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Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Faster Levelling and Raising Power

Cloud Games Limited, which is a fairly new developer to join the mobile gaming industry, recently released Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising, its first game that has been made available for both Android and iOS platforms. As an action fantasy MMORPG, Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising has everything players look for in similar games as well as its own share of unique features fans of the genre love and enjoy. With tons of content that ensure a variety of game modes to explore and beat, Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising also holds a plethora of enhancement and upgrade options to more than fill every RPG fan’s power-raising, experience-grinding, and character-customizing passion. The existence of the auto mode can more than make it easy for even newer players in the genre to learn and enjoy. If you’re into hours after hours of questing and character empowerment and enjoy playing with your friends and others, then be sure to check Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising out and discover why many people on both Android and iOS love this game.

Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising starts you off by letting you choose one of three available character classes, each with its own unique stats and set of moves that define their own advantages and disadvantages. The Berseker is perhaps the most basic class and resembles the conventional RPG’s knight or warrior class. This class sports good offensive capabilities and boasts the best defense compared to the other classes. The Assassin is the equivalent of a thief in basic RPG class comparison as this class sports good melee skills as well, perhaps not that high of a defense, but has exceptional speed which can lead to high DPS as well good evasion and flee rate. Lastly, but most definitely not the least is the only ranged combat fighter, the Gunner, which lags behind as far as defense and HP are concerned but does the highest damage and possesses the best crowd control skills.

Like any other RPG, there are no right or wrong choices here. Just be sure to pick out the one that best suits your preferences and play style. Each one can work well on his or her own but when it comes to team play, it is best to have a variety of characters in a party. Your constant goal in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising is to raise your power to ensure that you can accomplish the ever-increasing difficulty of the challenges that lie ahead. It’s not really that hard to do so, especially considering that there are a multitude of ways to raise your power with tons of enhancement and upgrade options available. What may become a challenge is choosing which of the many activities you should prioritize first so as to become stronger and gather the necessary resources needed for all your enhancement needs faster.

Along with the auto mode option available at the very beginning of the game, coupled with tutorials on every first attempt to do any sort of enhancement or upgrade, there will definitely be no trouble learning the ropes in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising. Although some battles may be easier to win against using manual play, the auto-battle option really works wonders for most of it. Perhaps the more critical challenge in the game is keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for higher power and with some exploration as well as taking advantage of this guide, you can surely be able to continuously raise your stats with noticeable ease. So whether you are doing well enough on the game and just looking for better ways to farm and manage resources for all your upgrading and enhancing needs, or if you are somewhat struggling to determine what to prioritize among the loads of contents the game has, our Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising beginner’s guide will help you through the early parts of the game so you will surely be able to progress much faster than most players do. With that said, let’s move on to our Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Proceed To Finish The Main Quests

Following through the main quests is a given objective for any RPG that has one in its system. In fact, most RPG tutorials start you off on these quests to boost your experience points as well as hand you some of the most basic necessities you need to strengthen your character up. Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising is no different as the main quests in the game provide tons of experience points that practically level your character up faster than you might notice. Level 100 is actually achievable within just a few hours of gameplay and as surprising as it may seem, you will most likely have most of the starting gears and items you need to further advance your growth early on.

fantasy heroes demon rising main quests

Finishing quests are not just important for the experience points and items your get out of it. Your level determines some of the additional features and game modes that will unlock as you progress further. As other features and game modes typically have limited attempts per day, there is no better option than to unlock each of them on your first day so you begin running through them to earn additional experience points and rewards. Some of the additional game modes may be done on your own, but the availability of team play practically makes it necessary to team up with friends or random players. So when the opportunity to do so rises, don’t wait for any tutorials to tell you to find and add some people to play with, as it will make your life in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising a whole lot easier.

2. Add Friends And Join A Legion

Most online MMORPGs are meant to be played in parties or groups. Al though there are some quests for you to progress all on your own, the more difficult challenges are almost impossible for you to take on all on your own. If you have friends in real life who enjoy MMORPGs, then it would be great if you could play the game with them. On the other hand, if you are into Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising on your own, then it would be best to look for some active people to play with.

There are many game modes in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising that can only be entered into when you are in a team, and while you can still engage in the battle with a team comprised of only yourself, it will still be definitely better to do so with the help of additional members. While the game gives you an option to look for members, the availability of having other people playing in the same area or level you are may be bleak, and that would be on top of having a little less efficiency in battle as you will not know who you will be playing with and naturally not have any ideas about how they play. Although inviting people in-game as friends may take a while for each of you to be accustomed to how everyone plays, there is already an advantage brewing as you play with the same people from one battle to the next.

fantasy heroes demon rising legion

To look for and add friends in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising, simply click on the icon in the upper right of the screen just beside the map. You can then use the search bar to type in names of players you have met or just simply add everyone on the recommended list as these people are currently active.

Beyond having friends in the game, a more important consideration to have a group to work with is the Legion. Similar to guilds and alliances in other online games, a legion is a group of players who should work together towards achieving a common goal. You can apply to be a part of a legion early on in the game but depending on the server you are in, some guild leaders may require a minimum level requirement to determine if members, or potential ones, will be playing long enough to be worthy of making a member of the legion. The legion you belong to can be a great source of active people to play with in times when you need to team up to take on some challenging battles. Beyond that though, being a member of a legion opens up new quests and opportunities to earn more rewards to further hasten your character’s growth and progress. Be sure to make donations as well as embark on quests for your legion. Participating in any legion activity will reward you with guild honor points which you can use to purchase some gears, items, or even stat increases.

3. Enhance Your Skills Regularly

Skills are an essential aspect of your character. It may happen that you feel each one becomes stronger and does more damage as you reach new levels, but that’s just a result of the natural increase in your stats as awarded by the level up. Each of the skills you possess can further be strengthened by levelling each up but you need Skill Points to do so. The best way to farm for skill points is taking on Boss Crusade and you have 5 attempts daily to farm this game mode for skill points as well as other important materials. Like in most challenging game modes, having a party here makes it a whole lot easier.

fantasy heroes demon rising skills

Beyond levelling each skill up, you can also unlock a variety of runes to enhance each of your skills. There are a variety of side quests on the left side of your screen that you can engage in to hunt various guardians to obtain each of the runes you need. Once unlocked, you can choose form which one to socket to your skill and though each rune can only be activated once per skill, the boost each one provides is helpful in its own way. This is one game mechanic that will most likely set your character apart from others with the same class as it would be based on which runes you prefer to further enhance the skills your character possesses.

4. Try To Keep Your Gears Upgraded

One of the important reasons to go on completing main quests is to obtain higher tier equipment for your character. For starters, there will be tons of perks and events that grant you great gears too but some can be obtained as rewards from some of the main quests. A piece of equipment’s tier level determines its max upgrade capacity and while you only need gold to level each piece up, actually getting all the needed pieces can be a challenge. Additionally, while you may find yourself with an overabundant supply of gold at the starting phases of the game, later on you will start running out of it so be sure to check each piece of gear for the stat boosts they provide before you initiate any enhancements.

fantasy heroes demon rising gear

Each piece of equipment you have can be socketed with a jewel up to four times. You can immediately place jewels you have collected on the first slot but you must progress further through the dungeons to unlock the remaining slots. Jewels can be obtained from a lot of quests and game modes but what’s important is for you to first synthesize as many as you can before attaching the jewels to your gears. Once a jewel has been placed on a piece of equipment, you must dismantle it and lose it forever if you want to replace it with a better one, so be careful when placing jewels and focus on improving the stats you feel you need more over the others.

5. Upgrade And Enhance Your Pets, Mounts And Wings

Pets in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising are your biggest helpers when you are battling alone. Pets just aren’t for show in the game, as each does his or her own share in dealing damage and providing support to you if you take them with you on a quest. You can activate up to 3 pets at the same time and if you are just starting out with the game, there’s a pretty big chance that you will obtain at least three pets early on. Pets have varying rarities, power levels, and unique skill sets so if you have more than three at a time, be sure to choose the ones you feel will help you out more in battle.

To level pets up, you need experience cakes which can be obtained from a variety of sources. The best source, perhaps is sending your pets on their own adventure. Don’t worry though, as you can still utilize them in battle during the period they are supposedly on their own quest. Upgrading pets require pet fragments and though this is difficult to earn and save, these upgrades boost the efficacy of your pets’ skills as well as grant a huge boost in their stats.

fantasy heroes demon rising pets

On top of pets that fight alongside you throughout most of your journey, you also have mounts, which, on top of boosting the speed by which you travel from one location to the next, also boosts your stats and power as well as showcase their own unique abilities. You may want to focus on just enhancing one mount as only one will be affecting your general stats and power. To level mounts up, you need to consume Mount Feed which can be obtained from a variety of quests and game modes. Mounts have customizable skills that you can teach and level up for each one you have.

Lastly, wings in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising are perhaps one of the most important gears to enhance as each level gained by the wings result in an increase in multiple stats. There are level targets that change the way your wings appear as you progress further in the game. You need Feather Fossils to level up your wings and these items can be gained through several quests and events as well as purchased from the shop.

6. Aim For Rebirth As You Play

fantasy heroes demon rising rebirth

The biggest power booster in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising is the Hero Rebirth system as it boosts your stats and power more than any other enhancement or upgrade in the game. BE sure to regularly check the Change Class icon on the right side of your screen to check the requirements for the next rebirth for your character on top of the level requirements. As a matter of priority, perhaps only the main quests are more important than pursuing this as one of the more significant character enhancements to gain sooner than later.

7. Check Your Daily Quests And Accomplish Targets

On top of the multiple items you receive outright from completing quests in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising, there are various events that provide you with loads of additional rewards for completing certain tasks and meeting some objectives. If you notice that there seems to be a little too many icons at the top of your screen, a lot of those are there for you to look into for in-game loots and such. It is very typical that as you engage in one quest after another on your first hour of playing, you may have already accomplished a lot of the event objectives that grant you additional rewards. Be sure to check each one out most especially the new server events that reward you with diamonds for attaining easy objectives that you will be doing as you normally progress through the game. Likewise, expend attempts at the additional game modes that you have unlocked. Each one will grant you much needed items and resources to speed up your levelling and progress in the game. Depending on how much time you spend on the game and how many game modes you participated in, you will be rewarded with additional treasure chests that contain even more important items to help you on your journey.

fantasy heroes demon rising events

As much as you would want to save up on diamonds and spend them on something important later on in the game, you may want to consume a bit of it to reclaim some earnings from Daily Quests. Be sure to check what you can get out of each and determine if the treasure chest contents will be worth the diamonds you need to part with to obtain them.

8. Always Check Your Bag

While better gears will always prompt you for an equipment change, there are several items that go into your inventory without much notice as to whether you can use the items immediately. Sometimes, on the other hand, you will be notified to open a chest that surprisingly requires diamonds to unlock. As unusual as those are, some of the chests you can open through consuming diamonds are very much well worth it. Additionally, there may be some treasure chests you obtained from some quests as well that don’t require diamonds to open up and that is the real reason why you must always be on the lookout for such items in your bag.

fantasy heroes demon rising bag

In as much as the tutorial and first run-throughs on some game modes and features give enough explanation, it’s very possible for you to miss out on the use of some important items, particularly consumables. Visiting your bag and checking on the items one by one may reveal some consumable items that you would want to use sooner than later. One particularly good example is the Ticket that you can use on the discount shop which can cut down the prices of anything for sale down to zero. As you may have earned a lot of these tickets through events unknowingly, be sure to test using them out at the shop to grab some of the highly needed enhancement materials at no cost.

There’s bound to be loads more of secrets to unveil in Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising but as far as our in-depth playing and exploration of the game goes, this is where our Fantasy Heroes: Demon Rising beginner’s guide comes to an end. With so much potential for new features and events in future updates, we may revisit this game once more for another guide. If you discover some additional tips and strategies for the game you’d like to share with us, we are very eager and appreciative to hear what you want to share so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!