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Fable Age Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Fable Age, which was developed by Blue Tea Games, is one of a growing number of games that blends vintage Match 3 gaming with aspects from other genres. In this game, you get to control a number of fictional heroes, such as King Arthur, Aladdin, and Robin Hood, and in terms of gameplay, there doesn’t seem to be much to it – match three or more gems, with a match of four or more translating to a combo hit. But there are also strategic and role-playing game elements to consider and when you add it all up, this title isn’t your average Match 3 game for iOS. So with that in mind, we are now bringing you these Fable Age cheats and strategies to help you better your game.

1. Focus On Team Play

When talking about the RPG elements of Fable Age, you should remember that the game is based on team play, and not on the play of any one character. What you want to do here is to focus on improving your entire team, meaning everyone on it and not just one character alone. And when it comes to power-ups (potions and elixirs), you should also use them on your team, and not forget about them even if they’re not kept together with the books.

2. How To Level Up Properly?

It’s more than just ensuring that all your team members are sufficiently leveled up. You should also consider elements, and how they work against any given enemy. So when time comes for you to level up your characters, make sure that you’ve got at least two to three team members per element leveled up. This will keep you prepared for any type of enemy you encounter in this game.

3. The Boss Must Be Leveled Up First And Foremost

Yes, we did say that you should level everyone up. We did say that you should keep elements in mind when leveling up. But at the end of the day, there should be one character leveled up with better skills, and more frequently than everyone else, and that’s the “boss” of your team.

4. Use Your Gems For Special Characters

Special characters in Fable Age are stronger than the common ones, so if you really need to spend your gems, meaning the game’s premium currency, you want those gems to go toward spinning for rare characters. This will help ensure that you’ve got the strongest team possible.

5. Ditch Your Weaker Characters

Once you’ve got some rare heroes on your team, you can go ahead and do away with one-star or two-star characters. Why is this so? It’s easy – these weaker characters, no matter how often you level them up, will ultimately be inferior when compared to your rare characters.

6. Save Your Big Combos For Boss Battles

There may be some combos, such as nine- or ten-piece combos, that won’t hit directly. You’ll want to save these for boss battles, as they’ll work by recharging your health quickly and forming cascade runs that make your attacks stronger.