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Fight List 2 – Categories Game Cheats & Tips: How to Get All the Answers

It’s time to put your thinking hats on, and maybe some gloves. Fight List 2 – Categories Game is the highly anticipated sequel to Voodoo’s trivia battle game for Android and iOS devices. The mechanics are simple. You just need to pick a random letter to begin the game. This letter will be your primary clue as all answers must start with it. You will then be given five categories. You must give an answer for each category that starts with the chosen letter. Points will be assigned based on the rarity of your answer. If you stick to short and simple answers, you might not have enough points by the end of the game. Challenge players from all over the globe, and discover over a thousand themes to compete in. Don’t forget to read our Fight List 2 – Categories Game cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your victory!

1. Practice With Random People

Even though players with massive vocabularies will most likely have an edge in this game, it does not mean that you do not have a fighting chance. Since it is a list battle, knowledge will not be enough to win. You will also need speed and quick thinking. That is why it is important to get a lot of practice. You need to master typing quickly, and coming up with answers right away. At first, it won’t matter how rare your answers are. You just need to get used to the pressure of giving out answers within a short time. Later on, you will be able to pick up better words for the different categories, so it will get easier after a while.

2. Do Your Research

There are a lot of categories and themes in the game, but they are not unlimited. If you play enough games, you will be able to master a lot of categories. One way to keep progressing is to do your research whenever you lose. If you have categories with no answers, or if you had incorrect answers, do not be afraid to google the right answers afterwards. This will help ensure that you will not be stumped by the same questions again in the future.

3. Challenge Your Facebook Friends

The game allows you to link your Facebook account in order to connect to your friends who are also playing the game. Once you have gotten used to playing the game after playing with strangers, it is time to show off your skills to your friends. It is always more fun to play competitive games with people you know since you can brag about your victories afterwards.

4. Use Your Hints

When in a pinch, don’t forget to use a hint. You have one hint available in every round. Just tap on the light bulb button and you will automatically get an answer. Keep in mind that the hint answer will always be worth just one point, so use it only when you are really out of ideas. One point is better than nothing, after all.

5. Always Have A Backup

There will be times when the game will not accept an obvious answer. In these cases, do not get flustered as it will most likely lead to a mental block. Instead, always play with a backup word in mind. Once your initial answer is rejected, just quickly enter your back up, so you can still earn some points before the round is over.

Coming up with words during a match can be difficult, but with the help of our Fight List 2 – Categories Game cheats, tips and tricks, you will surely win!