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Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate the Arena

On one hand, if you see the words “Idle” and “heroes” as parts of a game’s title, you would be inclined to think about idle clicker business sim games where you run a business that continuously grows and expands and could be about a barber shop, a gym, a hospital, or even something a little more bizarre like running a dungeon shop or mining in space. Naturally, you cannot expect action in these types of games, and are rather designed for those who want a relaxing adventure.

On the other hand, there have been numerous idle clicker games that fall within the RPG genre and are the type that action-seeking gamers can get hooked into. Idle RPGs play much like regular RPGs, typically involving hosts of characters to collect and an almost endless array of upgrade and enhancement features. Like all other idle games, there are continuous earnings you receive with each passing minute, ensuring that you are always moving forward regardless of how active you are in the game.

gladiators arena idle heroes cover

Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes is a perfect mix of these two main types of idle games. For starters, you are running a gladiator business, training them for coins and reinvesting earnings back on enhancing them as well as recruiting more gladiators. Of course, a game that has gladiators in it certainly comes packed with a lot of action and you will constantly find yourself deploying your warriors in various challenges one after another.

As to be expected of any idle game, Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes is a straightforward adventure and its gameplay mechanics and features are likewise designed to ensure that just about anyone can pick it up easily and enjoy it fully. Add that up with the simple tutorial that greets you, along with the quick guides provided with every new feature you unlock, and you are sure to have a good understanding of everything.

gladiators arena idle heroes story

You are bound to have stronger gladiators even with little effort and funds for their development also continue pouring in while you are offline and away from the game. Naturally, the more time you spend tending to your fighters leads to a faster rate of progression. In addition to time spent, applying some simple strategies and employing efficient approaches towards amassing funds and strengthening your gladiators are equally important to ensure that you are moving forward as fast as possible.

If you are more of a player who wants to become one of, if not, the best in the business, then you came to the right place. Our Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes Guide has a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to become a top player and dominate the arena!

gladiators arena idle heroes mina

1. Keep The Boosts Running

More than most idle business games, Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes provides one of those adventures that makes you want to take on as soon as you hop into it. There is a quick introductory tutorial that practically holds your hand as you learn the basics of what you need to do and once the introduction ends, you will find yourself raring to explore everything the game has to offer.

Although wanting to push forward with the campaign immediately or checking every on-screen nook and cranny is perfectly fine, we recommend extending your patience just a little longer and activating the available performance boosts first. Both boost icons can readily be seen on the lower right side of the screen. Once you tap on either one, an ad offer will be presented to you to activate the boost.

gladiators arena idle heroes battle

The Income Booster, shown by the coin icon, will double the coins earned for the next 10 minutes after it is activated. Although you will continue to rake in coins regardless of what you do, so long as your gladiators keep on training, and you may often amass large sums of money over time, Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes makes it so that you will always have more than enough needs and uses for coins as you make your fighters stronger.

gladiators arena idle heroes income booster

The EXP Booster offers a shorter time for each activation, which is only 3 minutes. Having a boost, however, that doubles each training gladiator’s EXP gains is a huge benefit and patronizing this feature will help you max out your gladiators’ respective levels at a much more rapid pace. Since video ads that play relative to ad boost last between 5 to 30 seconds each, both the Income Booster and EXP Booster are well worth the effort.

gladiators arena idle heroes exp booster

Both the Income Booster and the EXP Booster are constantly available and there is also a meter right underneath each one of them. Although a full bar will only show amounts up to the supposed max capacity, which is 10 minutes and 3 minutes respectively, you do not necessarily have to wait for either one to empty and can play video ads to add to the remaining boost time.

2. Clear Objectives One After Another

Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes gives players a lot of liberty regarding how to progress in their career as an arena tycoon. You are very much free to pursue the campaign so long as you can or recruit and train more men and women provided you have the resources to do so. On top of all this, there are plenty of other activities you will engage in such as hunting and merging beasts, recruiting and strengthening heroes, and even engaging in other battles and challenges for extra rewards.

gladiators arena idle heroes colosseum view

In as much as going about your journey without adhering to any guides can still lead to your gladiator’s and colosseum’s growth and development, a faster and more efficient approach towards strengthening your gladiators and growing your colosseum requires some strategy. For starters, you should prioritize accomplishing objectives, enough to fill the bar above your screen and make you eligible to take your colosseum to the next level.

gladiators arena idle heroes objectives

At the start of your adventure in Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes, you will quickly notice objectives appear at the top of your screen. There will almost always be a trio of objectives to clear and each one will remain until you complete them and tap on them after seeing the word “Done”, and new ones will instantly appear to replace the one that you have accomplished. Although you will start seeing just one or two objectives early on, a trio of them will be available for most of your adventure.

Above the objectives is a green bar that fills up, signifying how far or close you are to becoming eligible to take your colosseum to the next level. Your colosseum level is likewise always indicated on your avatar at the upper left corner of the screen. Clearing objectives give you outright rewards that may include scrolls, gems, and even recruitment scrolls but reaching a higher colosseum level not only gives you exceptional rewards, it also unlocks new gladiators or features for you to revel in.

gladiators arena idle heroes mission

Your colosseum’s level will also cause an increase in your gladiator’s level cap. Each new colosseum level stretches the max level of gladiators by 5, increasing your team’s power in the arena by several times as well, depending on the number of contenders you can deploy for the succeeding matches. This is the main reason why we recommend prioritizing objectives ahead of everything else as far as adventuring and upgrading go.

gladiators arena idle heroes colosseum level

Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes provides different kinds of objectives for you to accomplish but soon enough, you will become very familiar with each one and how to go about handling them. Objectives like reaching a certain chapter and stage in the main campaign, contending in the PvP arena, taking on challenges, and engaging in battles rely on having powerful enough troops to take on and complete these targets.

Some objectives do not necessarily involve getting into skirmishes or fights like earning a certain sum of profits, recruiting gladiators or heroes, collecting bags of money from the training gladiators, spending earnings, having heroes reach a certain level or grade, and even reaching milestones with training upgrade levels. While we recommend taking on objectives one at a time, from the easiest to the most challenging, there will be some opportunities to easily take on 2 objectives simultaneously.

gladiators arena idle heroes high morale

One common example of this is when one of the objectives requires you to partake in a certain number of battles. Pushing forward with the campaign, engaging in challenges, or even duking it out in the arena will also contribute to your progress in terms of battles completed. In this sense, you can simply take on any other objectives that require you to engage in any kind of battle to fulfill the requirements of the other target.

Another good example of when you can pursue 2 objectives at the same time is when you are asked to spend a certain amount of money. Money is primarily used to increase the training upgrade levels. However, once you have unlocked heroes, leveling them up can also have high monetary costs, so accomplishing spending-related targets is easier if you pair them up with this objective.

gladiators arena idle heroes colosseum upgrade

It can happen that you will not be readily able to take your colosseum to the next grade after clearing the required number of objectives. As an added requirement along with accomplishing a certain number of objectives, you will need to reach a milestone chapter and stage within the campaign.

Once you have done so, be sure to upgrade your colosseum immediately to increase the level cap of your training gladiators as well as have access to some new items. Remember to claim rewards as well by clicking on your avatar at the upper left corner of the screen.

3. Ensure That The Training Grounds Are Always Full

Your training grounds in Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes serves as your main screen for good reason. This is where you see your gladiators gain EXP as well as drop coins with each strike they inflict on the training dummies. You will only start with a single training dummy or slot to train a gladiator but as you reach milestones relative to your colosseum’s level, you will have more up to a maximum of 9 training slots.

gladiators arena idle heroes training ground

The benefits of having more training slots are a huge deal as this will enable you to train more gladiators simultaneously. Gladiators earn EXP and gain stat increases with each new level reached and training leads them to grow continuously until their levels are maxed out. Once a gladiator has reached its current level cap, be sure to switch up the training roster so another gladiator can continue to earn EXP and level up.

gladiators arena idle heroes rare gladiator

The first icon on the lower left side of your screen takes you to the training grounds page. Clicking on this will show you your roster of gladiators, with the ones currently training at the top section and the ones not training at the bottom. There is a “Remove Maxed” button at the upper half of the window that makes it easy to stop max-level gladiators from training. When there are empty spots, you should scroll down the untrained section, tap on your chosen candidate for training, and tap the “Train” button that appears on the bottom part of their portrait.

Be sure to check at the bottom of the untrained section as you may have recruited new gladiators that are still at level 1. Likewise, gladiators who fall in battle may be gone forever but if you choose to revive them, they will be back but will regress to level 1. If there are still empty slots and there are no untrained gladiators that still need training, you should still consider filling the empty training slot to have more gladiators earning you coins.

gladiators arena idle heroes gladiators in training

4. Maintain Balance Across Training Upgrade Levels

Having your gladiators continuously improve themselves through training is but just one of the many ways to make them stronger. As we mentioned earlier, every new level reached by a gladiator comes with its own set of stat boosts that increase its power.

However, simply having high-level gladiators will not always suffice for them to triumph over the challenges that come their way. You may encounter a rival team of gladiators that have lower-level fighters but more overall power than your team. This can be a direct result of your gladiators falling behind in terms of their training upgrade levels.

gladiators arena idle heroes fight

Training Upgrade can be accessed through the sword icon at the lower right side of your screen. It is a simple feature where you can invest coins to boost all your gladiators’ ATK, HP, and TECH. Paying the upgrade cost takes a stat to the next level and each higher level will cost a little more coins. There is nothing that prevents you from spending on whichever stat however you please, provided that you have enough coins to do so.

gladiators arena idle heroes training upgrade

Again, and for efficiency’s sake, we recommend balancing upgrades across all 3 stats. For one, each stat is equally important in combat. ATK lets your gladiators deal more damage with each strike they perform. HP boosts their Hit Points and makes them tougher in battle, requiring more hits for them to go down. Finally, TECH gives them more opportunities to dodge attacks and perform their unique skills.

In addition to valuing what each one does for your gladiator, balancing out training upgrade levels across the 3 stats means utilizing the coins you spend to the fullest. Keep in mind that each higher training upgrade will cost more so, ultimately, you can get more upgrades in the long run if you spend on the cheapest option first.

gladiators arena idle heroes team

Finally, objectives we discussed earlier that relate to training upgrade levels will either require you to have a stat reach a certain level or purchase a certain number of upgrades. In this sense, keeping balanced stats consistently prepares you in the best possible manner as to how to clear the said objectives the fastest after they appear.

5. Strategize Around Hero Upgrades And Star Potion Usage

The men and women who fight for you in Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes is not just limited to the gladiators you train. You will be able to recruit heroes and beasts as well that also partake in campaign battles as well as other challenges. As there are no ways to predict the roster of characters you can deploy in different matches that will come your way, it is very important to have a solid hero at the ready along with different types of gladiators and beasts.

gladiators arena idle heroes dark knight

Heroes, just like gladiators and beasts, are primarily classified by rarity grades or ranks, depicted by the color of their portrait’s border. Rarity grades determine how easy or difficult it will be to secure these units from their respective sources.

There is a separate recruitment for heroes you can access via the recruit icon at the lower left side of the screen but the same gacha mechanics apply, making it a lot more challenging to obtain higher-grade gladiators and heroes. As expected, higher-grade units exhibit better stats and skills, so if levels and star ratings are equal, a higher-grade unit will prove to be superior to its lower-grade counterparts.

Leveling gladiators up is hardly a concern since it is practically an idle earning part of the adventure as they earn EXP while deployed on the training slots. Training upgrade levels are relatively easy as well since you will continue to earn money and will eventually be able to afford the current costs before you. Since heroes cannot be deployed on the training grounds to reach higher levels, leveling them up will be costlier than gladiators.

gladiators arena idle heroes hero list

You can access your heroes via the gladiator helm icon at the bottom left side of your screen. You can easily scroll through the ones you have recruited by swiping left or right or clicking on the hero list icon at the upper right side corner. You can see the skills each hero possesses at the lower left side of their model with rare heroes having just 1, epic heroes having 2, and legendary heroes having 3. On the lower right side, you can strengthen heroes through upgrades and promotions.

Upgrading your heroes means leveling them up. Their star grade, which starts at one, determines their level cap. EXP gems are required to grant heroes with EXP and level them up. You can also use untrained gladiators, or ones currently not deployed in training, as similar materials to give heroes EXP.

In addition to EXP gems and untrained gladiators, a fairly huge amount of coins is also required to take a hero from the current level to the next one. In case you want to level up a hero from level 1 all the way to level 80, therefore, be ready to have a lot of available money to do so.

gladiators arena idle heroes seurat

When it comes to both gladiators and heroes, increasing the star grade or promoting them will be relatively the most challenging type of upgrade. Star Potions, which are not as easy to come by, are a basic requirement to star up or promote units to the next star grade. As expected, more Star Potions will be needed from one promotion to the next. Additionally, extra shards of heroes are needed to promote heroes.

What becomes crucial about strengthening gladiators and heroes relates to the star up or promotion part. As we mentioned earlier, Star Potions are a basic requirement and they are not as easy to farm as coins. Whenever a gladiator or hero becomes eligible for a rank up whenever you have enough Star Potions to do so, it is highly recommended that you think the decision of doing so through. Using your available Star Potions on the first gladiator or hero that becomes eligible may not always be the smartest call as a few more Star Potions can make other contenders eligible for rank up a little later on.

gladiators arena idle heroes upgrade star

On the other hand, you may have enough Star Potions to rank up several units but at the same time have little or no idea which ones to prioritize. Next to a hero’s or gladiator’s name, you will see an icon representing their class or weapon of choice.

What you would want is to ensure that you have a decent hero and some decent gladiators for each type. This is because while some challenges may seem random, what makes each fight unique are the limitations on allowable types. Not knowing what every other future challenge would require of you necessitates preparations for every possible outcome.

gladiators arena idle heroes arena

Although we are considering a prudent approach especially when it comes to utilizing Star Potions, it should not prevent you from strengthening the troops you need to keep moving forward in the campaign as well as the other challenges, especially when it is in adherence to an objective you need to accomplish to upgrade your colosseum sooner.

6. Make Every Recruitment Count

There are 2 types of recruitment in Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes and this point in the guide you should already be very familiar with both of them. Initially, only gladiators will be recruited using recruitment scrolls. At some point soon after, you will have access to heroes, and summoning them can be done with a much rarer hero scroll or you can spend 150 gems for each summon. While gladiator recruitment guarantees a full unit, it is possible to obtain only hero shards in the hero recruitment.

gladiators arena idle heroes gladiator recruitment

In either case, we consider it wise to only perform recruitment whenever it becomes an objective. You may have plenty of recruitment scrolls in several instances but some objectives will require you to recruit gladiators six times. On the other hand, objectives requiring you to summon a hero almost always appear just one with every colosseum level. As such you are bound to always have a hero scroll ready for that and can spend your gems to perform extra summons at any given time.

gladiators arena idle heroes shieldbearer

7. Accomplish Daily Missions And Events

Considering the pace at which you can earn coins and EXP in Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes, exponentially increased by ad boosts we talked about, and given the handsome rewards you get for raising your colosseum level, it becomes easy to be satisfied with how you can progress in your adventure especially if you are engaging actively. Beyond all that, however, Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes still offers plenty of added features that can further hasten your progression and the Daily Missions and Challenges are just 2 of them.

Daily Missions are what the feature title says exactly. The checklist icon at the lower left side of your screen is your access to it and you have the same 13 missions to accomplish each day. Completing a task can earn you gems as well as activity points. Activity points in turn accumulate and can earn you extra rewards upon reaching certain milestones at the top of the page.

gladiators arena idle heroes daily mission

Daily Missions are easy to accomplish as these tasks all directly relate to the usual activities you should engage in regularly. You do not need to accomplish every mission to claim the top rewards but since there are outright benefits to clearing each mission, you might as well do so.

Some events become available for you to revel in regularly. The question mark icon at the upper left side of your screen holds random challenges that give more than decent rewards. Events may not always involve battles as one of the events we enjoy is the Flying Daggers, which is a mini-game that can certainly be addictive.

gladiators arena idle heroes event

One feature you can certainly appreciate here is that instead of engaging in the event’s challenge, you can opt to play a short video ad to claim the rewards. After you clear an event, regardless of how you chose to do so, another one becomes available after 2 minutes. Be sure to engage in this as often as you can, especially if you need more Star Potions.

8. Be Sure To Engage In All Other Game Modes

Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes is one of the few games where we would not consider pushing forward in the campaign as among the basic strategies to consider to progress faster. Rather, we consider focusing on completing objectives instead as it encompasses progression in the campaign, although intermittent considering the variety of objectives to satisfy.

Moving forward in the campaign outside the boundaries of what is required in the current objectives is not such a bad idea. For efficiency’s sake, though, the best approach is to spend time across all of what Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes has to offer.

gladiators arena idle heroes game modes

We mentioned earlier that in addition to gladiators and heroes, Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes will also introduce you to a wide array of beasts to command. This feature makes combat even more exciting and unique as beasts will occasionally be required members of your team in some fights. Like heroes and gladiators, beasts also have rarity grades and the way to rank them up is simply to merge similar ones.

gladiators arena idle heroes merge

The paw icon on the bottom right side of the screen takes you to the stable where you can see some of the beasts you have collected. On the stable, the “BEASTS” icon at the right side shows you your collection of beasts, with a maximum of 9 on the stable and potentially an unlimited supply of extras in the bag. Beasts deployed in the stable generate gems over time so be sure to visit them often.

gladiators arena idle heroes hunt

While on the stable, you can click on the “HUNT” button at the bottom of the screen to start hunting beasts. 2 beasts will be available at one time and random beasts will be shown. After defeating a beast, there will be a cool-down period of 10 minutes before its replacement will appear but you can play a video ad to instantly refresh it. Be on the lookout for elite and boss beasts. These beasts are powerful and will be a great addition to your army. You have only 6 attempts to hunt each day so be sure to expend all attempts.

gladiators arena idle heroes prey

The Activity Icon at the lower rightmost part of your screen is your key to the other game modes to conquer. The Arena is where you can get to test your strongest fighters against those of the other players. You can choose from among a list of players which one to challenge and you can easily identify the ones that have a lower combat power than what you have. You will battle for arena coins and arena points so it is best to expend all 6 attempts regardless of the battle’s outcome.

gladiators arena idle heroes upgrade

The Expedition is a survival mode of sorts where you will start the challenge with only your heroes. You can earn troops after a match as well as choose from a trio of buffs to strengthen your team for the rest of the stages. Certain milestones earn you extra rewards as well and each expedition you conquer allows you to take on a bigger challenge the next time around. Note that your troops do not heal in-between battles unlike in all the other game modes so strategize well on the teams you deploy and take advantage of ad boosts within the game mode for extra perks.

gladiators arena idle heroes expedition

The Collection feature is not a game mode but rather an extra feature that lets you earn permanent buffs based on accomplished star grades of certain units. Being able to take specific sets of gladiators and heroes to a certain star level unlocks buffs that can increase coin yields and combat power by a certain percentage. Scanning through the collection window may lead you to uncover sets you are close to completing. If permissible, you can let some instances influence your decisions on which units to rank up.

gladiators arena idle heroes collection

Finally, the Giant Beast game mode lets you have 2 chances per day to inflict as much damage on an Ancient Beast. Each Ancient Beast lasts 3 days so you have a total of 6 attempts to take it on. The higher the damage you inflict; the more points you rack up. Points earned at the end of the 3-day period will determine your final reward.

gladiators arena idle heroes giant beast

9. Always Choose To Keep A Gladiator

The Gladiator recruitment in Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes holds a very unique feature that allows you to opt not to recruit the gladiator you summoned with your recruitment letter. If you do choose affirmative action, you will have to spend coins to take in the random unit that you summoned. However, you can simply let go of that gladiator and spend another letter for another recruitment.

gladiators arena idle heroes barbarian

As much as we can appreciate a quick and convenient way of retiring some gladiators, not at par with our better ones, the fact that you already consumed a letter to summon makes every gladiator you chance upon a valuable one. At some point in your journey where the gladiators you utilize in combat at least have a rare rarity grade, chances are that the common ones will just be benched in your colosseum for the rest of your adventure.

If you can recall, we discussed earlier that untrained gladiators, or ones that are currently not in training, can be used as material or sacrifice to give your heroes EXP. The EXP granted to the hero being upgraded depends on the rarity and level of the gladiator you sacrifice. In this sense, it is a better option to always choose to recruit them as you certainly will always have use for even the weakest and most common gladiators to strengthen the heroes under your command.

10. Take Advantage Of Freebies And Other Ad Boosts

Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes does have a lot of ads you can see but none of these ads will pop up randomly to disturb or distract you away from your engagements. Instead, every video ad you will see in Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes forms part of its ad campaign and on top of the ad boosts we have discussed so far, there are still a few worth peeking into.

One of the biggest ad boosts we always take advantage of is the idle profit multiplier. At the upper left side of your colosseum is your Treasury, where idle profits continue to increase over time. You can claim coins and sometimes even recruitment scrolls from here at any time by clicking on the bubble that appears on it. Idle profits can stack up to at least 8 hours and the limit also increases the higher your colosseum level gets.

gladiators arena idle heroes treasury

What we prefer doing is to rack up as many hours as possible without claiming and then activate the ad boost to double the amount. The usual exception to this strategy is when collected gold coins form part of the objectives you currently have.

Just above the income and EXP booster icons on the right side of the screen, you will occasionally notice a gift box icon with a countdown timer on it. This represents Archon Rewards which can give you gems, large sums of coins, and even Star Potions. With the limited time of availability, you can already tell that it is an offer you should not miss so make an effort to claim it as often as you can.

gladiators arena idle heroes archon rewards

The gem offers and shop that you can access at the upper right side of the screen has freebies you can claim. Free diamonds and a free potion can be claimed from the Daily and Weekly Packs, respectively. From the shop, you can claim 100 gems and a huge sum of gold coins once every 8 hours.

gladiators arena idle heroes diamond

Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes surely still has a lot coming but for now, this is where we wrap up our guide. Although we are fairly confident that we covered most of what the game offers and have incorporated strategies we feel work best around progression given the scenario, we are likewise inclined to believe that there are still plenty of tricks we have yet to uncover.

If you are one of those hooked adventurers in the world of Gladiators Arena: Idle Heroes and have chanced upon something we haven’t, you are very much welcome to enlighten us by sharing your discoveries in the comment section!


Thursday 9th of November 2023

I haven't found anything online about what stats are good for the custom characters you can recruit, I got a recruitable custom character that started off with 10 talent points and four categories luck, look, body, fate, I have no idea which ones to put the points into.


Tuesday 28th of February 2023

How do you equip equipment?


Thursday 2nd of November 2023

@Matt, I am also very interested, I looked through several sites and did not find information


Thursday 26th of January 2023

It should be mentioned that if left on the training screen, at least while playing on your phone the gladiators continue making money all night while sleeping, I accidentally left my phone on and woke up to 330B in coins or some crazy number