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Fruit Master (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a Super High Score

Once you fire up Ketchapp’s new casual mobile title Fruit Master and before getting on with slashing fruits, the game will probably look pretty much like Fruit Ninja, that legendary slashing hit that defined mobile gaming. But the French developer’s latest mobile game is something completely different, a slashing game with levels and without super-fast slashes as you cut your way to the next wave of fruits and bombs.

In Fruit Master, the player has to be precise, not fast, and patient and not trigger happy blade maniac with reflexes of a radioactive cobra snake. Also, here you won’t swipe across the screen, slashing flying fruit. No, Fruit Master is all about quick and deadly taps that hit moving fruits just when they aligned with your deadly weapon.

This game is all about finishing levels without making even one mistake but here end comes with misses instead being too slow, letting fruits to fall off the screen. There’s a ton of levels and they aren’t so hard on their own but Fruit Master is one of those games where players need to take regular pauses if they want to amass super high scores because the game is pretty tough and capable of depleting our focus stash pretty quickly.

Fruit Master looks pretty decent and while there aren’t any advanced effects of cool looking splashy explosions, the game is pretty and pleasant to the eye. It won’t fill the screen with oversaturated color blasts, which is good since here you have to be focused at all times. Advancing through levels gives you points and every four levels you can spin the wheel and get additional prizes in the form of coins, diamonds, or special weapons.

But once you make one mistake it’s game over but the good thing is that the game doesn’t start from level 1 but from the level on which you finished the last fruit slashing journey. Overall, Fruit Master is a nice game for some pastime while listening to podcasts, commuting or waiting in line at your local grocery store. And if you want to know how to beat as many levels as possible and how to become fruit slashing machine stay with us and read our guide.

1. Fruit Slashing Combos Are Great But It’s Better To Be Humble And Cut One Fruit At A Time

Fruit Master looks like it’s all about combos since the more fruits you slash at once the more points will be granted but to be honest we like more when we can play slow and steady because that tactic is usually more effective. It’s okay to go for big combos at the start of each area because there are plenty of fruits on the table but once you complete a couple of slashes do not try to cut remaining fruit pieces all at once. You should aim for single fruit pieces instead because that’s a safer tactic that usually means reaching the next level is highly achievable.

Just take your time and cut one fruit at a time. Since one miss means game over it is better to play one additional fruit cluster in order to complete a level than to try hitting two or three remaining fruits at once and miss, losing all progress on a level. So, forget about big combos, if you want to advance levels pick one fruit at a time.

2. Follow The Rhythm Of Each Fruit Cluster

As we already mentioned, in Fruit Master you have to eliminate lots of clusters in order to finish one level (level progress is shown at the top of the screen). And each of these clusters features unique rhythm by which fruit pieces rotate. Sometimes it is a simple clockwise or counter-clockwise motion, sometimes fruit pieces follow uneven rotation pattern, with simple slowdowns and accelerations, and sometimes rotation is pretty tricky to follow because it includes complex rotation patterns of changing direction and speed of rotation.

So, before launching your weapon observe rotation pattern so you can get used to it before starting picking fruits. This way you will minimize your chances of missing and will learn different rotation patterns over time so that after a while you can recognize the specific pattern as soon as you see it, allowing you to play faster and be more efficient at picking fruit pieces.

3. Second Wind Is Usually Worth It

The game usually offers a second chance after you make a miss, and in most cases, it’s worth taking it. Just watch a video ad and you can try again; this is especially handy for situations where you almost filled the level meter and just needs to slash one or two fruit pieces in order to finish a level. A second chance is worth taking even when you are middle-way through a level because you will still have a pretty big chance of finishing it.

But if you make a miss right at the start of a level, while slashing first or second fruit cluster than it is better to just skip taking the second chance and start over. You see, when we make an early mistake we then have a higher chance or repeating that mistake shortly after. So, instead of wasting time watching an ad and them missing again, it is better to start over after taking a short break because you will be better focused and less prone to repeating the same mistake.

4. Start Each Zone With A Couple Of Quick Slashes

Each time you start a slashing a new fruit cluster feel free of performing a couple of slashes in quick succession because there are plenty of fruit pieces on the table and chances of you missing are smaller at the start of a new zone. So feel free to quickly cut fruits and then, once you are left with a couple of fruit pieces, switch to slow and steady mode and pick fruit one by one.

5. Different Weapons Are There Just For Looks, They Don’t Come With Any Gameplay Advantage

Different weapons in Fruit Master won’t give you an edge when cutting fruit. They all are simple cosmetic items so you can freely use the one you started the game with and get others just to break the monotony of playing every time with the same weapon. So, do not worry about not having better weapons because there are no better weapons, just those that are prettier and cooler than others.

Okay, folks, that’s all for now. We hope that our compilation of Fruit Master tips, tricks and cheats will help you post new high scores that will be impossible for your friends to beat. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!