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ENYO Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Help You Conquer All the Dungeons

A Roguelike, turn-based strategy gaming experience on the screen of your smartphone; ENYO brings all this and more to the palm of your hand. The game has been developed by Tinytouchtales and offers pretty much everything that a fan of strategy and tactical gaming could dream of. ENYO is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store. The game delivers decent graphics with an engaging gameplay experience in a very reasonable size of only 86.9MB. ENYO is also highly rated on the App Store since its release on 31 August 2016 which just goes to show the rapid increase in its popularity in the gaming category.

ENYO is basically a turn-based move strategy game which involves players in a battlefield themed board. The board is the same for each level and the only difference is the arrangement of your enemies and obstacles. As the game is based upon the story of a Greek goddess “ENYO”, the game employs lava pits of burning fire and spike walls as objects of destruction in the levels. To get you further integrated into the story of the Greek goddess, the game operates on a Roguelike method. This means that you will have to crawl your way out of many dungeons, battling monsters and defeating bosses along the way until you can reach the end prize which is your salvation.

ENYO is not a game to be taken lightly. Since the very first level, you are thrown into the midst of formidable enemies and entrapping obstacles. Even if you do manage to clear the first few levels using the free boosts and abilities provided to you during the explanatory tutorials, it will be very difficult for you to progress much further without any extra help. The Greek Gods have favored you in this situation as this guide contains the necessary tips that you need to know while playing the game. Follow these with a staunch heart and passionate mind to rise above the perils of the dark dungeons and become the Hero of your people.

1. Make The Right Move

ENYO is a game that is all about strategy and tactical planning to always stay one step ahead of the enemy. As this is a turn-based game, any move that you make will have consequences on the entire game that executes afterwards as a result. You also have to keep in mind that while you are making a move, the enemy is also simultaneously moving its pieces on the battlefield. Think of it as a game of chess. If you make one wrong move, you cannot go back and you are left only with regret and sorrow.

Similarly, ENYO is very unforgiving in the sense that if you do make the wrong move and end up getting trapped, then it is most likely game over for you. Also, because you control only one main character on the board, there is no alternative option left for you but to battle it out against nerve racking odds. Therefore, it is advised to take your time and calculate the apparent movement of your enemy before making a move. A hasty decision will lead you to nowhere but regret so avoid acting on a whim and trust your instinct to make the best move to counteract your enemy at all times.

2. Learn To Use Your Abilities

The Roguelike elements of ENYO allow you to play with fire and thorns. Despite being a fiendishly difficult game, especially for beginners in this genre, ENYO does give you some reprieve by allowing a wide weapon array to be at your disposal during the levels. There are four main abilities that the game allows you to use and each can be used only once while performing a move, so think wisely before trying out a random ability based on chance alone.

3. The Shield Bash Combo

The “Shield Bash” is a well balanced defensive as well as offensive target ability. Not only does the move protect you from enemy attacks, it also allows you to push them away in the direction you are facing, away from you. The defensive importance of this ability comes into play when you are backed into a corner without any escape plan on your hands. A simple shield bash will help clear the enemies standing in your path and you can move out during your next turn. For use of its aggressive nature, you need to activate the shield bash when an enemy is in-line with a lava pit or spiked wall. The shield will ram your targeted enemy, pushing it to its destruction.

4. Hook Your Enemies To Their Death

The “Hook Ability” is the best offensive weapon you have in ENYO. You are alone in the dungeons without a sword or other weapon of any sort. In such times of peril, the “Hook” comes into play as a trusty extension of your arm. Operating it is simple but learning the timing to activate it is a necessary task. Whenever an enemy is in line of your “Hook” and there is a lava pit or spiked wall behind you, you can activate the “Hook” to drag that enemy towards and behind you into the fire or spikes. Always remember to time your hooks correctly so that they land on the enemy. If you miss, the “Hook” has a long cool down time and it will lead to much frustration on your part.

5. Escaping Is Always A Good Option

Did you trap yourself between a Medusa and a Minotaur? No need to get scared and frustrated. An easy way to get out of such situations is to use the “Throw” and “Jump/Stun Leap” abilities that the game has granted you. The “Jump” button alternates between “Jump” mode and “Stun Leap” mode with the latter being much more useful. When trapped between two high level enemies, the best option is to escape first and then use your new vantage point to strike at them again. Using “Stun Leap” will disable the enemy (if there is one) at the location that you land. This disable effect buys you some more time to think about your next move. The “Jump” button does exactly what it says and allows you to jump to a specific new location depending upon the availability of free tiles on the game board. Use these escape abilities wisely and you will never be trapped again!