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Geometry Dash Tips & Strategy Guide: 5 Essential Tricks to Complete All Levels

Geometry Dash is a popular platform title by RobTop Games, and it’s available on both Android and iOS devices. The game promises a near impossible challenge, as you push your skills to the limit, when you jump, fly, and flip your way through various obstacles and passages. You can say this is a casual game with one-touch play. On a more interesting note, the game developer promises a rhythm-based action platforming experience, numerous levels, practice mode for those who want to improve their skills, character customization and even a level editor. It can also be a very tough game to master, so sit tight and read on for some useful Geometry Dash tips, tricks and hints.

1. Avoid Spikes

Your objective would generally be to avoid spikes that could prevent you from moving your cube down its path. In regular mode, you’ll start from scratch if you do run into one of those spikes, and that would also mean taking note and remembering where your run ended. Just keep your composure and keep practicing – one thing you’ll want to practice is how to react quickly to obstacles.

2. Hold Your Finger Down For Consecutive Platforms

You’ll encounter platforms that appear one after the other, but don’t let that daunt you. You may have most success holding down your finger on your device’s display so you could keep your cube in motion. This will allow you to successfully ace these consecutive challenges, but if you see spikes, that’s when you should let go of the display to avoid landing on one of these nasty obstacles.

3. Go For The Boosters

On the plus side, Geometry Dash will give you a chance to gather boosters, and these include springers to allow your cube to fly higher in the air, and sparkles that improve your above-ground bouncing capabilities. Go get these boosters and use them to your advantage.

4. Concentrate On Rocket Segments

After the platformer part of the level, the next step would be to climb onto a rocket and fly it while avoiding obstacles. Holding down on the display allows you to thrust upward, releasing it allows you to come back down. When flying the rocket, the best practice would typically be to keep it in the middle of your screen.

5. Give Practice Mode A Shot

As we said above, Geometry Dash has Practice Mode as one of its features. When playing in this mode, you’ll respawn to a checkpoint you encountered closer to the time when you died, eliminating the need to start from scratch. This mode can help you memorize a level, but checkpoints can appear with little warning, and that could result in your cube getting killed again. That means you have to be careful even if it is Practice Mode – unless there are spikes above, go for a quick jump after respawning. But to answer the question, we do believe Practice Mode is worth it, as it won’t cost you a thing to play in.