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Football Kicks Frenzy Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Beat Your Opponents

Football Kicks Frenzy is an iOS game by Distinctive Games that is best described as a head-to-head soccer title where your objective is to beat your opponent with “crazy obstacle raising score streaks” such as “The Wall” or “Hurricane.” Like many other sports-based titles that don’t include any actual, real-life players, you won’t be playing as, or against your favorite soccer stars. Instead, the real players the game pertains to are other human gamers from all over the world. Yes, it’s a bit misleading when they say “real players,” but it still does make for an interesting premise.

Looking to beat some of the world’s strongest teams? We can’t really guarantee you that, but our collection of Football Kicks Frenzy cheats, tips and tricks can at least help you improve your game and, if you’re starting out, help you get the hang of things.

1. Practice Swiping To Kick

It’s quite difficult at first, but the main mechanic here is swiping to kick. And you’ll need to alter your swiping motions in such a way that you’ve got a good angle in relation to the target. That means which side the target’s located at, the distance from the target, and your kicker’s dominant foot. There’s a lot of physics to consider here, but it should soon become second nature to you with a little practice.

2. Use Two Thumbs For Swiping

The two-thumb technique is something you can use in Football Kicks Frenzy, as you can actually play better by alternating one thumb (or finger) with the other. Once you’ve practiced well enough and become fairly accurate, you can start practicing how to kick as quickly as possible. You can stymie your opponent if you’ve got some fast and powerful kicks, so practice alternating your left and right thumb once you’ve gotten the hang of angling your shot properly.

3. How To Earn And Use Power-Ups

Power-ups, or load-outs, can help you get an important edge against your opponent, especially the ones that can block your opponent’s line of sight while trying to angle their shot. And if you make consecutive goals, you’ll be able to earn those power-ups. It’s also possible to pay coins or gems to get new power-ups. We also recommend buying the one that allows you to make all your kicks for ten seconds, and kicking as quickly as possible using the aforementioned two-thumb technique.

4. Buy New Balls For More Accuracy

Aside from power-ups, buying a new ball could also help you improve your accuracy and power. Uniform upgrades are cool aesthetically, but they only change your character’s appearance instead of improving his skills.

5. Watch Ad Videos To Get Free Coins

You may, on occasion, run out of coins, but you can get more without having to pay any real-life money for it. If you’ve got a strong Wi-Fi connection at home (or wherever you’re at), you can watch ad videos in order to earn coins for free. Of course, if you’re able to win on a regular basis, you won’t need too many free coins, but if you need to watch videos, you can continue watching them about 15 minutes after they stop showing up in the “free coins” area.