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Fast Food Rampage Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

Ancient Games’ new mobile title called Fast Food Rampage is an exciting arcade shooter game for Android and iOS devices where the premise is a very simple, and also a very wacky one. At one point, you were the CEO of Mime Burger and the undisputed king of food, but with those self-righteous vegan hipsters taking over with their health food carts, business hasn’t been good at all. And with that said, your goal is to blast people with junk food until they explode. That means blasting them with ballistic hamburgers, milkshake grenades, and all sorts of other delicious, guilt-inducing weapons. But if you really want to get rid of them faster, you’ve also got your Mime Car, which you can use to run the enemy down with. As the game’s description says, your healthy-living hipster enemies deserve it for committing the crime of “trying to better themselves.”

Clearly, this is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and we can even say it’s a good parody of a certain facet of millennial culture. But you may also take your success in this shoot-‘em-up game seriously, and that’s why we’re here with this article – a list of Fast Food Rampage tips and tricks that may be of help if you’re trying to blast more enemies more consistently, earn more currency, and improve on your high score.

1. Know The Controls

It’s not too hard to master the controls in this game. But there are some aspects that may prove to be complicating, and these include the shooting system. See those red circles/balls on the screen? Those are your controls, and we shall be showing you how to use them in this tip. The left ball will allow you to move in any given direction, while the right ball will allow you to aim your shot. When shooting, you want to take an angled approach, and for beginners, that may be a bit tricky. Don’t get too discouraged, though – master those angled shots while you’re learning the ropes. You’ll get the hang of it eventually.

2. Make Good Use Of Your Milkshake Grenades

While the burgers are your main weapon in Fast Food Rampage, the milkshakes are the special, ranged weapons that could turn the tide for you when the burgers aren’t enough. These are Milkshake Grenades, after all, and you can use them for some nice area-of-effect ranged attacks against a bigger group of enemy hipsters. But since this is a special weapon, you will only have a certain amount of milkshakes to use at a given time. Sometimes, your item drops may include milkshake refills, but don’t count on this happening too often. That means you should only use these grenades when necessary; aside from dispatching of enemy hordes, you can use them to destroy those health food trucks as quickly as possible.

3. Upgrade Your Equipment

Although this is, in essence, a casual shooter game, there is an upgrading mechanic here. And that means you should be upgrading your equipment whenever possible. Some have suggested that you can spend the coins you earn to buy new clothes and the like in the in-game store, but we wouldn’t do this if we were you, unless you’ve got tons of coins on you. You should focus mainly on buying equipment upgrades, as you can actually use that in the game to your benefit.

4. How Do Power-Ups And Your Mime Car Work?

On occasion, you will be able to collect power-ups, though the catch here, of course, is that they only work for a limited period of time. These power-ups may include health refills, or as we discussed above, milkshake refills. And while not a power-up per se, you’ve also got your Mime Car, which you can use to run hipsters. It’s also invulnerable to damage, so you should use it while you have it and run over as many enemies as possible.

5. String Those Combos Together, And Collect More Coins And Diamonds

Last, but not the least, you should be working on stringing combos together if you want to beat your old high score. This happens when you kill enemies one after the other, and if you’ve got your combo multiplier on, you can easily top your old high score, or that of your friends. Unfortunately, stringing combos don’t improve the amount of coins or diamonds you can pick up – coins are your common currency, while diamonds are the premium stuff. We would suggest trying to pick up as much currency as possible instead of doubling down on your points, and a great way to do this would be to blast those enemy food trucks and health food shops. These drop a ton of currency once you destroy them, after all!

There you have it! This wraps up our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Fast Food Rampage. In case you know additional hints for the game, feel free to leave a message below in the comment area!