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Duskwood Episode 4 Walkthrough

The stakes are higher with some of our friends in imminent danger. Here’s the full walkthrough/playthrough of Duskwood’s 4th episode.

Duskwood Episode Four

duskwood episode 4
Not you too!

There’s nothing we can do for Dan, so focus your efforts on Cleo. Shoot her a message and return to the hacker.

The hacker is right – sharing this video is more dangerous than hiding it. We can’t tell anyone about this video as it would both compromise our position and possibly frighten everyone out of the investigation. I chose to trust the hacker and not send the video.

Now that we’re out of panic mode, it’s time to analyze the video in greater depth.

duskwood dissect
  • The unknown caller is telling you to back off. It sounds like they’re getting more desperate.
  • The unknown caller didn’t reveal themselves. They’re not about to start a confrontation.

One more thing you can glean from this – Dan is not the unknown caller.

Before you get decrypting, check in on Thomas and Cleo’s DMs.

A Looming Threat

Cleo will jump back into the group chat with a video. Said video is locked behind the multimedia pack, but it’s presumably like the threatening video we got at the end of episode 3, with some slight differences.

Richy will attempt to backtrack the number, but it will just lead to a public service number. And while you have every opportunity to keep mum about seeing the first video, you’ll eventually be backed into a corner where you have to say you saw the video.

duskwood beans
OH, NOW Lilly says something.

Thankfully, Cleo is fine, and that’s the important thing. She’ll also reveal that the reason she went into the forest in the first place is because of Alfie’s story. Cleo will also come to the same conclusion as the hacker: this video is an attempt to scare everyone out of the investigation, and she’s not going to stop. Keep talking to the group until you learn that Jessy is in the hospital looking after Dan.

Switch back to the hacker. As another person in the group was sent a video, the hacker will conclude that it was just an attempt to scare you off.

duskwood sus
I could have just said that from the very beginning.

You’ll then move over to the topic of the J.H. bracelet, and the possibility that Jessy is the one behind all this. I don’t think it’s possible for one simple reason: the call about Dan’s accident came from Jessy’s house, while the threatening call came from the forest.

While I don’t believe that Jessy was the culprit, we do need to get to the bottom of the bracelet mystery.

Jessy’s Absence

Jessy will send a DM, saying that Dan was fighting for his life all night, but he’s now stable. You can be a huge prick and attack Dan and Jessy for what happened, but why would you do that?

Conclude by asking Jessy if she’s read the group chat – she’ll reply she has, and that the whole situation is a never-ending nightmare.

duskwood jessy and richy

Snoop in on Jessy and Richy’s DMs. She’ll ask if he’s doing alright, and he’ll kid around with her a bit. As Richy doesn’t have much work today, he’ll send you a DM soon after.

The House in the Woods

Richy will tell you one of Duskwood’s most important dares:

There is a house deep in Duskwood’s forests. A strange, old house with barred windows, locked doors, and mysterious lights at night. At night, a single challenger must follow the path beside the motel until they reach the house. They must knock on the house’s door three times, then head back. However, the challenger must walk back the entire way, and not once are they allowed to look behind them.

duskwood dare
If you turn around, you’ll start hearing boss music.

Richy will then relay his own experience with the dare. During his run of the dare, Richy’s knocks caused the door to open; however, he stuck to his guns and didn’t look behind him. Or so he says.

I’ll have to do a bit of backtracking here – it’s likely I misinterpreted what Jessy meant about Richy back when the story of the faceless man first came up.

Richy’s experience didn’t end there though. Normally, kids who do the dare have their friends waiting for them at the end of the path. But in Richy’s case, no one was there – because they were hiding in the bushes for one last jumpscare.

The reason Richy is telling you all this is that he’s in the forest right now, heading to the house. He doesn’t know what he expects to find, only that his instincts are telling him to go. Alas, even three knocks on the house door yield nothing.

However, the return does reveal something sinister: a sign of the raven on the wall of Richy’s shop, written in blood.

The Return of a Legend

Return to the Legends of Duskwood group chat. Jessy will be understandably alarmed at the sign.

duskwood raven
It’s high time.

The presence of the sign of the raven means that someone is using the urban legend to further their agenda. It’s time to bring the legend to the attention of the entire friend group.

Switch to the main group chat. Go through the dialogue to get everyone on board with the legend of the faceless man. And while it doesn’t mean that the legend is true, the intent is the same as the videos – someone is trying to scare you.

duskwood fight
Fine, I’ll just close the game 😊

Lilly will call for your expulsion from the group. Seems like the kidnapper won at least one person over. She’ll give an ultimatum – anyone who sides with you is against her. And right now, you need to make your case via some decrypting.

The Breaking of The Fellowship?

Thankfully, the rest of the group will vouch for you – after all, you were there, and you kept looking even after everything went to the crapper. And if you did get kicked out, there would be no game!

The vote will end on 2 -2: Cleo and Jessy on your side, and Thomas and Lilly against you. Richy will abstain from the vote since he can’t decide between your invaluable connection to the hacker and Hannah’s sister.

duskwood abstain
I will find Abstain and make them see reason!

You’ll need one more vote to break the tie – and that’s Dan’s vote. Unfortunately, Dan is in the hospital – and everyone will get a message from the hacker, vouching for your importance.

Switch back to the hacker – you can thank them for their assistance or tell them it wasn’t necessary. I do think it was heavy-handed, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

The hacker will give you a new tool to help in your investigation: the map.

duskwood map
Here! Is the map. Where, do you wish to gooo?

At the moment, the map has two tacks: one is the dare house, at the lower left, and the other is the souvenir shop, which just takes you to the actual Duskwood website for news and merch. We can also deduce the location of the motel, thanks to Richy’s story. As you get more information, the map will add details and tacks.

Once that’s done, the hacker will ask you to press Jessy about the bracelet.


Switch to your DMs with Jessy, where she’ll request you ask the hacker to stop snooping in on private conversations.

duskwood jessy 2
Like I said…

Jessy will deny giving Hannah the bracelet, even saying pointing out (rather correctly) that she’s hardly the only person with those initials. Jessy will also understandably be annoyed by the hacker’s consistent presence and log off shortly.

Return to the hacker and discuss whether you think Jessy gave the bracelet or not – I voted no. The hacker will posit a new theory: Thomas is the kidnapper/killer, with the following scenario:

Assume Hannah was seeing someone else. Since Thomas took the bracelet from her apartment, it’s clear he knew about it for a while. Cleo mentioned that the two had a major argument. Perhaps this argument escalated into something deadly. Finally, Thomas was worried about getting caught after the body was found, so he ran to the apartment to steal the bracelet to hide his motive for murder.

duskwood hack
We’re one step ahead.

However, one thing doesn’t make sense in this scenario: the body isn’t Hannah’s. This theory doesn’t make sense, but if you haven’t already been doing so, it’s a clear invitation to start eliminating possible suspects based on the evidence you have at hand.

The hacker will reveal they have another lead, but it will take them some time to make the preparations to follow said lead.

Signs and Omens

Switch to Jessy’s DMs. She’ll say that since Dan is in stable condition, she went back to the junkyard.

duskwood jessy 3
I think anyone would be upset.

While she was expecting Richy to be upset over the sign of the raven, he doesn’t seem particularly perturbed by it; in fact, he was in the middle of erasing it from the wall. Jessy will say that Richy has always been good at hiding his feelings and just carrying on.

Go to the Legends of Duskwood chat. Richy will say that he can’t get rid of the mark no matter what and gives up on removing it. Speak with Richy and Jessy to go over three points:

  • What are your next steps?
  • Who drew the sign?
  • Has Richy been doing anything that might be construed as a sin?

None of these have any definite answers, and Richy is sure he hasn’t done anything that anyone might consider unpardonable. Jessy will go offline to take care of the sign.

Richy will DM you with one more thing – a screenshot of his conversation with Phil, asking him to apologize. Phil still didn’t, but at least Richy tried. You’ll get the Aurora Bar map tack afterward.

Answer the call.

A Medical Mystery

Go to the hacker to discuss this new video.

duskwood call

The one constant here is that the calls always seem to be tied to the forest – Cleo was jogging in the forest, and Richy was in the forest when he was marked. That’s more than just a coincidence, so we can say that the legend of the faceless man is going to be important to our investigation. One more thing you should note here is that the caller seems to want to people to stay away from the forest. Therefore, we should focus our investigation on the forest!

The hacker will give you your next task: as they’ve been able to further repair the image of the antidepressant receipt, they’ve been able to decipher that Hannah went to see a Dr. Ulric Barret. Your next task is to find the password to his computer so you and the hacker can access it.

duskwood password
Which is why I faceroll passwords.

The hacker suggests going to Ulric Barret’s social media accounts to find out more about him.

And no, they’re not talking about using the Duskwood game.

duskwood mr ulric barret

Look up Ulric Barret on your browser. He’s got both a Facebook and an Instagram page. A quick scan of his pages should show you who he is and what he likes, as well as give you a lead to his password. If you just want the password, look at the image below, and if you want to figure it out yourself, don’t look at the image below!

duskwood laula

Give the password to the hacker. They’ll get to work on finding how Hannah and Dr. Barret were connected.

The Mending of Ways

Your decryption will unveil a new picture of Hannah. Send it to the hacker.

duskwood dan

Finally, some good news: Dan is up and active again! Go through the group chat and be sure to give him a warm welcome. And thanks to your heart-to-heart with Dan the previous night, he’ll vouch for you. You’re in the group!

Lilly will be upset, and Dan says he’ll explain his decision to her after he gets some rest.

Doctor Ulric Barret

The hacker will message you soon after. They found something incredibly interesting: an audio recording of Dr. Barret and Hannah speaking. Here’s a transcript of their conversation, with important parts in bold.

Barret: What would you like to talk about today, Hannah? Hannah? Are you listening to me?

Hannah: Yes, I’m sorry Dr. Barret.

B: No need to apologize Hannah. We’ve got all the times (sic) in the world. I just had to make sure you are with me

H: I am being followed.

B: You had told me something similar last time.

H: But this time it is different. I – I just know it.

B: Does this have something to do with your past? Is this person that is watching you – this stranger – in any way connected to what happened that day in the forest?

H: I know you don’t believe me.

B: I never said that.

H: He was standing right there in the forest watching us. I wasn’t sure then, but I am today.

B: I think it would be a good idea if you tell me what happened back then in the forest.

H: I have already told you a hundred times.

B: But maybe you’re going to tell the story differently today. Hannah, you guys were children.

H: Jennifer was the same age as I am today. Did you know that?

B: I think we should take a little break.

That’s a ton of information!

duskwood hannah
What truths are you hiding from us, Hannah Donfort?

Let’s break it down into a scenario format:

Dr. Ulric Barret is Hannah’s psychiatrist. She has told him a story many times about something that happened between her and a girl named Jennifer, back when they were kids. There was a mysterious stranger in the forest that day, and that figure seems to be stalking Hannah to the present day.

This session between Dr. Barret and Hannah ties back to the second note you found on Hannah’s phone – the one about the family and the emerald green eyes. Here it is again if you forgot:

duskwood note

This ties in very neatly with the amount of evidence we have at hand, and while it’s nothing definitive, we can form connections: the family in the note is Jennifer’s family, and something happened to her that Hannah feels guilty about. The name is another clue – if J.H. isn’t Jessy Hawkins, maybe it’s Jennifer somebody?

Phil Hawkins

Switch to Richy’s DMs. He’ll ask if you looked at his screenshot. If you haven’t already noticed something off, here it is again:

duskwood ss

Cleo left out the part where she accused Phil of doing something to Hannah. No wonder he was rude. Richy comments on the timing of the sign of the raven, too: his conversation with Phil took place last night, and the next day, his shop gets marked. On one hand, we can’t be 100% sure that Phil didn’t do it. On the other, nobody else knows that your group is also investigating the legend of the faceless man.

You can also point out that Phil bought Hannah drinks on occasion. Does this mean anything? We don’t know yet.

Snoop in on Cleo and Thomas’ DMs. Thomas will demand to know what Phil said about Hannah, but Cleo will tell him to drop it. He won’t drop it, and he’ll eventually ask if there is something he doesn’t know about Hannah.

duskwood cleo

Cleo will finally realize you texted her – this was at the beginning of the chapter, after the video of her in the woods. She’ll tell you not to take Lilly’s animosity to heart. Cleo will say that despite being Hannah’s sister, Lilly has no right to treat you like that. Take the time to thank her again for her support.

Cleo will also mention her mom runs the Gate of Hope. A bit of deduction will tell us that this is Duskwood’s church group. Cleo will mention that she’s on the way to the Gate of Hope since her mom has something to tell her.


Answer the call.

duskwood boo

Message the hacker to contact you as soon as possible, then switch to Dan and Jessy’s DMs. Jessy will ask Dan to call her urgently, saying that she knows the police visited Dan at the hospital. Jessy will also message you.

Jessy will mention that Alfie and Gray are at Richy’s shop right now – if you don’t remember who Gray is, he’s the motel’s elderly janitor. If you ask her for gossip, she’ll also mention that Ms. Walter has a poor reputation as a mother since she tends to leave Alfie on his own despite his condition and that the task of watching over Alfie often falls to Gray. There’s even a rumor going around that Gray is Alfie’s father.

Your chat will be interrupted by Jessy saying that something’s wrong. Gray seems to be furious, and Alfie is crying. As it turns out, Thomas broke Alfie’s toy truck. If you have the multimedia pack, you can listen in on the conversation, but Gray’s story is such:

Alfie was playing in front of the motel while Gray was in one of the rooms. When he went out, he saw Thomas shaking Alfie by the shoulders, screaming at him. Gray made to protect Alfie, and so he hit Thomas. Thomas said something about the man without a face and took off.

Jessy will leave, and you’ll unlock the Gate of Hope map tack.

Someone Call 911

Switch to the group chat. Watch Lilly’s video.

duskwood lilly

She seems really eager to get rid of anyone that can help, doesn’t she?

What Have We Learned?

Before we move on to the next episode, let’s list our findings.

Personal Information and Relationships

  • The unidentified caller is making multiple threats against us and the friend group.
  • The hacker has had to force their hand. Everyone in the group is now aware of the hacker’s omnipresence.
  • Jessica “Jessy” Hawkins is not the person who gave Hannah the J.H. bracelet.
  • Lilly, Hannah’s sister, really does not like us and wants us kicked out of the group ASAP. She’s posted a video accusing us of being the mastermind behind the kidnapping.
  • Lilly put our presence to a vote; she and Thomas voted to kick us out while Jessy, Cleo, and Dan voted for us to stay. Richy abstained from the vote.
  • Hannah was aware that she was being stalked.
  • Richy is good at hiding his feelings.
  • Dr. Ulric Barret is Hannah’s psychiatrist.
  • Miranda’s (Cleo’s mom) organization is called the Gate of Hope.
  • Jennifer is a mysterious figure from Hannah’s past.
  • Ms. Walter has a poor reputation as a mother.
  • Gray takes care of Alfie and is rumored to be his father.

Mysteries Solved

  • Hannah was seeing Dr. Ulric Barret because she was feeling guilty over an incident in the past; this explains why she was buying antidepressants.
  • Hannah’s second note is very likely referring to Jennifer’s family.

Mysteries That Remain

  • Everything seems to be tied to the forest. Why is that?
  • Who marked Richy?
  • What unforgivable sin did Hannah commit?
  • What did Thomas try to find out from Alfie?

Digging Deeper

There’s no way to go but into the deep forests of Duskwood. But will we finally find answers there or just more questions? Find out in Duskwood’s episode 5!