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Dream Town Story Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Help Your Town Prosper

Town simulator games are a dime a dozen, and they all seem to follow the same cookie-cutter format that works for a while, but ultimately fails to hold player attention in the long run. Dream Town Story breaks the mold of the city-building genre by letting you truly build your town from scratch. It is a complex game that requires hours upon hours of careful planning and execution. It is a lot more challenging than your average town simulator, but that’s what makes it all the more fulfilling. Build a buzzing metropolis from the ground up, and watch as residents flock into the facilities you create for them. Expand your territory, and join a co-op to team up with players from all over the world. Compete against other towns and establish your supremacy! Don’t forget to read our Dream Town Story complete strategy guide before you plop down your first building!

1. Work Stat Is A Must

When you start your game, make sure you get a character that has at least 10 Work stat. You can retry a few times in order to get this. Having a high Work stat will ensure that you can remove all boulders and other debris from your city. Clearing space for development is an important task that must be prioritized. If for some reason, you were not able to get a character with high Work stat in the beginning, do not despair. You can still grow an existing character until he has the stats you need. Just keep building businesses and other buildings in order to level up your character. You also have the option to use special items that increases character stats. Regardless of the method you follow, make sure you get the stats you need before clearing debris from your city. This is to avoid wasting time on failed attempts.

2. Get More People

Once you have your town established, it will start filling up with people. Eventually, you will reach the maximum capacity for your town. If you want to get more people for your town, you will have to increase your rank. Ranking up is a bit more challenging in Dream Town Story. You will need to have the required number of points in order to rank up. You can get those points by collecting trophies. Trophies are often acquired from completing achievements. It may take a while, but you will need to keep playing the game in order to get those trophies from achievements.

When you are ready to rank up, there is still one more obstacle in your way. You need to complete a challenge involving a face-off between your buildings and the AI’s. The winner of the face-off will largely me determined by land value. Make sure you are confident in your property’s land value before you challenge the AI.

3. How To Increase Land Value

Since land value is crucial to your progress in the game, you need to know how to raise it. Place a lot of decorations and combo buildings if you want your land value to go up. Location will also play a key role in maximizing the land value of your buildings. For example, placing high-value buildings near Metro Stations is a good idea because the it attracts more tourists. More tourists mean more money. Remember, the value of your land does not only help you rank up, it also attracts new residents, and allows you to earn even more money.

4. Complete Combo List

As we mentioned above, one of the best ways to increase land value is to place combo buildings near each other. Planning the layout of your town is one of the most important tasks you have. If you can place your buildings perfectly, you will have unlimited earnings thanks to combo buildings. Combo buildings do not necessarily have to be built side by side, but they do have to be within each other’s area of effect. There are over 60 combos in the game, and we have listed them all below just for you.

Park + Lunches 2 Go + Bakery
Cakery + Creperie + Donut Shop
Ramen Bar + Pizzeria + Donut Shop
Steakhouse + Restaurant + Fast n Fried
Supermarket + Greengrocer + Fishmonger
Blocbuster + Bowling Alley + Game Arcade
Music Shop + Florist + Cakery
Park + Game Shop + Toy Shop
Supermarket + 24/7 Mart + DrugStore
BookStore + Cafe + Florist
PC Shop + Cell Shop + Home Elec
Anime Shop + Game Shop + Toy Shop
Candy Shop + Shrine + Sauna
Beach house + Wharf + Fishmonger
Cakery + Greengrocer + Florist
School + Steakhouse + Diner
Lunches 2 Go + Bakery + Cafe
Game Shop + Cell Shop + PC Shop
Fishing Pond + Fishmonger + Aquarium
School + Cram School + BookStore
Supermarket + Dry cleaner + Local Center
Game Shop + PC Shop + Game Arcade
Sushi joint + BBQ house + Pizzeria
Sauna + Spa + Spa Hotel
Hospital + Gym + Sauna
Supermarket + Boutique + Jewelry Shop
Tapas bar + Sushi Joint + Ramen Bar
Boutique + Cakery + DrugStore
BookStore + Museum + School
Heated Pool + Gym + DrugStore
Ranch + Park + Camp Site
Donut Shop + Ranch + Creperie
Music Shop + Concert Hall + Blogbuster
Boutique + Shoe Shop + Beautician
Hospital + DrugStore + 24/7 Mart
Bike Shop + Motorcycle Shop + Car dealer
Spa hotel + Temple + Gift Shop
Farm + Ranch + Fishing Pond
Museum + Aquarium + Cinema
Security Inc + Gym + Camp Site
Contractors + Estate Agent + Furniture Shop
Jewelry Shop + 3-Star Hotel + Bank
Game arcade + Bowling alley + Casino
Jewelry Shop + Museum + Cinema
Motorcycle Shop + Car Dealer + School
Pet Shop + Ranch + Zoo
Stadium + Baseball Park + Gym
Department Store + Furniture Shop + Home Elec
Dance Club + Casino + Tapas Bar
Pagoda + Shrine + Monument
Castle + Boutique + Department Store
High-Rise + Skyscraper + Bank
Comms Tower + Hospital + School
Cinema + Theme Park + Jewelry Shop
Kairo Statue + Game Shop + Kairo Bldg
Cinema + Theme Park + Concert Hall
Aquarium + Zoo + Ranch
Comms Tower + TV Station + Concert Hall
High-Rise + Skyscraper + Kairo Bldg
Palace + Castle + Kairo Statue
Rocket Hall + Helipad + Airport
•Park + Zoo + Cinema
Airport + TV Station + Skyscraper

5. Don’t Forget To Research

You can earn special points through different means as you play the game. These points can be used for research and securing permits for different structures, such as new shops, facilities, and decorations. While getting permits for additional structures can be exciting, make sure you do not neglect your research as well. The new businesses that you research will open up more earning opportunities for you. You will also earn points that can be used for festivals as well as additional research.

6. Unlock More Areas

Unlike most other city building games where you just cough up inordinate amounts of cash to unlock new areas, Dream Town Story will make you prove that you can handle adding another area to your territory. What that means is that you will be given limited time to reach a specific milestone in the new area. If you succeed, then the area is permanently unlocked. If you fail to meet the milestone, you will lose all the buildings that you have constructed. To help you avoid that terrible waste of resources, we have listed detailed tips on unlocking new areas below.

Prepare your town for the new area. Before you even think about spending any resources on unlocking, make sure the rest of your town is ready to support it. Build roads and houses near the area you want to unlock. Since there won’t be residents right away, the new area will be relying heavily on the income it will generate from the residents of nearby houses. Gather more than enough money to support development in the new area. You don’t just need money for new businesses, you also have to allocate budget for new roads and other structures. Lastly, if you are planning to have residents in the new area, make sure your population is not maxed out. If it is, hold off on unlocking until after you rank up.

Brace yourself for the random challenge. When you initiate the unlock, you will be given a random target that you need to achieve. You will either be asked to collect a certain amount of coins, or you will need to gather specific items. Collecting coins is easy since you just need to open several businesses to get the income flowing. Build around four to five businesses and ensure there are enough residents in the nearby areas in order to meet the coin requirement. If you get the item requirement, however, things will be a little tougher. The special items can be acquired from certain buildings, but you will have to figure out which buildings you need. There is nothing in the building descriptions that would indicate where the items would be generated, but if have been paying attention to your existing buildings, you should be able to figure it out. For example, food items will normally come from food-related buildings such as restaurants and fast food chains. Bags are often used in general stores, so you can expect a few to drop from those buildings. It takes more time to generate items but if you have the right buildings, you should have just enough to meet the goal.

Use festivals to speed things up. If you can wait, try to start your unlock right before a festival month. There are several festivals in Dream Town Story, each with its own effects. For example, the Bird Watching Festival can help get more customers for your new area because it will allow residents to travel greater distances for two months. The Bonsai Contest, on the other hand, is really useful for getting food points. Since you won’t know the goal that you need to meet until after you initiate the unlock, the usefulness of these festivals may vary. With a bit of luck, your goal just might line up with the right festival, making it a lot easier for you to reach your milestones.

If, for some reason, you happen to fail in reaching the milestone, don’t panic just yet. The game will allow you to extend your deadline for a month. You can keep extending your deadline, one month at a time, for up to five months. Of course, it will be too stressful to keep extending, so it is better to just get it right the first time.

7. Think Before You Move Things

The game limits the number of times you can move things around in your town. This is important because of the combo buildings that need to be near each other. You can only move a maximum of two buildings per day, unless you buy premium access to the game. It can be tedious, but the truth is, two buildings per day is more than enough if you have been planning your town properly. Just make sure you consider all the positions before you move a building, to avoid breaking any of the existing combos you already have.

8. Find Better Jobs For Your Residents

Residents do not have unlimited money. The have to work to earn the money they spend on your businesses. With that in mind, you should help your residents make more money by finding better jobs for them. Always work on getting a higher paying job for your residents. Do not be afraid to use Diamonds to increase the chances of getting a good job. Feel free to use any job passes that you may have in order to get even better jobs for your residents.

9. Level Up Your Buildings

Buildings level up on their own, provided that they meet the required earnings and number of customers. The only way you can help buildings level up is to place them in locations that will increase their earnings. Plop down your buildings near residential areas to make them more accessible to paying customers. Make sure there are enough roads leading to your businesses to allow free flow of traffic.

10. Place The Office Buildings Strategically

Office buildings are where your residents work. Naturally, residents would want to work in nearby offices. Make sure you place office buildings near residential areas so your residents would be able to earn a lot of money from them. Remember, more earnings for your people also means more profits for you. Avoid placing office buildings in new areas where there are no residents. Your office building will end up with zero employees, wasting earning potential as well as resources.

That is everything you need to know in order to successfully build the ultimate town in Dream Town Story! Stick to our strategy guide and you will be have your own metropolis in no time!