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Dream League Soccer 2016 Tips & Strategy Guide: How Can You Make it Past Defenses?

First Touch already has a popular soccer-based game in the form of First Touch Soccer, but if you want something more in-depth and robust, you probably would want to download Dream League Soccer 2016 for your iPhone or your Android device. Like in your average sports management game, you can recruit and add new players to your team, upgrade your Stadium, and train your squad. You can develop a team of up to 32 players, compete across four different leagues as you make your way to the top, and develop those players so that they reach full potential.

However, this isn’t your average sports management title where the graphics are lacking and the experience nonetheless very satisfying. By this, we mean you also have to control your players, as you’ll also have to play actual games, if not against computer AI, then again opponents from all around the world. Breaking through defenses is important, in your march toward soccer (or football) glory and that’s why we’ve come up with this brand-new Dream League Soccer 2016 strategy guide.

1. Use Your Best Striker In The Squad

This will require you to do some research, but before a match begins, you’ll need to determine which of your players excels in the shooting department. Most strikers, especially if they’re pretty good, can shoot on target, but you also want to avoid players, regardless of position, who keep on misfiring. That said, you’ll want to review the figures for the SHO, or shooting rating.

2. Know What Certain Actions Do

What actions are these, and how can they help you beat those defenses and get within prime range of scoring a goal for your team? First off, through balls are very simple, yet necessary move that will have your player passing into open space, allowing your teammate to run into the ball. Crosses are quite similar, but more difficult to perform in the game; doing so after a little practice is always a good idea. You’ve also got your players’ skill moves, which they can use to evade opponents easily. Timing is going to be everything when performing these actions, so keep on practicing!

3. Try This Move With The Goalkeeper

We guess you can call this a cheat of sorts, but as you’ll find out, it’s very simple to do, compared to most other actions. This would be to lob your soccer ball over the opposing goalkeeper’s head the moment he runs toward you. Keep on tapping on the “C” button and you’ll be alright.

If this move doesn’t get you a goal, it’s almost always going to give you the advantage of a corner kick in the event that the goalkeeper acts quick enough to punch away your shot.

4. Keep On Practicing And Experimenting With Settings

We already told you about the benefits of regular practice, but to elaborate on what we said, you can always practice in training mode to acclimatize yourself with your new surroundings. Training mode could be your best friend, so why don’t you use it to your advantage?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest set of tips and tricks for Dream League Soccer 2016. Stay tuned, as we will publish more guides for this immersive football management game.