and tricks.

1. The Pug Runs Around By Itself

The game’s titular pug automatically runs around, which means you don’t have to tap left or right to change its direction, but will ultimately have to. If it hits the side of your phone’s screen, then it’s going to change directions by itself. But that’s where you, as the player, come in, as you can tap on your screen to change the direction. You can also keep on tapping for as long as you could to keep your pug in the corner, though that might leave it vulnerable to those falling objects.

2. Then Again, You Might Want To Stay In The Corner

In most cases, allowing your pug to stay in the corner of your screen could help you avoid the obstacles for a good period of time. The falling objects are stalactites, or the growths on top of a cave, and you can look at the top portion of your screen to determine where the objects will be falling from next. Blank spaces that don’t have any stalactites from above are safe, but if you see a hanging stalactite, it’s going to fall at one point or another. Stalactites would then reappear once all of them have fallen to the ground.

3. Don’t Ignore The Ground

Sometimes, the ground would pop up and down, and that’s going to be something else to look out for, as that might throw you off your guard. And, as a bonus tip, the speed in which the stalactites drop may also vary. The variation in speed of the falling stalactites and the frequency in which the ground moves up and down will increase as you score more points, but fortunately, there’s a little something that could save your behind if that’s the case. And we’ll be getting to that next.

4. Pick Up Those Power-Ups

Okay, so one of them isn’t really a power-up, but we’ll be mentioning it nonetheless. So far, the developer has only included two objects for you to pick up, namely clocks and coins. Clocks, once picked up, will slow down the game for a brief period of time, allowing you more time to react and avoid getting killed. Coins will add to your coin total, but because this is a new game, you cannot spend your coins on anything just yet. Still, it’s highly possible that some form of in-app purchase will be available at some point in the future.

5. Ignore Shaky Bird And The Other Hackers

Shaky Bird’s at it again, as the infamous mobile hacker has taken the top score in Go Pug Go. You should definitely ignore his score when trying to chase after high scores on the Game Center and Google Play, as well as anything that seems unnaturally high.

These would be our tips and tricks for Josiah Jenkins’ latest mobile game, Go Pug Go. Stay tuned, as we will update the guide, whenever we come up with additional hints!