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Football Heroes Pro Online Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Build the Ultimate Team

Football games continue to evolve but connectivity has now it to a whole new level. Football Heroes Pro Online is the first real-time online multiplayer football game for Android and iOS devices. The game completely revolutionizes sports games as we know it. No longer will you have to play against boring AI or wait until your friends come over in order to enjoy a truly competitive game. All you have to do is go online and you will be able to go up against some of the best players from around the world. In this game, you control everything. Every push, run, pass, tackle, and spin will be entirely up to you. Not to mention there are over 50 special moves that you can execute in order to keep your opponent scrambling! Recruit some of your favorite NFL stars and manage your dream team. There is a lot for you to do in this game and our Football Heroes Pro Online tips and tricks are here to help you through everything!

1. Shove As Much As You Can

Shoving your opponent a lot will help whittle away at their defenses quickly. If you spam it enough, you will be able to take down any of your opponent’s players. Just keep tapping on the screen to shove. It deals a good amount of damage and it only takes a couple of seconds to cool down. Tackling may deal more damage but it is harder to land and you will most likely not get a second chance to tackle someone. Use your tackle only when you have a clear line of sight and you are sure that you will not miss. Also, don’t go rushing into a group of players thinking you can shove them all down. If you get piled on by your opponent’s players, you will definitely go down. Go for one player at a time and slowly make your way across the field. Just be patient and you will eventually get that touchdown.

2. Forget Auto-Play

The game offers a wide range of control options for you to use during live games. Don’t waste all that potential by relying on auto-play! And it’s not just about getting down and dirty with your players, there are huge benefits for controlling the game manually. Every player you control will earn experience for each move they execute. That means they get experience for every push, shove, and tackle you make them do. Remember, more experience means stronger players. It’s a win-win so there is no reason for you to hit that auto-play button!

3. Upgrade Your Players

Speaking of experience, once a player has enough of it, you will be able to spend coins to level him up. Make sure you save up all your coins because you will need a lot of it as time goes by. Keep in mind that players will stop earning experience if they have enough to level up so it is important to have coins available when this happens. Otherwise, your players will be missing out on experience while you scramble to collect enough money to level them up.

4. Know Your Player’s Skills

Some of the more advanced players on your team will learn special skills when they level up. It is important to know what these skills do before starting a game because you will only see the icon when they are in play. There are a lot of different skills so you will need to take time to read up on their descriptions in order to come up with an effective strategy on when to use them. Make sure you know all your favorite players’ skills by heart because using them at the perfect time can easily win you the game.

5. Hold Off On Spending Hero Cash

Every game has a premium currency and it is called Hero Cash in this game. You will need this primarily for pulling new players from the shop. If you are a free player, it is extremely important that you spend your Hero Cash wisely as it is hard to come by. You will only earn a few Hero Cash at a time whenever you win a game or level up. You will be tempted to pull a new player as soon as you have 400 Hero Cash but resist that temptation.

There are three types of packs available in the game. The first is the single pack worth 400 Hero Cash. The second is the four-card pack worth 1,440 Hero Cash. Lastly, there is the eight-card pack worth 2,550. Try to save up enough to buy the eight-card pack as it gives you the most value for your money. Pulling a single new player won’t make much difference for your team but if you hold off and get eight new players at a lower cost, it could really change the game for your entire team.

6. Change Up Your Strategies

Playing against human opponents is one of the main draws of this game but it also makes things a lot more challenging. No matter how strong your team is, you can still be out-maneuvered if your opponent is able to predict your next move. That is why you should always make sure you never use the same play twice in a row. If you can, try to plan ahead of time the series of plays you will be running and make sure you have enough alternates. Keep your opponent guessing. This may not matter as much if you are playing against AI but it is still good practice to try different plays so that you will never be backed into a corner. Players may be strong and skilled but it is strategy that ultimately wins team games.

Playing real-time matches against human players is definitely challenging but it also makes every win even more rewarding. And with the help of our Football Heroes Pro Online tips and tricks, you will win every game with ease!