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Game of Sultans Consorts & Heirs Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Game of Sultans, as previously mentioned, is a new iOS game from Mechanist, which is the same company that had previously given us Dream Raiders. Instead of ruling like a king in the truest sense, you will be thrust into the role of a Sultan, leading wars against your bitter enemies, adding consorts to your Harem, and raising a family so you could have some heirs to take over your throne. You can also form alliances with other human players (or have them help you in certain modes, and even get your fortune told in exchange for some of the many rewards you can win in this game!

Last time, we went into full detail as we ran through a number of basic tips in our Game of Sultans beginner’s guide. While this new Game of Sultans strategy guide might be comparatively shorter compared to the last one, we believe that some of the tips we shall be discussing here are more important than the mere basics! You’ll want to learn about Consorts and Heirs, and we happen to have the answers to most your questions about them in here. We’ll also be touching on some features we didn’t quite get to talk about at first, so make sure you keep on reading if you want to improve your prospects in this game!

1. Train Your Better Viziers At The Imperial Academy

game of sultans viziers

Yes, it’s all well and good to feed your Viziers more knowledge through the Attribute Books and by leveling them up. However, there’s another place where you can send them in order for them to improve them even further, and that place is the Imperial Academy. Sitting a Vizier at the Academy will take three hours, and while you may not notice any changes to their stats, you will notice soon enough that those Viziers you’ve sent to the Academy come back with a higher PvP level — that means this is exactly where you should be going if you’re already competing against real, human opponents in PvP play. Make sure to regularly send Viziers to the Imperial Academy, especially if these are the better ones in your lineup thus far. And if you’ve got enough gems to afford it, you can also unlock another seat at the Academy, thus allowing you to train two Viziers at the same time. Not only will you cut down the wait time by adding another seat, but you’ll also be able to multitask by having two of your top war generals improving their PvP stats at the same time!

2. Visit The Imperial Council For Regular Gifts

Once you reach Young Sultan III, you’ll unlock the Imperial Council, which is where you can receive gifts from people such as the Austrian Envoy. These gifts can actually be best described as tribute, or taxes, and they can take the form of coins, soldiers, jewelry, orbs, and a lot more. Although we will be getting to the topic of your relationships with the game’s different women at a later tip, you might also end up receiving a maid when dealing with other members of the Imperial Council! You will get to unlock more envoys as you make it to certain milestone chapters, and with each envoy, the quality of your rewards will only get better and better.

3. Keep Track Of What Ends Up In Your Backpack

You might not know it, but you may already have some items that you can use to improve or unlock skills for your Viziers. The only way to know for sure is to check your backpack on a regular basis — to access this, simply tap on the fourth button on the bottom menu (the one with a bag as a logo), then review your items, which may include amulets, orbs, books/booklets/tomes, treasure chests, and a lot more! These also may include items that serve as ingredients in the recipe for a new combine item, as well as various pieces of gear.

Given that these are generally useful items, you’ll want to use most of them sooner rather than later. The only exception here would be the items for your Heirs (more on them later), as you’ll want to hold on to them for these tiny-at-first offspring of your consorts. You also might want to hold on to items that could help improve your Viziers, because we all know how how essential a well-leveled up Vizier to your chances of going far in the game.

4. Expand Your Harem, Even If It Won’t Be Easy

The Harem feature may be a rather controversial one for some in Game of Sultans, but for what it’s worth, it’s part of what makes this game a reasonable virtual equivalent to the real-life sultans of centuries gone by. The game will make it easy for you at first, as you will unlock Canfeza as your first Consort — soon enough, she’ll even give you your first heir, which is another way for you to get a head start on things. However, the challenge in this game is the process of expanding your harem and accumulating more Consorts.

That’s where the Masquerade feature comes in — it’s the leftmost building in your city’s map, and once you’re in there, you’ll see several smaller buildings, including the Manorhouse, the Theology School, the Haberdasher, Grand Bazaar, and more. Just keep on tapping while you still have energy, and you’ll have random encounters with the people who work in those buildings and others. Now you won’t always have a fruitful meeting — sometimes all you’ll end up doing is exchanging pleasantries between many of the game’s NPCs, a lot of whom happen to be male.

About 50 percent of the time, you’ll get to speak to one of the many women who work in the Masquerade section’s buildings, but having an encounter with Lydia, Indirah, or any other of the potential Consorts doesn’t automatically mean you can add them to your Harem! It’s going to take a lot of patience, and your Fortune will need to be as high (read: as close to 100) as possible, which would require you to use your Amulets or Fortune Shards (which you can win by completing campaigns and achievements for the most part) in order to increase your Fortune. But the bottom line here is that it’ll take several visits before you can add another woman to your list of Consorts.

5. Managing Your Consorts

After getting your first Consort, you can then go to the Harem building, and manage the Consorts you currently have. Head to the Consort building within Harem, and view the list of Married and Unmarried women, visiting each of them at random, a maximum of three times. You’ll need Vigor, which refreshes automatically, in order to make these visits.

game of sultans consorts

By tapping on a Consort’s picture, you will get a close look at their stats (XP, children, Charm, Intimacy), and improve them accordingly by choosing the Reward Me option. You will then be shown various items in your inventory which you can use to improve the Consort’s Charm and/or Intimacy ratings. The higher the latter stat, the more likely you’ll both end up with another Heir to the throne! It’s also worth noting that higher Intimacy give each Consort’s corresponding Vizier a buff, e.g. increasing all or some attributes once you reach a certain milestone score. (Charm, in case you’re wondering, determine the amount of XP they earn after you visit them in the game.)

When visiting a Consort at random, most of the time you will be increasing her XP. However, there’s also a small chance you will be able to have a child with the given Consort, with emphasis on small! Just like there’s a very small chance you’d be leaving the Masquerade with a new consort in tow, you shouldn’t expect your Consorts to be popping out babies whenever you visit them.

As a bonus tip, you can also pay gems/diamonds to ensure that you get to visit a specific Consort, though you might only want to consider this option if you’re overflowing with gems at any given point in the game.

6. Raising Your Heirs

game of sulltans heirs

Sooner or later, you’ll need someone to take your place on the throne, and that’s the reason why Game of Sultans allows you to have Heirs, which are the babies who are occasionally born during those random Consort visits. They all start out as crying babies, but even then, they are both with specific specializations, attributes, and levels. You will then have three chances to level them up, all based on how much Vitality you have left. (Like many other resources in this game, Vitality also refreshes automatically!) It pays to start your heirs young and early with the upgrades, so keep visiting and leveling up your Heirs so that they can mature quickly from infancy to adulthood!

7. Take Part In The Treasure Hunt

On the right-side menu of Game of Sultans, you’ll see the Treasure button, which will take you to the Treasure Hunt feature. This could be one of the better ways to earn the various tokens in the game that you can use on your Viziers, Consorts, Heirs, and on yourself! You’ll get two free rolls of the dice each time you play, and it should go without saying that your prizes here will be perfectly random. Still, this is a good way to beef up your inventory with free stuff, so there’s no downside to this feature!

8. Earn New Viziers And Consorts Through Your Daily Logins

Last, but not the least, we decided to discuss this as a standalone tip, as playing the game everyday, even for just a few seconds to claim your rewards, could benefit you on multiple fronts. In case we didn’t mention it last time, Game of Sultans has daily rewards which you can claim right after logging in — just tap on the number 7 on the left side menu. These rewards include new Viziers, which you can redeem for your third daily login, for instance, but most notably, since it’s harder to get a new Consort than a new Vizier, a Consort on day 7.

Heather W

Sunday 12th of January 2020

Its takes many logins and long hours for this game to make ur way up. U either will love it or hate it. There will be other people/unions that will kick ur a**. I am still considered a baby in this game and I've been playing for 8 months. VIP 1 is my status. To become a VIP 12 it cost $80,000 USD. That's not a joke. I'm not a spender and dont have to spend! This game gives so many rewards that if ur patient, u will eventually build ur Sultan, Viziers, Consorts, and your own XP up slowly but surely not spending a fine unless you want too. I have the best Union I could ever ask for. Very helpful with info if u have questions and always back u up if u need help. After awhile you'll come to the point where you can do the same for them. I've never played a game like this and absolutely love it! No ads...except 5 per day...if u want! U earn 20 diamonds per 20 sec video. lol good deal, I'll take it. Great game! Highly recommended and highly addictive.


Saturday 21st of December 2019

How many kids can you have up to just curious.

Nicole R Johnson

Wednesday 9th of October 2019

Is there a way to end a marriage between an heir and another player's heir?? I discovered they are extremely racist and their crude comments about that and sex are making me very uncomfortable...


Monday 2nd of December 2019

At the end of the day this is not a real marriage, therefore, does not really matter . Next time send consort to someone you choose .

Have a great day!!


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Where do I find diamond rings for the more advanced heirs marriages?


Monday 26th of November 2018

How many types of Prince and princess in game of sultan's like ( junior and senior)


Wednesday 26th of May 2021

@Cleo, can they only marry some of the same level


Friday 26th of April 2019

There are Junior, Senior, Arch, Grand, Master, Supreme