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Formula Cartoon All-Stars Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Kart Your Way to the First Place (Part 2)

Recapping what we had said in the first part of our Formula Cartoon All-Stars list of tips and tricks, this is a game by Cartoon Network that offers a go-kart racing experience replete with the network’s most popular characters from a wide selection of cartoons. Consider that you’ve got Gumball, Ben 10, Finn, Jake, and so many other Cartoon Network mainstays, racing against each other in what is typically an exhilarating adventure as you keep your eyes on the prize – first place.

We’re going to dive in to the tips and tricks up next, so read on for the second of two installments in our Formula Cartoon All-Stars cheats & strategy guide.

1. Take Part In Tournaments

Looking for more coins or gems? Join Formula Cartoon All-Stars’ in-game tournaments; as you progress up in the leaderboards, you can earn better prizes, and that does indeed include common coins and premium gems alike.

2. Earn / Spend Coins To Keep Your Kart Looking Spiffy

Among the ways you can ensure your kart looks great, spending coins is the most reliable way to do so. But first, you’ve got to earn them, and with that in mind, there are power-ups that can help in generating more coins. Both the Magnet and Coin Multiplier power-ups work great here, so make use of them if you’re nearing a bunch of coins that’s ripe for the taking.

3. Save Your Nitro

Like in other racing games, Formula Cartoon All-Stars has nitro boosts. And on another similar note, you should use your nitro prudently. Don’t use it the moment it’s available, which is right off the gate. You may get off to a blazing start, but in such a case, haste would make waste – you could easily end up crashing or running smack into an enemy firing at you. Nitro is best used in the straightaways, or if you’re trying to catch up and take the lead before the race is over. Lastly, be aware that you have only one nitro boost – once you use it in a race, it’s gone, at least until the next race!

4. Don’t Unlock Too Many New Stages Just Yet

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and you can use these gems to unlock new Cups, or tracks. If you happen to have enough gems in the early goings, you may be tempted to unlock those new tracks – resist that temptation. Your first few Cups are deliberately simple – they’re that way so you can learn the basics of the game. Only unlock new Cups once you’re definitely sure you’ve got the basics down pat.

5. Pay Close Attention To The Map

It may be hard to pay attention to two things while in the middle of a race, but the map will show you where your opponents are located. An opponent who’s behind you could fire projectiles and derail your run, while a tight turn could come at you by surprise and also slow you down big-time, if not cause you to mess up outright. Use the map to give yourself a heads-up and help you plan accordingly.