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Drancia Cheats: 5 Great Tips You Need to Know

Want another role-playing game to break the monotony and give you an alternative to those casual Match 3 titles and Flappy Bird clones? You might want to try Drancia, by Urara-Works; the game features an “amusing cast of characters and an arcade-like feel,” and allows players to earn more coins and level up their skills by means of combo hits. As is the case with the average RPG, you also get to slay monsters here, while “unravel(ing) the mystery of Drancia.” Specifically, you’ll have the choice of more than 50 characters, and in terms of skills, you’ll be following a randomized skill tree. And if the name of the game sounds familiar, that’s because it is based on 2008 browser title Drancia Survival. Without further ado, we’ve got five Drancia cheats for you to follow if you’re looking to further your progress in this game.

1. Gems Are One-Use Only Items

One thing you should remember about gems is that they’re one-use only. You’ll earn them after each round and you can equip them onto items you purchase before starting a new round, but once you’ve used them on an item, that’s it – be sure you’re making good use of those gems, as they’re the main type of currency in Drancia.

2. Bigger Combo Hits Means More Coins

The longer the chain combo, the more coins you earn. It’s as simple as that, but what isn’t that simple is trying not to get hit while executing these combos. Once you get hit, that’s it – your combo becomes useless and you’ll have to start from scratch. Your coin multiplier increases with each ten hits achieved, and, as we said above, you can use the coins that you earn to enhance your skill statistics.

3. Switch Characters Whenever Needed

If you’re stuck in one stage of the game, that means you may not be using the right character. Feel free to experiment with characters, meaning choosing someone else if your current character isn’t up to the task during any given stage.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Magic

You don’t have to be a magic specialist (i.e. a mage or a wizard) to make use of magic; regardless of your chosen Drancia character, unlock your magic capabilities as soon as possible. This could come in handy when fighting tougher, bigger and stronger bosses, and also during times when you may find yourself overwhelmed by an enemy attack.

5. Unlock Hidden Characters

One of the best reasons to play certain games, regardless of platforms, is the opportunity to unlock hidden characters and make them available to play. Heading to the bar will introduce you to some of them, including Dramos, whom you can unlock for the price of 60 gems. If spending one dollar per character isn’t a problem, you can make an in-app purchase to “treat Skipmore” to a coffee or to beer; this nominal fee would be used to unlock the other two characters found in the bar.