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Ducky Fuzz Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Get a High Score

New iOS game Ducky Fuzz is a casual title from PlayMotive where the goal is a very, very simple one – you’ve got to blow up as many ducks as possible in the world’s first Arcade Chain Reaction game for mobile devices. You’ll be blowing up ducks and creating, or should we say stringing together, destructive combos on an otherwise peaceful duck pond. Stop ducks before they make any big moves or they’ll go Nuclear on you. And collect more characters – you can unlock more of them as you go along and play the game!

You’ve probably seen this before with other casual games, but the ultimate objectives of this game are simple ones – get a higher score than everyone else you know, and collect more characters. Those two things are what we shall be focusing on, as we teach you how to play the game in this list of Ducky Fuzz tips and tricks.

1. Tap On The Water To Blow ‘Em Up

Although your first instinct may be to tap on the ducks so you can blow them up and string together a combo, you don’t have to do that all the time. In fact, you can simply tap anywhere on the water, as that’s going to cause it to splash. Once a duck gets hit by the water, it’s going to explode – that’s right, you can make ducks explode by splashing them with water. But that’s not all, as the water can splash when the ducks explode. So if you come to think of it, splashing water can cause a duck to explode, the explosion can cause water to splash, and that second splash can blow up more ducks. That’s exactly how you should be stringing combos together in this game.

2. Tap Closer To The Corner If There Are Lots Of Ducks

How can you string together a huge combo when there are oh so many ducks on your screen? What you can do here is to tap closer toward the corners as opposed to the middle. That will allow you to make your string longer, as opposed to chipping away with smaller chain reactions. Longer chains mean more points, and that would, in turn, lead to more tokens.

3. Your Taps Should Have A Quick Rhythm To Them

It may be neat to watch all those ducks explode as you create those long and impressive chains, but there’s more to stringing the combos together. You should also make sure you’re tapping quickly, with a nice, flowing motion. Don’t fall into the temptation of watching the chains, and that’s especially true when the ducks are flashing in red. Speed is one thing, but rhythm is more important; space those taps as evenly as possible so you can clear the screen faster. New ducks will appear anyway, regardless whether you’ve completed the current batch or not.

4. Watch Videos To Earn More Tokens

Tokens are the game’s main currency, and you can earn more of them by watching advertisement videos. They appear every three rounds or so, and you can earn 20 tokens per video you watch. So if you want to stock up on tokens quickly, you can start a game, lose the round as soon as you could, and repeat the process until you’ve got enough tokens to buy new characters.

5. What Can You Buy With Your Tokens?

The new characters in this game may not be living things – you can replace the ducks with fish, or you can replace them with boats, with each new character costing you 200 tokens each. Gameplay doesn’t change one bit when you’re using the new characters, but at least you can change the way things look if you’re getting tired of ducks, and at least those new characters still explode. Watch out for future updates, though, as the game may come with more new characters, possibly some that cost more than just 200 tokens each.

This wraps up our quick guide for PlayMotive’s new mobile game, Ducky Fuzz. In case you know other tips and tricks for the game to get a super high score, please leave us a message in the comment section!