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Fun School Race Games for Kids Guide: 8 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Fun School Race Games for Kids is a new mobile game developed by Tiny Labs, that’s perfect for preschool kids and toddlers. As the developers claims, Fun School Race is “the best learning app for toddlers and kids of all ages that combine entertaining educational tasks and fun kid racing game!”

The game is perfect for children, offering fun gameplay that can teach them some interesting things. They can play through 12 interesting levels, while at the same time giving kids means to “learn first numbers (1,2,3) and count them. Collect various school subjects tools as ruler, paper sheet, scissors, book, pencil and learn about each of them. Learn about such school subjects as math, art, chemistry and more! Learn about discipline at school (stop kids from skipping classes, avoid their pranks).”

Through the game’s 12 levels your child will help class teacher Mia; she has so many things on her to-do list and needs some help completing some of those. You can collect various items, help children by driving them to school, and collect plenty of shiny gold coins. On top of that, there are many new cars to unlock, making the game even more fun. While this is a simple, fun, and entertaining game, there are some tips that can make your kid become even better at it, beating all the levels with ease and joy. Stay with us and find out what your kid should do in order to beat the game while at the same time learning important school lessons.

1. Don’t Worry About Getting Your Car Flipped

Fun School Race Games for Kids is a game that doesn’t want to make your kid feeling anxious and nervous. Kids don’t have to worry about flipping their car on the roof, destroying it and re-starting a level from the very beginning. All cars can flip without any consequence; the only thing that counts is getting the car to the finish line, no matter how you reach it. So, just push the gas pedal and let your car surge through the finish line.

2. Three-Star Rating Is Guaranteed

Getting three-star rating in the game is easier than you think. No matter how slow you drive, if you reach the finish line, then the three-star rating is guaranteed. Just make sure to collect all the necessary items (various school items, like rulers, books, pencils, etc.), or to pick up all kids who have to get to school on time. There’s no rush getting to the finish line; just drive your car slow and steady, collect all the items, and three-stars will be yours on each level.

3. Watch Out For Collapsing Bridges

On a couple of levels, you’ll have to drive fast over bridges since bridge segments will start falling down as soon as you drive over them. Bridges can be tricky to drive over, but if you keep a steady speed and don’t stop your car, then you will be fine. If you fall, the level will have to be played again from the start. Also, from time to time, you’ll be driving on top of buildings; just jump from building to building since the area between them is actually an abyss that will destroy your car, forcing you to restart the level.

4. You’ll Often Have To Collect Special Items

Collecting items is more important than being fast, or not flipping the car. In almost every level you’ll have to collect necessary items needed for completing a level and helping teacher Mia with her daily tasks. Usually, items include books, rulers, school papers, pencils, etc. Remember, you can be as fast as you can but if items aren’t collected, a level can’t be finished. Fortunately, items are very easy to spot, and even easier to collect. Also, on some levels, you’ll have to pick up children and drive them to school. As with items, kids will wait you near the road, are easy to spot, and you don’t even have to stop in order for them to enter the car.

5. Cars Don’t Differ In Speed, Just In Design

There are tons of car to unlock in Fun School Race Games for Kids. Some look very cute, others are less attractive, but there are no cars faster than others. So, if you want you can collect them all, completing your car library, but the game doesn’t try to make you pay for faster cars, they are all equally speedy. Also, if you want to unlock cars faster, watch ads after completing a level; they will double your prize, giving you more coins and easing up the process of getting new cars.

6. There Are No Alternate Routes, Just The Main One

Some racing games contain lots of shortcuts, hidden paths, and alternate routes, but not this one. Remember, there’s just the main path; don’t look for alternate routes, just drive forward and if you collect all necessary items three-star rating will be yours no matter how slow you are.

7. If Want To Unlock Cars Faster Just Play One Of The Last Few Levels Over And Over

If you want to unlock new cars faster it’s best to stick to one of the last levels and just play it over and over again, since the last few levels contain more than 150 coins to collect. Combine that with ads for doubling the coin prize and you can unlock a new car every few minutes.

8. It’s Better To Unlock A Random Car For 500 Coins Than To Buy One For 1000 Coins

When you tap on the prize button, three chests will be given, but only one can be opened. The other two will show the cars they contain but will ask for 1000 coins in order to buy one of the cars contained in two chests that didn’t open. It’s better to just pay another 500 coins than to buy another car since you can get two random cars for 1000 coins, and many of them are really cute and adorable, as well as fun to drive.

Thank you for reading our exclusive Fun School Race Games for Kids guide. We tried to help your kids finishing the game with ease. We hope this guide helped you, or you kid having more fun while playing the game. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!