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EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Maximizing Your Fighters to Win Through Fight Cards

EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 takes you into the world of professional mixed martial arts by putting you in command of athletes competing at the highest level of the sport. You must utilize each fighter’s move set fluently as you are permanently pressed against time to get that knockout or submission win. Each finish you achieve, every fight card you triumph in is all for reputation and improvement of your very own fight camp.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 guide

This installment of EA Sports UFC Mobile is a much more polished version of its predecessor. Showcasing a better sensible gameplay path, cosmetics, and much more play routes – enough to satisfy your mobile fighting games hunger. It is one of the countless sport games in Electronic Arts’ successful mobile apps library.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 home menu

Like what is always true in EA Sports games, you can expect a clean layout, straightforward UI options (nothing is crisscrossing from one section to another), and well-placed heavy aesthetics (usually just photos of the characters) where nothing is overlapping.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 fight ui

EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 utilizes a clean combat UI, absent of directional buttons or tap zone indicators. The tutorial phase covers all the commands and there are only six.

For offense, you have the following:

1) Tapping will throw a light strike and repeatedly doing so will execute a light combo.

2) Swiping right will execute a medium strike; consecutive swipes will prompt a medium combo. Throwing a medium strike when outside the striking range will make your fighter dash forward to deliver a blow, eliminating “safe distance.”

3) Swiping upwards commits your fighter to throw a heavy strike; multiple swipes will make you perform a heavy combo.

Throwing the same strike type can chain up to 3 hits on its own. These actions are your primary offensive tools.

4) The dedicated signature move button. This function will “light up” when available and that is if you have landed and absorbed a certain amount of strikes to fill the Stamina bar. Special moves of fighters vary, so as their ideal usage and timing. It can be in form of a big strike, a clinch attack, or a takedown leading to ground and pound strikes or submission attempt; it all depends on how a fighter is programmed.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 ability ready

As for defense. You have the options below:

1) Holding or long pressing at left side of the screen will prompt your fighter to cover up. All strikes absorbed while blocking will be totally negated or, should they inflict damage, will be reduced. A fighter’s ability to block will be limited as the guard is meant to break at some point (after about 4 to 5 strikes).

2) Swiping left at the left side of the screen will cause your fighter to backpedal. Doing so will move you away from immediate striking range. You can only backpedal up to a certain distance; repeatedly issuing the backpedal command will cause your fighter to weave his/her head backwards if you have already created the max allowed distance. Well-timed use of this function will let you evade incoming strikes or parry when up close.

Developing the discernment on when to use those six commands is the heart of winning. In this guide, our aim is to help you sharpen your decision making when it’s best to throw which strike (for offense and counters) and when to switch to defense.

Note that all strike types can only register up to three consecutive times for each type. Your fighter will take a brief pause after you have landed three consecutive strikes of a particular type.

Maybe, you’re wondering why our advanced guide is iterating something meant for beginners – the controls. The explanation is simple: it is the way to get good.

In this note, we’d like to underscore the importance of mastering strikes, timing, and your ability to read the fight as it happens. Let’s jump into the key details first.

1. Being On Point With The Parameters

Since this is an advanced guide for EA Sports UFC Mobile 2, we assume that you have already played the game and your focus is solely to accept each fight and get things done ASAP. However, there are some important details that is best to be aware of before a fight, during a fight, and what affects the post-fight score tally.

Time Limit

Each fight is given a time limit of 1 minute and 30 seconds (across all modes). Within the period, you should be able to finish your opponent; otherwise, you’d suffer a decision loss.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 time limit

Since the fights purely revolve around striking, your focus then is to out-land your opponents. You only have 90 seconds to chop down the opposing fighter’s health bar, therefore it is of utmost importance to land quality strikes in a short time frame.

Regardless how much you have out-struck your opponents and how little HP remains in their bar, if you are unable to put them out within the time limit, you will suffer a decision loss. If such happens, you can simply opt to proceed with a rematch. While energy is easy to come by (through leveling up and Energy Tokens) and its supply is practically near-infinite, it still better to be efficient. After all, why spend twice the energy dealing with just one foe if you can get it done in one go?

With how things are programmed, you’ll see that fights aren’t meant to last long. A bout between two fighters with almost identical power ratings can end in just a matter of 7 to 9 full combo sequences. The time element mainly acts as a restriction in boss battles – the final opponent in each fight card – because the fighter you’ll go up against have twice the power rating of those in the undercards and they rock a ton of health. If you’re just at par with the undercard opponents, the boss (most of the time) will have 3x your HP or even more.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 boss hp

Your means to offset the health differential is putting up an insane workrate and land multiple combos in quick succession. You don’t have the privilege of time to wait and see; you simply have to put on the pressure. With enough patience and killer instinct, victory is attainable.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 boss victory

Energy Spend

Taking a fight costs energy and the amount consumed varies across modes. In seasonal events (i.e., every major UFC card with a title fight, Chinese New Year, Halloween, etc.), the cost is 10 energy per fight. In other modes across the Events cluster (Campaign, Mc Gregor challenges, styles training, and Training Gym), the cost is 15 energy per bout.

Like hinted in the previous sub-section, spending energy in rematches is not much of an issue. If your current energy falls below the standard max amount of your account level, you will regenerate 1 energy per minute. The supply is almost inexhaustible because you will gain a truck load of energy when your account levels up. If you constantly play, you wouldn’t even notice it.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 level up rewards

Most of the time, your opponents would have a higher health pool than you, even if you pit a fighter with a power rating and style advantage. Treat this as the game’s application of balance and the element of challenge. What’s good, however, is that, you possess a better workrate potential than the AI. It’s all up to you then to capitalize on your sentient abilities to topple whoever is in your way.                                                                     

ea sports ufc mobile 2 hp fact

Shall you need more energy, you can purchase more from the market using Energy Tokens. These tokens are one of the high-chance loots when you use your Victory Packs to draw items. You can always ‘store’ energy above your current account level’s limit, so consuming those tokens really has no ideal timing.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 energy token

Matchup Preview

The match-up preview is the interface where you choose which fighter from your team you are assigning for a match. In the central panel, you’ll see the power favor gauge, the health pool of the competitors, their ratings in their respective fighting styles (including bonus and penalty applications for stylistic advantages), the heal option (which will be available if your chosen fighter has at least 1 health point missing), and the energy cost for the match.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 pre-fight

Treat the power gauge in the same way you’ll treat an odds forecast in betting, the needle is meant to point towards the fighter who’s better on paper. The favor is simply meant to be on the side of the competitor with a higher health total and power rating. In the image above, since Justin Gaethje has a higher power rating and better health pool, the odds are in our favor. Note that stylistic advantages and disadvantages are factored in the power ratings in the preview phase.

Don’t be discouraged if you are the underdog (or when the gauge shows you’re at a disadvantage) because like in actual MMA, upsets are absolutely possible. You just got to have a better workrate than your opponent; land more hits while avoiding to be hit as much as possible, a concept true to every combat sport.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 pre-fight underdog

However, in the event that the needle is at the red sector at your opponent’s side, heed the warning; it will be an uphill battle. In such cases, you’d be better off using a fighter in your team with a higher power rating, if there’s any available.

The preview holds more importance when you’re taking on an opponent for the second time (or you lose the first attempt) as it will show the remaining health of the other fighter. This phase lets you decide who you wish to take care of the unfinished business. If your previous fighter only got beat due to fight time expiry and still has ample health to take the fight, it may be smart to use him again.

On the contrary, if the opponent still has a substantial amount of health and you feel that your defeated fighter has a bad chance for a rematch, then it’s best to use another fighter who’s healthy enough for the challenge.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 rematch gamble

On a related note, if the opponent is nearly done, you can gamble by reviving the defeated fighter and set him on a rematch. By nearly done, we mean that your opponent is just a few strikes away from being put out. In the image above, Dominick Cruz narrowly escaped defeat from our Louis Smolka. Reviving brings a downed fighter back with 20% health. We used Revive and was able to land a clean combo in the rematch, closing the unfinished business.

Based on the remaining health of your fighters, you may sometimes see a status indicator on their portraits that says “injured” coupled by a life bar that is expressed as orange. Our suggestion is don’t be bothered by it; there is no actual injury that will affect the fighter’s performance. It is simply a marker that signifies that a fighter’s health pool is below 50% of the max value. If the fighter’s health is below 25%, the bar will instead be red.

Post-Fight Tally

The fight recap is a commonly-ignored screen because let’s face it, the tapping momentum during the match may have not left your fingers yet. After all, the match is done anyway and it’s only natural to look forward to the next one. However, if you’re the stats-conscious type, here is where you can cherish the fight’s outcome (if you won) or ponder what you lacked (if you lost).

ea sports ufc mobile 2 recap

There are four contributors to the score:

Offensive – this will show the extra score you have earned by successfully executing a signature move. It’s basically extra 100 points per consumed stamina bar. This means that if you land a 1-bar signature move twice, there will be extra 200 here. In the same way, if you landed a 2-bar signature move once, there will be 200 points.

Defensive – in our multiple permutations to try how this stat works, we have unfortunately failed to register a score here. We have intentionally turtled up in some matches (some we won, some we lost) and yet, despite the numerous strikes we have blocked and parried, we can’t get to register anything for this criteria. This is, perhaps, one of the details of the game that the devs are yet to work on.

Health Bonus – the score here will be proportionate to how much health you have left after the match. If you’re defeated, of course, it will be a zero. This score, however, does not really check how clean you have been for the match; it instead checks your current HP vs your max HP.

If your match was flawless but you have used a pre-damaged fighter (i.e., sustained hits in a previous match within the same fight card), this score will not be at the max value (1000). Nothing much to be worried about because post-fight scores does not affect the coins and Account XP you receive for winning.

Time Bonus – this one starts at 500 and basically deducts a set amount depending on how long the match took. The most feasible, optimal output here is just 450 and you can achieve that by closing the match within just 10 seconds.

If you wish to dig into more details on how your fight went, tapping the More Info will give you a breakdown on how the damage instances and attempts were managed.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 overall score

In the image above, the overall score states that our Health Bonus is only at 900. This is because we got hit a couple of times bringing our health down between 90 to 95 percent. We can deduct from the image below that our opponent threw 4 strikes; we were unable to defend 2 core strikes and we were able to parry the other 2.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 more info

The More Info view is more than just a score vanity feature. It will tell how many core strikes a particular fighter of yours need to land in order to beat an opponent rocking a certain health pool. It may be a give or take value if ever you will factor any stylistic advantage or disadvantage.

For the case in point, our fighter had to land 17 core strikes to defeat an opponent with 774 HP that holds neither a stylistic advantage nor disadvantage. The sheer difference on the connected strikes’ volume underscore the very essence of winning: outworking your opponents.                                      

ea sports ufc mobile 2 preview recap

Now that you’re aware of the subtle matters you can check for in a match, it’s time to hop right into the heart of this article’s purpose: clinching fight cards.

2. Fighting 101

MMA is all about focusing on yourself and the other guy across the cage, what you can do to inflict damage while avoiding damage as much as possible. This, perhaps, is the truest element of MMA that EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 has captured. There are other bonus factors (like mini-heals and bleed effects) that affects each fighter’s ability to deal damage and stay in the fight, but they all get overshadowed by the simple rule of just simply ‘banging it out’.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 just bang

But before you bang with reckless abandon, it would be perfect to be truly familiar with the strikes, what they can do and their functions, both explicit and implicit. Strap up, here we go!

Knowing The Strikes

In fighting, the main goal in EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 is to out-strike your opponents. This is why it is crucial to know all strikes like the back of your hand. Fighters are outfitted with their own unique strike combos ranging from kicks, punches, spinning back fists, knee strikes, and creative variations of the aforementioned. Plenty as they are, they are however categorized into just three: light, medium, and heavy. This section is meant to digest each in detail.

Leveraging Light Strikes

Light strikes deal the least damage and barely charges the signature move bar (Stamina) after each hit. They, however, have plenty of uses.


As they are the quickest to execute, light strikes also connect the fastest. With a light, you stand a good chance of making contact first before your opponent does, meaning you can interrupt whatever strike your foe is about to throw if you do it at the right moment.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 light breaks med
Dodson dashed with a medium and we’re able to time a light strike to stop him.

Their quick nature also makes them handy for disrupting the rhythm of your opponent. If your foe is firing a flurry and you incessantly get staggered, forcing to throw a light strike is often a more effective way to address their aggression instead of spamming the backpedal command or blocking. It may also invoke a turning point moment (this is seen as a text pop-up while in combat) which signals a good chance for you to turn the offensive tide around.

In conjunction to rhythm interruption, a light strike also lets you parry off an incoming strike (if timed right). It is a quicker, easier alternative than timing a swipe left (which also lets you parry). The game signals a prime moment to parry by showing an exclamation mark on top of your fighter.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 parry chance

Combo Extension

Another viable usage of a light strike is when opening, closing, or reopening a combo sequence. If you do “pure” combos, you can only land up to three strikes. A fighter experiences a brief pause after completing a combo. This is how EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 was designed. However, the inherent nature of light strikes offers a way to override such design.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 mmm

The image above shows how your fighter stands after committing to a full medium combo. You can see that the space separating the fighters is too small. Taking the brief pause into account, you can either opt to backpedal to re-create space (to avoid retaliation) or to keep pressing on with another combo (in hopes to prevent your opponent to strike back). Continuously pressing forward is always a viable option, but if there’s a way to string more than 3 consecutive strikes, why not take it, right?

If the first and second strikes of the sequence are mediums, opting to go light for the third strike can open the possibility of ‘extending’ the combo. The image below shows the distance between the fighters after you have done a medium-medium-light combo. Note that there is a bigger space. This space buys you enough time to land a heavy (or even complete a pure heavy combo), thus breaking the three-strikes-only limit.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 mml

This, however, is exclusively applicable if the tail (or the end sequence) light strike is a punch. A punch ensures that your fighter stands upright and just within the range fit to land an uppercut.                                             
Note that not all fighters are designed to end with a punch in their light strike kit. Some fighters close a light sequence with a low kick (which has a very limited range) or a capoeira kick  (which has the same range issues and a longer animation recovery time) and they simply cannot set-up longer combos.

Gap Management

If the opponent is ripe for a finish and you wish to use a signature move to close the fight (to earn bonus points in Offensive), you can cut a bit of the space by throwing a light strike then proceed with the special ability command.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 ripe for finish

This is particularly conducive if you still have a huge health buffer (meaning, you’d still be fine in case you get countered or your ability misses) or if a gap-closing medium strike would put the opponent out. Light strikes covers the same amount of distance as heavy strikes do, but the heavies – due to the longer animation swing – renders you much vulnerable. Parrying and throwing a light strike is both issued by a quick tap, therefore, in case your opponent rushes in for a swing, you stand a chance to parry and be unscathed in that exchange.

Okay, so light strikes deal damage and can be a defensive tool too. Sounds good, yeah? You’re probably thinking about “light spamming” which is a trick viable in some games (like For Honor – PC). It may give you some success, but their low damage nature means that you need a huge deal of time to chunk at your opponent’s health pool. As previously mentioned, if you are unable to finish your foe within the given time, you automatically lose by decision even if you have a higher health percentage or actual HP left.

The usual scenario when fighting the boss in a fight card is that you are behind by an enormous power rating margin. The high rating of bosses means that they have more HP than you; way more. At times it can even be triple of yours. Again, we stress that they are still beatable with ample skill and patience. But, even with perfect patience, relying purely on light strikes, is utterly inefficient.

Maximizing The Medium Strikes

Medium strikes, simply put, is the most reliable strike type in EA Sports UFC Mobile 2. In contrast to light strikes, you can actually win by just throwing mediums, provided that you do it with proper discipline. By this, we mean you must know when to stop spamming them. Remember, your opponent is as equally equipped as you are; your next set of mediums may be met with your foe’s own medium arsenal. Also, all it takes is one quick light strike to put you off, especially if it happens during the brief pause. As such, it still advised to use them with proper discretion and be aware of their best applications.


If you have just landed a medium strike, it means that you are at the comfortable range to land other strike types (including special moves as long as it’s a strike). Use it liberally as an initiation tool to pull off normal or extended combos.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 medium entry
The faint, blue circle at Diaz’ torso shows that our initiating medium strike landed clean.

We believe this is the right spot in this guide to share a combo we have devised: medium-medium-light-heavy-heavy-heavy

The two mediums in this extended combo sequence ensures that your opponent remains staggered and ‘ready’ to eat a light strike, which – as we have mentioned previously – acts as a combo extender. The heavies that will follow may not connect entirely, as it can be influenced by the knockback distance of the light (which varies from fighter to fighter) or if the tail heavy is awkward to land (e.g., a cartwheel kick or a spinning strike).

Note that the game will recognize the number of times you issued a strike command. If in your haste you have swiped right three consecutive times, the light may not register or may be delayed due to the programmed brief pause. Therefore, you should perform combos with discipline.

Gap Elimination

The tutorial phase introduces the medium strikes’ ability to close the distance. If you backpedaled to get to a safe distance, you can go immediately go back to striking range simply by throwing a medium. Knowing this, if you see your opponent miss a strike while you’re out of range or when you’re backpedaling, going for a medium at that moment will almost always guarantee you will land a clean blow. From there you can proceed to complete a combo.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 dash

Mediums have a decent a landing speed and work decently on blocks, if you’ve performed a medium combo from a dash and the opponent blocked it, you can either begin another combo or backpedal to reestablish distance. Choosing to backpedal would be wise if your medium strike lands while your opponent is blocking. If the damage from your mediums are fully mitigated, your opponent won’t be staggered and would be able to unleash right back at you. Again, observe discipline.


While we don’t encourage you to embrace the good ol’ trick that is button-mashing, we just have to reiterate it within the same sub-section that you can win purely with mediums (because it is what is). Mashing mediums puts tremendous pressure on your opponents up until they’re backed up against the cage.

Because they close gaps and can be stringed swiftly on their own, medium strikes have the best time-for-damage ratio; in a perfect world, that is. As hinted earlier, one light strike can stop your momentum and the game has a safeguard against cage pressure.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 forced push

When a fighter has no more space to be knocked back to, a forced push will be done overriding all stagger effects. When this happens, the smarter option is to backpedal one more time and be on guard for a bit. If your opponents throws short and misses, just hit a medium again to resume regular spam programming.

Be Ready To Throw Heavy

Heavy strikes are tricky to land, but they deal the most damage. Most fighters’ heavy sequence opens with a rear-hand uppercut which is visibly slower. Heavies, like light strikes also lets you move a bit closer to your opponent as you strike.

If you’re at dashing range and you begin to open a heavy combo, the first strike would widely miss, but the second one may land as the gap was ‘helped’ to be closed by the previous strike. Like all combos, if you have spam-issued a strike command, it would be executed accordingly regardless if you make contact with a target or not.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 tj heavy catch
 We managed to time a missed heavy shot from Dodson and catch him with our own heavy when he attempted a second one.

The slow nature of heavy strikes renders you vulnerable to quicker strikes while mid-swing. We’re not totally dismissing it as a combo opener; it could work. However, it is better to throw a heavy strike when you have landed something else prior. As the preset moves of each fighter varies, it is circumstantial. For some fighters, after throwing two mediums, you can proceed to a full heavy combo or at least close with a heavy strike.

In our bid to land a second heavy shot, Assuncao caught us with a faster-landing (medium) strike.

We generally encourage you to only throw heavies if you’re using it as a combo closer or if you are going for the extended combo.

Set-up Your Signature Moves

We’ll keep this one short, use your fighters’ signature moves whenever available. Signature moves/special ability/showstoppers deal a ton of damage which essentially lets you shorten the fight in your favor or to mount a comeback if you’re behind.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 signature moves

Just keep in mind, though, that like ordinary attacks, they too can miss and be interrupted. Read their descriptions to learn about them (My Camp > select fighter > Fighter Details > Fighter Kit) and be observant on how your fighter executes them.

If a fighter’s special ability is a strike, it is 100% better to incorporate them in a normal combo. For example, instead of hitting triple mediums, go for 2 mediums, then the special ability. On the other hand, if the signature move is a grappling maneuver or ground technique, make sure you’re within distance, else your fighter will grab air.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 signature move grapple

Some grappling techniques are meant to act as counters. Using the ability will get your fighter to assume an open-palms, en garde stance. The move will only take effect if the opponent advances forward with a strike. Otherwise, the en garde stance will expire and the ability would essentially be wasted.

As such, the most optimal place to use this is when the opponent is near the cage because the AI tends to be more eager to strike back when cornered or move forward at least.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 signature move grab

3. Tackling Fight Cards

The entire essence of EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 is winning every fight card you participate in. As you already know, all game modes involve competing in and completing a fight card (if you wish to keep the post-fight rewards). The clean objective, of course, is to beat every fighter up to the boss. At times, though, it is easier said than done.

No matter how much you have trained and leveled up your fighters, their power rating cannot equal that of the final opponent (except at lower levels). With eyes on the goal, you then have to consider the fights you have to get through before reaching the final opponent. Here then are the best considerations you have to keep in mind when tackling a fight card.

Path Diversity

Fight cards vary in form depending on which event they exist in. Some offer multiple paths and each path may require fighters from 2 to 3 different weight classes. Others (like the Training Gym) offers two paths where the set of opponents in one have higher power ratings than the one in the alternative.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 fight card paths

Logically, you should go for the more winnable path, the one with fighters whose ratings are not distant from yours. If ratings are not the issue and it’s the variations instead, your main consideration then is to first take the path with weight classes you have ‘reliable’ fighters in. By reliable, we are referring to the factors below:

– Fighters with the higher ratings, level, and rank (stars) because they would have a higher health and attack power. Fighting as them will offset some of the stats differential as they can absorb and deal more damage.

– Fighters you are comfortable to use; the ones you have seen a good success fighting as. Fortunately, as the rock-paper-scissor element of the game has quite a loop to it, having fighters of different styles will save you from enduring a stylistic disadvantage.

For quick reference, here is the rock-paper-scissor application among the fight styles.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 style rps

Let Lesser Fighters Lead The Way

ea sports ufc mobile 2 4 heavy underdogs

Just like in chess, you open with your pawns. Make your ‘reserve’ fighters or the ones with lower ratings take on the earlier fights. The reason is simple: you’d want to have your best fighter at full or high health for the boss battle. Since bosses have an insane amount of health and huge rating advantage, it’s only right to pit your best fighters against them.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 preserved high rating

Note that, as you progress in EA Sports UFC Mobile 2, the ratings of your opponents increase. As ratings increase, everyone’s base damage climbs up, too. It eventually gets trickier for you to get out of a fight unscathed; you might get tagged with a few shots and those few shots, if you do not have the healing items to spare, would gradually move the needle of odds against you.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 upset

Through execution of careful potshots and hit-and-runs, you can outplay and defeat opponents with twice or thrice the power rating. If the health differential is just too much and your lesser fighter was not able to defeat within time a foe with a much higher HP, it’s all good. You can simply take the rematch using the same fighter until you ‘run out of luck.’

While it is entirely your choice to “put your best food forward” or “save the best for last,” the latter is more advantageous because you can at least ensure that your best fighter has enough HP to tank the hits from the superior would-be foe. The main idea is to distribute the potential damage among your lesser fighters, if possible.

Ride Your Momentum

ea sports ufc mobile 2 momentum

If the first fighter you assign has a move set and strike timings you are already extremely familiar with, you can opt to keep using him/her to clear as much opponents as possible.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 undercard clearance

Bank on your comfort level to take out the undercards. If you’re successful with it, the other fighters in the weight class would then have fresh health bars. Shall you manage to reach the boss, try to do as much damage, before you let any of the lesser fighters step in. This is your way to balance the scales, the more health you can chip off from the boss, the fewer strikes a lesser fighter would need to complete the job

ea sports ufc mobile 2 momentum paid off

In our example here, the boss has 1,251 HP and we have fresh fighters with a health pool that is just about half of the boss’. The theory is to use them to work ‘on installments’ to topple the boss. In a scenario like this, if you are disciplined and skilled enough, who knows, you may only need just one reserve to take the boss out.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 moreno won

Just to clarify, momentum is not an actual stat or bonus; we’re just pertaining to the possibility that you “get in the groove” if you’re able to dominate with just one fighter.

Have The Wisdom Know When To ‘Dismount’ From Your Momentum

ea sports ufc mobile 2 partial clearance

Let’s say that you open a fight card where your best fighter happens to have a stylistic advantage over the first opponent and you clearly dominated; it’s natural to build momentum from the win. However, don’t ignore the opportunity to change fighters, especially if your best one is presented a style counter

ea sports ufc mobile 2 style disadvantage

If he/she gets caught in a few combos, those damage instances may eventually melt your chances to hold your ground well against the boss with a beefy HP. Each fight card is a war of attrition, the damage instances accumulates and there is no natural/passive healing phases in between fights.

Meanwhile, if you have Heals to spare, feel free to use them and keep riding your momentum, but don’t forget that there is an option to dismount from it.

In relation to this, your reserve fighters must have a decent rating so switching back and forth would make more sense. After all, the general rule is to scale up most, if not all, of your fighters as the power rating demand increases latter in the game. Make sure to regularly use the train option (accessible through the My Camp) to improve your main fighters’ level and ranks.

4. Earn From Events And Guild Raids

EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 offers multiple game modes/events where you can burn your generously-supplied energy at (and improve in the game during the process). Before we touch them one by one to tell their differences, we’d like to first state that all of them have uniform rewards which is a set amount of coins, Account XP, and a chance to win a Victory Pack.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 blanket rewards

As for differences, the campaign mode has the longer fight cards with most routes. Advancing through them lets you unlock the next chapter. Upon 100% completion of all chapters, the next stage would then be unlocked.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 events

Up next is the seasonal event which happens when there is a big occasion or a major fight card with a title fight. Accomplishing fight cards will award you with limited tokens that you can trade in the market for some limited edition account vanity objects or valuable resources (coins, training fragments, Fighter Packs). Also, as referred to in an earlier section, the energy cost per match is cheaper.

A regularly changing, but always-present option is the styles training event. The style this event caters to changes every day, cycling through all six styles where the seventh day awards you with fragments of each style’s rank item. This is where we encourage you to prioritize putting your energy and playing hours in, especially if you seek to upgrade (or rank up) a particular fighter of a certain fight style.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 style rank reward

The last one is the Training Gym where each completion awards you with Generic Rank Items, a must have for any rank up actions. It takes little time and effort to at least do the level 1 daily. If you’re motivated enough, you can do the Level 2 as well. Doing both levels daily can net you up to 10 Generic Rank Items a day.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 guild raid

If you want to maximize every outlet where there’s a flow of Account XP, you would want to check out the Raid option. They offer the same, uniform rewards per fight and you can harvest the loot even without completing the entire card (or for this matter, the raid). In this mode, instead of energy, you consume 50 guild tokens per bout.

The replenishment rate is 1 unit per 2 minutes. The good news is, every 24 hours, the guild tokens are replenished, resetting it back to 300 units. The 300 units will let you take on 6 fights and if you wish to fight the boss, you’d need 12. This is very likely the devs’ way of communicating that EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 is ideally played twice a day.

5. Harvest What You Earned

ea sports ufc mobile 2 collectibles

If you grind hard in the multiple events and play daily, be sure to remember to reap the fruits of your labor. You can start the harvest by just focusing on the three buttons at the right side of the screen (which we have labelled with numbers).

1. Vault

ea sports ufc mobile 2 vault

The Vault stores everything you worked hard for. From the Premium and Fighter Packs (which you obtain corresponding fragments when clearing fight cards), Daily Packs, Refresher, etc., just scroll all the way to the right end and see what you can redeem. We’d like to give special emphasis on the 2-star fighter packs because it is where you can bolster a particular weight class you are yet lacking in. The Premium Pack and the 3 and 4-star Fighter Packs will give a totally random fighter, so if you’re prioritizing to strengthen a particular division, go for the 2-star packs and train your fighters up.

If what you get is a duplicate of a fighter you have leveled up and ranked up already, the game will offer a combine option which essentially transfers all level and rank up upgrades to the newer, better one.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 combine

2. Quests

The Quests section is great to be checked every now and then because it gives you valuable resources for any quest you may have unknowingly accomplished already. If you are just super focused on fighting, you’d be surprised by the neat rewards you can get by meeting the quest conditions. The loots here range from valuable fragments, coins, UFC coins, and Battle Pass XP.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 quest sample

3. Objectives

The Objectives is similar to the Quests and follows the same concept; meet the conditions and earn rewards. The two tabs in it can give about every single resource there is in the game. It can even give you precious gifts like the ever-valuable UFC coins (the versatile currency of the game) and Premium/Fighter Packs. Don’t forget to fetch those loots in the Vault after claiming.

6. Notable Fighters

Now that you know where you can certainly obtain fighters from, allows us to share to you the fighters we have acquired and have a good success in fighting as. Everyone we list here has a move set where the combo we devised is applicable for.

Bantamweight  (Women’s)

ea sports ufc mobile 2 claudia gadelha

Claudia Gadelha – The current UFC Women’s Bantamweight champ has a perfect move set. All of her strikes are punches which means that her feet is planted on the ground all the time and her blows take a short animation to complete.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 rose namajunas

Rose Namajunas – Almost as good as Claudia, the only issue is that her tail light strike is a spinning back elbow which has a shorter range and takes a bit more frames to be done. She makes up, however, with a blitz medium strike set in which the third strike, you can opt to switch for a heavy.


ea sports ufc mobile 2 dominic cruz

Dominic Cruz – His light tail strike nicely polishes heavy follow-ups and his signature moves are all grab-based. That means, you don’t need to take up one strike slot to safely unleash it, just stay within range.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 louis smolka

Louis Smolka – One of the fighters fitted with a fluid combo. The high damage of his submission ability can almost assure a submission finish if the opponent is at low health. Additionally, the tail strikes of his medium and heavy combos have a good distance-creating knockback, that sets up a combo extension.


ea sports ufc mobile 2 justin gaethje

Justin Gaethje – It is from using Justin where we devised the combo. The knockback and stagger from his strikes can keep the opponent in range, opening a possibility for long combos. If that’s not enough, his abilities, which are all grab and counter based can meet opponent’s finely in case of a forced push.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 donald cerrone

Donald Ceronne – With a tail medium that keeps him grounded (a knee strike), he is a viable medium masher. His strikes are pretty standard too, nothing to flashy and awkward or tricky to land.


ea sports ufc mobile 2 brad tavares

Brad Tavares – Outfitted like Claudia Gadelha, most of his attacks are punches which makes his entire arsenal pretty easy to string together.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 jorge masvidal

Jorge Masvidal Everyone’s default fighter is the perfect medium masher. The time in between his medium strikes are spaced nicely and the combo-closer knee strike applies knockback pressure and stagger. Once the medium opener lands clean, you can practically rake your opponents in, rinsing and repeating the combo until your opponent is pressed against the cage. During which, you just got to re-create the distance by backpedaling and proceed to chop your opponent down again.


ea sports ufc mobile 2 stipe miocic

Stipe Miocic – Probably the most accurately replicated fighter in EA Sports UFC Mobile 2. His quick punches in real life are present in his virtual version. His light strikes are super-fast which means you can parry your way out of a bad spot.

ea sports ufc mobile 2 alexander  gustaffson

Alexander Gustaffson – He has good “mini” pauses in between his strikes that you can practically land 7 or more strikes if you mix things up correctly. He also has one of the best ranges in the division. His superman punch ability is also convenient to connect.

At this point we have already shared the realities of the combat proper, the logical way to approach a boss fight/finish a fight card, the events to prioritize for rank progression, resource gathering, and the fighters we favor, we are now closing our EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 guide.

We hope we’re able to impart to you substantial knowledge on how you should perceive the game and the multiple options it offers. If you happened to have devised a combo of your own, feel free to share it to our community. After all, the game has no PVP feature, so there’s zero chance your own brainchild will be used against you. Let’s all help each other to keep improving!

ea sports ufc mobile 2 tj wins

We feel like it is important to share another matter. In the dozens of hours we spent to advance in the game, we have encountered a few bugs and the biggest of them is the role reversal bug. The bug shifts your fighter to the right side and the damage your strikes does essentially becomes damage you inflict to yourself.

If you’ve ever experienced this, quickly close the game instance and rerun the game. It will however auto-forfeit whichever match you were in, so you might be forced to pop a Revive and a few heals to overturn the unwarranted defeat. That’s all for now, as far as our EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 guide is concerned. We truly hope you enjoyed your time reading this article. Claim that KO or submission win for the community and for your camp’s bragging rights!


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