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Family Zoo: The Story Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Smart Match 3 Play and Zoo Management

Just by looking at the graphics of the human characters, you can probably tell that this is a Match 3 game. But on the other hand, Match 3 games have come a long way from the Candy Crush Saga knockoffs that replace candies with pastries or bubbles or diamonds or what-have-you. That’s why Plarium’s Family Zoo: The Story offers more than just classic Match 3 gaming – this Android and iOS game also allows you to manage your own zoo and welcome more furry friends to your zoo, as you solve more puzzles and win more tickets and materials. This is the perfect marriage of casual mechanics anyone can pick up and enjoy, and more intensive management mechanics and features. Can you solve all those puzzles and restore the legacy of the zoo?

Yes indeed, you can say that there is now an actual saga to go with the puzzles, but if you want to move forward faster and get closer to rebuilding what you had once lost in the in-game world, you’ll want to check out our Family Zoo: The Story tips and tricks below. Keep on reading if you need some help in either main aspect of the game!

1. Focus On Making Boosters

Just like in your average Match 3 game, you shouldn’t focus too much on those simple matches of three identical pieces. Sure, they’re all well and good if you don’t have any other option, but if the opportunity is there, you should match four or more fruit to make yourself a Booster fruit. These are explosive pieces which you can detonate by double-tapping on them, or by matching them with another piece on the board. Plarium likes to keep it simple, and that means your Booster’s power will be contingent on the number of fruit that you had matched, so if you created your Booster with six or seven fruits of the same kind, you could wreak a lot of havoc on the boards.

As each level in the game has its share of objectives, you can use Boosters to clear more of them, while also helping you clear a board with less moves. But there’s much more to that, as you’ll find out in our very next tip.

2. How Does The Crazy Orange Work?

Now when it comes to “rage meters” in mobile games, you will usually see them in fighting games. But Family Zoo: The Story has a “rage meter” of its own, and it has something to do with the Crazy Orange. With each explosion you set off with your Boosters, you’ll be charging the rage meter (or insanity meter?) on the bottom right of your screen. Fill that meter up and you can use the Crazy Orange — this is the game’s equivalent of a rainbow piece, and if you match it with any type of fruit, you will remove all fruits of that type instantly. It’s an interesting twist to an old Match 3 standby, and we can definitely commend Plarium for their relative originality.

3. Take Note Of Your Objectives

As we mentioned above, each of the Match 3 levels you play in this game come with objectives. You will obviously need to read these objectives carefully and keep them in mind as you play, as that could save you a lot of time, but mainly save you a lot of moves, as you don’t have any time limits to worry about here, per usual. For example, the game might ask you to match so many fruits of one kind, explode a given number of boosters, or match pieces in order to remove the grass. The objectives will always vary, and you should make sure you’re working toward completing them. There’s no rush to do so anyway — once again, you don’t have time limits, just move limits!

4. Use All Your Lives In One Swoop

Renovating your Family Zoo will require tickets, and that would mean playing the Match 3 levels and completing as many of them as you could if you’ve got all your lives intact. As the number of tickets required to complete a task goes up progressively, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from completing more Match 3 levels. Use all your lives right away, because when you do run out, you can let them regenerate automatically while tending to your zoo and taking care of managerial matters.

5. The To Do List Contains Your ‘Quests’

You know how in RPGs and in many other games, you have “quests” to complete, in order to set you on the right path and guide you there if you ever got lost. Family Zoo: The Story’s version of this is the To Do list, as it doubles as a way to keep you up to speed, or to set you right back to the correct track if you got lost at any point. Keep working on the items in this list, and don’t worry about prioritizing each task — the main thing should be unlocking Enclosures, which, as you may have gleaned, are very important to anyone trying to rebuild or reclaim a family zoo.

That’s all for now folks, as far as our Family Zoo: The Story tips and tricks are concerned. If you have anything to add, be sure to leave us a message in the comments!

Leyla Rattray

Friday 4th of June 2021

How do I pass level 2102 its impossible been on it for weeks, tried everything this is family zoo story.


Friday 4th of May 2018

how do you do level 327