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Fulfil Your Destiny As An Exlion Knight In Fantasy MMORPG AIIA: Dragon Ark

Currently available exclusively on Android, AIIA: Dragon Ark is one of the few fantasy RPGs on mobile that lives up to the promise of rivalling its home console equivalent. CLGameZ, the developer behind the game, has harnessed the power of Unreal Engine 4 to provide breath-taking visuals in addition to an epic story.

AIIA: Dragon Ark sets you afoot within a war-torn fantasy world full of creatures to fight and bosses to take down. Bosses that each requires their own strategy to defeat with difficulty growing the more you progress through dungeons. Thankfully you’ll have all the tools you need such as skills to master, pets to tame, and items to farm.

All these mechanics are made all the more real and immersive thanks to AIIA: Dragon Ark’s full 3D visuals which provide the best hitting effects and greatest action not possible with other RPGs. When choosing to take out enemies from either a top-down or third-person view, every step has been taken to make players feel every dodge role and axe swing.

When not making your way through the story, there are plenty of ways to test your skills in AIIA: Dragon Ark. PVP battles allows you to take on other online players, for instance, while a 100 floor challenge tower acts as the best means to get your hands on exclusive rewards. Hone your abilities and utilise them to succeed.

Make the world one worth saving in AIIA: Dragon Ark, the ultimate console-quality MMORPG free to download for Android.