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Giants War Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Win Epic Battles

Giants War is a new offering that tries to take its place among many other games that are a part of the popular idle RPG market. The game comes with lots of cool heroes, nice selection of game modes, solid visuals, and a generous free-to-play economy.

When you first start Giants War you will be greeted with lots of welcome prizes that should make the game easier for new players. Lots of gold, ether (stuff needed for leveling up and evolving heroes), and a fine amount of crystals (the game’s premium currency) will be awarded to every new player, allowing them to build more than a solid team of heroes.

When it comes to game modes, Giants War features a solid selection of classic modes that can be found in many other similar titles. You have a single player campaign filled with missions of creeps to defeat. There’s also the Arena, meant for high-level players who already own a powerful hero team and want to test it against other players. And finally, there are occasional PvP battles available during exploration in the single-player campaign.

When it comes to visuals, Giants War cannot be described as an absolute beauty and standard for other games to reach, but it does offer detailed characters, colorful environments and solid quality of in-game effects like explosions. On the other side, the lack of gorgeous visuals means that the game can be played on virtually any recent device, making Giants War a game which can be played by anyone.

Since Giants War landed just a couple of weeks ago the game doesn’t offer as many game modes and ways to spend your time in it, but we believe that in time Giants War will get its fair share of daily and weekly events as well as a slew of new game modes. At the moment, you can only play the campaign, unlock the Arena in order to face other human opponents, and follow events in order to get prizes. Also, the game offers base building, but it is pretty rudimentary at the moment and it comes with different resources, so you can freely spend those on upgrading your base without worrying that you won’t have coins for exploration, or ether for upgrading your heroes.

At the moment, Giants War is pretty generous to free-to-play players and we can confirm that, with a bit of patience and time spent in-game, you can construct pretty powerful hero team capable of defeating most enemies with perfect ratings. We played that game for more than a week, discovering lots of ways to get better and better and we finally have enough cool tips and tricks that we will share with all of you. Stay with us and find out how to build the ultimate hero team in Giants War.

1. Crystals Are To Be Spent Exclusively On New Heroes And Cores

Giants War offers base building, and with it the game allows you to spend crystals in order to immediately finish upgrades. Also, you can unlock additional hero quest slots and more by spending crystals. Do not do that. Crystals are relatively easy to earn, but that doesn’t mean you can spend them on just anything the game offers.

Instead, save up those crystals and spend them on summoning new heroes. The first couple of summons (each costs 1000 crystals) should give you at least one three-star hero (higher heroes can be acquired by evolving your current heroes) so it is best to summon 2 heroes (you should get enough crystals in a couple of days of play) and only then spend 700 crystals on getting cores used for evolving heroes. Remember: spend crystals only to summon new heroes and to buy cores.

2. Explore Areas Until You Defeat Every Single Opponent

In Giants War, you don’t have classic levels filled with monsters. Instead, you explore each area for a certain amount of coins and then can collect rewards and choose to battle enemies. Since the game offers many different enemies in each area, you won’t be able to defeat them all without lots of exploration. The good thing is that if you already defeated a particular group of enemies you will know that because each enemy has a brief explanation above their icon (if you defeated them you will see your star rating, if they are new you will see that above them, if they defeated you it will show above their icon, etc.).

So, instead of grinding your way through enemies we advise everyone to simply pick up rewards, skip low-level enemies, and focus just on new ones and on bosses. You should also battle high-level enemies that offer valuable prizes (like ether, crystals, or hero cores) and those that you defeated but haven’t managed to earn a three-star rating. Once you ace every group of enemy available in a particular area you will be given crystals as a reward so it definitely is worthy to earn three-star rating against each enemy group. And remember, if a particular monster group proves to be too tough for your current hero group, evolve them, upgrade them, and come by later to destroy those who destroyed you.

3. Remember That Every Hero Offers Quests

Each hero comes with their own set of quests. And no, you shouldn’t unlock an additional quest slot because it just isn’t worth it. Be sure to always have an active quest, and be sure to pick those quests that include defeating enemies and exploring a certain area for a given number of times.

Quests that include leveling up a hero a certain number of times should be finished immediately after activating them. Just spend ether because you will probably have to level up that hero in order to grow your party stronger. Also, sometimes these quests will be completed immediately because that hero will already be of high enough level. Remember, these and quests involving evolving heroes will be finished immediately if a hero is evolved or is of high enough level. The easiest quests are those that include exploration and picking up chests, so give those an advantage when picking a new quest.

4. Don’t Activate Hero Powers As Soon As They Refill

Each hero in your party has one active power as well as a number of passive skills. Active power refills and can be used more than once during a battle if there’s enough time for it to refill. Since each power features different effects, you should read and get to know each hero’s active power in order to learn how and when to use it.

For instance, tanks usually have a power of making enemies to attacks them. This is a cool power, but you should use it only when your other heroes are attacked and start losing their health. Also, a healing power available to support heroes should be used once you notice that enemies started damaging your heroes, or once you want to clear negative effects from your heroes. Remember, study each active power and use it according to its effects.

Next, each hero has one special finishing move, an attack that is way more powerful than a regular attack. Since heroes aren’t equal in power and since they fall into many different roles, it is wise to activate each hero’s finishing move and see what it does. Then, after you discover which one is the most powerful, that one should be used exclusively. For instance, our Orc Warlock had a powerful attack that targeted each enemy, dealing huge damage to all of them so we used it as a finishing move at all times. Of course, in a different situation, different moves could be used. Our warrior has a finisher that deals a tremendous amount of damage to a single enemy and we use it when we fight single bosses or when we are left with one enemy from a group.

5. Focus On Your Five Strongest Heroes

Since Giants War is based on five-man hero parties you should focus explosively on your five strongest heroes. Spend ether just on them, keep the best armor and equip it on them, and make sure to upgrade cores that can be used to evolve your best heroes. But, wait a bit before you pick your ultimate party of five.

As we already said, you should save up 2000 crystals and summon two new heroes before starting to save crystals for getting new cores. Wait to summon these two heroes and to see whether or not they will be stronger than the rest of your team. After you summon these two new heroes and create your ultimate team, only then start spending ether on leveling heroes up.

Next, make sure to keep only those cores that can be used for your current heroes. If you don’t plan on spending real money on Giants War, then you will summon just a handful of heroes meaning that most cores will be useless. Feel free to spend those in order to upgrade other cores, ones that actually can be used to evolve heroes you own. Since cores not only differ by a number of stars but also by rarity, try to keep those that are of higher rarity. This is especially important if you have a rare core that’s a match for one of your current heroes because once evolved, that hero will become more powerful than in case you spent a common core (grey) to evolve the hero.

6. Try Logging In To Giants War At Least A Couple Of Times Per Day

Since Giants War is still pretty new game, it is rich in prizes. We noticed that the game gave us plenty of prizes each time we logged in, so make sure to log in at least three times per day. Also, daily prizes are also there to be picked up as well as surprise prizes that can be obtained for time to time simply by logging in to Giants War. Those prizes aren’t huge but they are enough to allow you to explore a region for a couple of dozens of times or to level up your most powerful hero a couple of times.

7. A Word Or Two About PvP Combat

Giants War offers PvP combat, and you will stumble upon other hero parties while exploring different regions. Each win gives you points and, once you collect enough, you will be promoted to a new league. Each promotion grants coins and, more importantly, crystals. You can beat opponents that have parties with higher combat rating than yours and you can also lose to parties with a lower combat rating.

It’s all up to you because you are the one making the choice of fighting or running away. It is relatively easy to discover your chances against a particular opponent, just follow these rules. First, check out the other parties’ hero rarity. If the other player has heroes who are blue or purple (epic or legendary) and you don’t own heroes that rare, it is best to skip that battle even if those heroes are a couple of levels below yours or have one star less than your most powerful hero. Next, look at star ratings. You can defeat hero parties made out of higher level heroes in case their star rating is lower than yours. If an enemy has, let’s say, three two-star heroes and two three-star heroes and they all are two levels above your heroes but you happen to own four three-star heroes and one two-star hero, you can freely attack that group. If your star rating is the same, or your party has a total of one start higher rating and the enemy has higher level heroes, skip that fight.

In general, you should focus on rarity first, then on star rating, and hero level should be on third place. Of course, this is only when an enemy party either has the same combat rating as your party or if they differ by a couple of hundred of points. If an enemy party has noticeably higher combat rating (larger than two hundred points) you should skip that fight no matter if you have better-rated heroes.

Okay, folks, that’s all for now, as far as Giants War is concerned! We hope that our compilation of Giants War tips, cheats and tricks helped you in creating a powerful and competitive band of heroes capable of defeating almost everyone. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!