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Food Fantasy (iOS) Ultimate Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Create a World Class Restaurant

Names like Milk, Tiramisu, Coffee, Spaghetti, and Red Wine will surely make you curious, and a little bit hungry. Food Fantasy is an RPG adventure game with a unique concept. Elex Technology’s new mobile game features personifications of popular food items from around the world. Not only will you be treated to the different sumptuous dishes, you also get to enjoy the beautiful anime-style incarnations of your favorite food items. Each character is masterfully brought to life in vivid detail.

Collect the different Food Souls and get to know the different quirks and characteristics of the food personas. Assemble a powerful team and fight battles to save the world. Don’t forget to pair up the right dishes for combat bonuses. You can also take a break from your adventures to build and manage your own 5-star restaurant! There are so many things you can do in this game and our Food Fantasy cheats, tips and tricks will help walk you through everything!

1. Start Your Quests

Food Fantasy is not your run-of-the-mill gacha RPG where you just tap here or there while your characters practically do everything on their own. Quests are not automatically tracked here, so you need to actually pay attention. If you just go through the game without starting your quests, you will not receive your rewards. On top of that, you may end up wasting resources since you will need to repeat the same tasks after you remember to start your quest.

Take time to check your Story Missions before doing anything in the game. Accept the missions that will be completed by any of your upcoming tasks before proceeding. This way, you will instantly receive rewards for things that you would have done anyway. This includes leveling up a food soul, preparing dishes, going into battle, researching meals, or even summoning new creatures. Never do anything without checking your quests first!

2. Summon Food Souls

There are two ways for you to summon food souls through the game’s gacha system. The first one is by spending Soul Embers. You need 150 Soul Embers in order to summon one character. You will need to summon one at a time since this option does not have a per batch summon. Alternatively, you can spend Crystals to summon food souls. You only need 100 Crystals per summon. This time around, you will be able to summon multiple food souls if you have enough Crystals. The drop rate of food souls and their rarity do not change, though.

There are four rarities available in Food Fantasy: M, R, SR, and UR. Among the four, M food souls are the hardest to pull in gacha. Don’t get too excited when you get them, however. M food souls are only useful in the restaurant. You can take them on battles, but they won’t be much help. In terms of fighting ability, your best bet is still the UR rarity.

3. Gather Ingredients

You can’t run a restaurant without ingredients to cook with. To remedy that, you need to fight battles in order to pick up ingredients that drop afterwards. Keep in mind, however, that not all battle stages drop food. Pay attention to the possible drops for each stage. Some stages are only good for farming potions and onions which can be used for upgrading souls. While that’s not entirely bad, you need real food items in stock for your restaurant.

If you want to be able to gather ingredients quickly, you can use the Sweep option. This becomes available once you have beaten a stage. You can also consume Hearts in order to use the Sweep x5 option that allows you to gather ingredients from a stage even more quickly. Just keep Sweeping stages that you have completed in order to save time.

4. Don’t Forget To Prep Dishes

Now that you have ingredients, make sure you actually use them. Dishes do not cook themselves! Don’t forget to return to the restaurant once in a while to put dishes on the prep line. You cannot serve any dish that you have not prepped, you know. When you start out, it is alright to serve whatever is available. Later on, you should start paying attention to what your customers want. Tap on each customer to see what their preferences are. Serving food that they like will result in bigger tips. More money is always good for a restaurant.

5. Keep The Freshness Up

This may seem confusing in writing since your characters are food and they serve food. The Freshness level, indicated by green leaf icons, actually apply to your characters, not the food they serve. As they continue to work in your restaurant, their freshness levels go down. When it gets really low, they become inefficient. Think of it as their stamina. They get fatigued as they work longer, so it is important for you to have a number of food souls on rotation.

If you really want a certain character to keep working in the restaurant, you can use Refresh Meds on him. To get Refresh Meds, you will need to research it first. Researching will require one Large Soul Fruit and one Magic Bottle. To get these two items, you will have to scour the different shops available in the game until you come across the things that you need.

6. Open Up Loot Boxes

A lot of new players get confused when they receive loot boxes and food scraps because they can’t find a way to open them. That’s because you won’t find them in any of the usual reward screens. The place for opening them is unmarked, you would almost thing the game developers does not want you to open them. Regardless, you can find your loot boxes by tapping on the plate with a fork and knife on the lower right corner of the screen. Once there, tap on Vault to open your boxes and scraps.

7. Know Your Skills

Each character in Food Fantasy has two sets of skills. The first is the individual skills set that can be upgraded in the Souls screen. You need gold to upgrade these, and you can only upgrade them up to a certain point depending on the character’s level. The second is the cooking talent skills set which is one of the reasons why players normally force certain characters to keep working in the restaurant. These skills are assigned prior to the start of battle. You will need cooking points in order to unlock and upgrade them. The only way to earn cooking points is by having the character work in the restaurant. Check each character’s cooking talents and decide early on what kind of build you want to focus on. The right answer really depends on your play style, so just read the description of each skill and choose wisely.

8. Assemble A Powerful Team

There are four types of characters in the game: Defense, Strength, Magic, and Support. Defense types are your tanks. Strength and Magic are your damage dealers. Supports are your utility characters who either heal or buff the rest of your team. It is a good idea to assemble a balanced team that has each of these types in order to ensure you are prepared for any scenario. Of course, there will be situations where you will need a more specialized team. Just pay attention to the opponent’s team composition and adjust accordingly.

Aside from balancing out your team, you should also pay attention to which characters have combo skills. For example, Black Tea and Milk have a pretty good combo skill, and you can get both of them early in the game. Keep in mind that you will need to use these combo skills manually during battle. You will find them on the right side of the screen labeled Link.

9. Pay Attention During Battle

Just because your characters automatically fight during battle does not mean you should find something else to do. You still need to pay attention during battle because there are minigames that are triggered in different combat areas. Make sure you tap on the numbers on the larger opponents as this will keep them from using their super abilities or lower their stats.

Keep an eye out for flying enemies on the right side of the screen. These annoying things will regularly heal the large monsters, making it almost impossible to do real damage. Take them out as soon as you spot them to keep them from healing your enemies. If any of your characters are trapped or frozen, tap on them right away to free them. They won’t be able to use their special abilities as long as they are trapped.

10. Assign The Right Staff

When you start out, you will have limited slots for staff on your restaurant. You will only have one slot for a chef and a couple of slots for waiters. If your focus is on the success of your restaurant rather than battle efficiency, you can hold off on earning cooking points for your warriors and instead assign the best possible staff members. Check if your food soul has a Restaurant Skill tab beside their combat skills. This means they will be more useful in the restaurant than others. They also usually have higher freshness levels, allowing them to continue working without needing to be swapped out so often.

11. Get Rid Of Bad Customers

As with any establishment, you can never really predict the type of customers you will get. There are good customers and there are really bad ones. Bad customers include pirates and hooligans who refuse to pay their bills despite having their fill of your food. Do not be afraid to pick a fight with these guys. You need to teach them a lesson and kick them out to make room for paying customers. Don’t worry about customer service at this point because you are doing everyone a favor by getting rid of them.

12. Claim Your Freebies

The game gives out various freebies for active players. To start off, you can earn 150 Soul Embers once a week by sharing your latest summon or Fallen Angel purification. You can then use these embers to summon a new food soul. You should also drop by the Benefits and Side Storyline Mission screens to see if you have recently completed missions. If you see that you are close to completing any of the missions, you can prioritize that in order to claim the prize right away.

Aside from these, you also get Star Rewards from completing chapters. Each chapter in the game will have Star Rewards. You just need to complete all stages with three stars. Once you do, you will receive 25 Soul Embers and 30 Stamina Bottles. Stamina Bottles can be stored for later use since they do not expire, so feel free to keep collecting them.

13. Participate In Events

Food Fantasy usually has ongoing Events where you can earn different rewards including rare food souls. For example, when you start out, you can join the Foie Gras event that will basically help you learn the ropes of the game. As an added bonus, you stand to win UR Food Soul Foie Gras for your efforts. Having her on your team early on will definitely give you a good start in the game, so make sure you complete the Event tasks before the time is up.

14. Complete Your Dailies

Your Daily Activity is composed of a series of tasks that are designed to keep your progress on track. What’s even better if that you get rewarded for accomplishing all these tasks. Each task will give you various rewards like Seasoning, Cooking Points, Soul Embers, and other resources. Once you complete all of the day’s tasks, you will be rewarded with several Red Tea shards which will help you acquire the SR grade Food Soul. You also get Magic Crystals for your efforts.

15. Reputation Or Money?

If you want to quickly improve your restaurant, you will need to increase your reputation. You can do so by selling reputation-based food. Unfortunately, reputation-based food items often do not make a lot of money. This is where you will have to make a hard choice. Do you want to focus on reputation or on making money? There is no right or wrong answer here since it all depends on what you value more for your game. Just make sure you decide early on so that your restaurant won’t be all over the place when it comes to serving food.

16. Increase Your Intimacy Scores

Your relationship with each food soul will determine your success in the game. Food souls that are close to you are a lot stronger. This is why you should work on increasing your intimacy score. You can easily do that by gifting them with their favorite food. If you are short on ingredients, however, you can also increase your intimacy score with a character by taking them to battle. Make sure you do not use the Sweep feature for the intimacy score to increase.

17. Strengthen Your Food Souls

Aside from increasing intimacy scores, you can strengthen your food souls by leveling them up. Don’t groan just yet because you won’t really be doing a lot of grinding in order to level up your characters. You just need to collect EXP potions then feed them all to your chosen food soul. You can feed potions one at a time or instantly level up your character to the highest possible by tapping on the Upgrade button. Make sure you keep farming EXP potions because these are the most efficient way of leveling up food souls in the game.

As you play the game, you will eventually come across food soul shards. These can be obtained as rewards from various events and missions. You can also get them if you happen to summon a duplicate from the gacha system. Each duplicate is automatically converted into 15 shards. These food soul shards can be spent on the corresponding character in order to increase his Ascension level. Each level of ascension can dramatically increase your character’s power rating, so make sure you take time to do it.

18. Watch The Tip Store

As we mentioned before, you will get more tips if you serve your customers what they want. You are probably wondering, then, what the tips are for. You can spend your tips in the Tip Store. Just tap on the shop and go to the Tip Store tab. Here you can find various items including food soul shards. Make sure you don’t just buy whatever is on sale, though. Save your tips for buying UR Food Soul shards. The Tip Store refreshes every few hours, and you can manually refresh twice a day. You will need to check back regularly to be able to buy enough shards to get that UR Food Soul.

19. Equip Those Fallen Angels

Each food soul can be equipped with a powerful Fallen Angel. This will greatly increase their power in battle. When you start out, you will only have one slot for Fallen Angels. You can unlock more slots by using Magic Crystals. Save up your crystals until it is time to unlock Fallen Angel slots. Unlocking them as soon as they become available will allow you to take advantage of their boosts sooner.

20. Rush Your Player Level

Nearly everything you do in Food Fantasy will give you experience that goes towards raising your Player Level. This is important because a lot of the game’s features are locked behind level requirements. Make sure you play as actively as possible in order to unlock all the game’s features right away. We have listed the milestone levels below for you to know what you will be able to unlock.

Level 2 – Story Quests
Level 3 – Improve Recipe
Level 5 – Develop
Level 7 – Cooking Talents
Level 9 – Mischief & Additional Delivery Team
Level 10 – Decorate
Level 12 – Hard Mode
Level 13 – Daily Missions
Level 14 – Restaurant Upgrade
Level 15 – World Map
Level 16 – Ice Arena
Level 22 – Airship
Level 23 – Showdown
Level 24 – Exploration
Level 26 – Fallen Angels
Level 28 – Marketplace
Level 30 – Team Up

Managing your own restaurant is not easy, especially when you have to manage relationships and battles at the same time. Make sure you rely on our Food Fantasy ultimate guide to help you juggle everything! Do you know any other tips or tricks for the game? If so, feel free to share them with us below in the comment area!