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Fishing Strike Beginner’s Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become the Ultimate Angler

If you think fishing is a boring, quiet sport, you are in for the surprise of your life. Netmarble’s new mobile game Fishing Strike features some intense moments that will leave you reeling with excitement, pun intended. Available on Android and iOS devices, this game is all about the catch. There are over 500 types of fish that are perfectly rendered in stunning 3D graphics. Travel around the world and see some of the most famous fishing spots. You can fish as much as you want. There is no energy system that will have you spend money or wait ridiculous amounts of time.

Once you catch some fish, what are you going to do with them? Make your own Aquarium, of course! What is even more awesome is that you can use VR mode to bring your Aquarium into the real world! Fill your Aquarium with bigger and rarer fish. The bigger the fish, the more difficult it will be to catch. Don’t worry because no fish will be impossible to catch if you have the help of our Fishing Strike cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Raise Your Angler Level

Your Angler level determines your Pull Strength, Normal Damage, Critical Chance, and Swipe Damage. The higher your level is, the better those stats will be. In order to increase your Angler level, you will need Fishing Master points. There are several ways for you to increase your Fishing Mastery points. All of them involve upgrading your skills and equipment. Before you start sailing, make sure your six Anglers, boat, boat skill, and equipment set are all upgraded. Having fully upgraded skills and equipment will help you rake in more Fishing Mastery points.

2. Aim For The Red Dot Area

When you throw out your lure, make sure you aim for the red dot area. Casting your lure in the red dot area will reward you with random boosts. This will give you an advantage for the next fish you will catch. For example, you could get a 10% increase in catching bigger fish. This can help you a lot when aiming for those records. You could also get a 3% increase in discovering a special fish. It might not seem like much but when you are trying to catch those rare fish, every bit of boost can go a long way. Of course, the boosts on their own won’t do anything. Don’t forget to hold the reel button until catch something!

3. Watch The Tension Meter

The tension meter tells you when your line is about to break. Don’t get too caught up in the moment. Keep an eye on the tension meter or all your hard work will go to waste. When you see the tension going up, all you have to do is let go of the reel button for a moment. Let the tension go down just enough to get out of the danger zone. If you let the tension drop by too much, the fish will get away. Make sure you use Anglers and swipes strategically in order to deal more damage to the fish.

4. Hold On To The White Shark

When you play the tutorial of Fishing Strike, you will be able to catch a white shark. Don’t let that shark go. Keep it in your Aquarium until it reaches maximum growth. Once it does, you will receive 300 Gems. You should also buy the Hainan Aquarium as soon as you can. Doing so will allow you to use the auto-fishing mode. Auto-fishing will help you catch fish without working too hard on reeling. This way, you can grind without tiring yourself out.

5. What To Do With A Fish

Whenever you catch a fish, you will have several options. You can add it to your Tank, or you can sell it off. Make sure you add any new fish to your tank, then sell off everything else for some extra Gold. You will also receive various rewards for successful fishing missions. Rewards include Gems, Gold, and fish enhancement currency. The higher the grade of the fish, the better the reward will be. Just keep reeling in those fish in order to get a lot of rewards!

6. Complete The Challenges

There are several regional locations in Fishing Strike, each one with its own set of challenges. Just tap on the Fish List icon on the map in order to see what the challenges are. Don’t let them intimidate you. The challenges start out fairly easy. The first missions will mostly just ask you to catch some weak fish. Completing a challenge for the first time will reward you with Gold, Gems, and Fishing Mastery points. When you replay the missions, you will be asked to catch fish that have a higher grade. Keep replaying missions in order to gain access to higher tier challenges on the Fish List. The more challenges you complete, the more rewards you will get.

7. Boat Maintenance Is Important

Fishing Strike has 16 boats available for you to collect. Boats can be equipped with up to four items. All of these items can be fully upgraded. As we mentioned before, upgrades will help you gain more Fishing Mastery points. The only problem is, you will need to spend Gold in order to upgrade each boat. On top of that, you also need Gems to unlock all the boats. Invest your resources wisely in order to get the best possible boat in the game.

When you start out, you will have the Peaceful Marine Boat and the MT777 Boat. Focus your upgrades on the MT777 because it gives you a 5% EXP boost. Do the same when it comes to the other boats you acquire. Always prioritize upgrading the boats that give you EXP boosts. Don’t forget to fully equip them with the best items as well. Check out the list of boats below in order to get an idea of how much it will cost you to unlock everything.

Peaceful Marine Boat – Free
MT777 Boat (+5 EXP) – Free for players who pre-registered. This is given out along with the Wood Cane Fishing Set as well as a Platinum Chance Box
Thunder Track Boat (+10 EXP) – Can be purchased with 200 Gems
Smart Cruise Boat (+20 EXP) – Can be purchased with 300 Gems
Poseidon’s Trick Boat (+20 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach Yangtze River and can be purchased with 160,000 Gold

Scanner Wind Boat (+30 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach Yangtze River and can be purchased with 600 Gems
Stings 7 Boat (+40 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach Yangtze River and can be purchased with 700 Gems
Bay Wonder Boat (+40 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach Coral Sea and can be purchased with 480,000 Gold
Ceramic 848 Boat (+50 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach Coral Sea and can be purchased with 1,100 Gems
Pitt’s Sports Boat (+60 EXP and +15 Fuel) – Unlocked when you reach Coral Sea and can be purchased with 1,300 Gems

Aqua Sun Boat (+60 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach Amazon river and can be purchased with 1,200,000 Gold
Sunny Campaign Boat (+70 EXP and +15 Fuel) – Unlocked after reaching Amazon River and can be purchased with 1,600 Gems
Cobalt Ocean Boat (+90 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach Mozambique Channel and can be purchased with 2,800,000 Gold
Sea Boat (+100 EXP and +20 Fuel) – Unlocked when you reach Mozambique Channel and can be purchased with 2,100 Gems
Chrome Jet Boat (+120 EXP) – Unlocked when you reach North Sea and can be purchased with 4,320,000 Gold
Cruiser Jack Boat (+130 EXP and +25 Fuel) – Unlocked when you reach Mozambique Channel and can be purchased with 2,500 Gems

8. How To Catch Legendary Fish

You can’t call yourself a legendary fisher if you don’t catch any legendary fish. The legendary fish in this game usually only appear in Special Stages. It is almost impossible to see them in regular stages. That is why you should take advantage of any chance to catch legendary fish. One sure chance you will get is when you reach Virginia Quay in Florida. The first fish that will take a bite will be a legendary fish. Make sure you keep that fish in your tank until it reaches maximum growth. Once it does, you will receive an Angler Chest that has a good chance of rewarding you with a Master Angler License. You will need this item if you want to recruit high-level Anglers.

9. Unlock The Special Stage

The Special Stage allows you to catch special fish, including Rare, Legendary, and Unique ones. Keep in mind, however, that you can only participate in the Special Stage once per day. Make sure you take advantage of it as much as you can. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to play, try to squeeze in the Special Stage into your schedule. Of course, you will need to unlock it first before you can participate. In order to unlock the Special Stage, you will need to get enough Trophies from each of the stages. It will take a bit of grinding, but the rewards will be worth the work.

Do you have what it takes to become the next fishing superstar? If you rely on our Fishing Strike cheats, tips and tricks, you will surely make it to the top!