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Dragon Nest M Strategy Guide (Levels 10-15): Tips, Tricks & Hints Every Player Should Master

Kimi Entertainment’s latest game is the mobile version of the popular PC MMORPG, Dragon Nest M. You can choose any one (or more than one) out of several character classes, learn a variety of skills, craft special weapons and other items, join guilds, and immerse yourself in a story/campaign mode that allows you to practice for those all-important, more exciting battles against human players. Can you fight till the end to slaughter the dragon, as the game so helpfully suggests you should do?

There’s a lot of adventuring to be done in Dragon Nest M, and you’re probably aware that there are various features and game modes that you might not be able to figure out right from the start. So if you’re currently somewhere between level 10 and 15, you may want to keep on reading, as this is our Dragon Nest M strategy guide for intermediate players. You’ve figured out the easy part, so let’s move on to some of the more challenging aspects of the game, as we cover several important tabs and features we weren’t quite able to cover in our exclusive Dragon Nest M beginner’s guide, due to their comparative complexity.

1. Take Part In The Daily Activities

Getting social is a must in Dragon Nest M, and some of the many social activities you can take part in can be found in the Daily Feature tab (below the Guild button), on the lower right corner of your screen. These include daily events, where you can team up with other players from around the world to win crafting materials that can be used to create even better weapons and armor for your character. Some of the dailies also include events you can compete in on your own, and these can earn you regular coins and Dragon Coins, the latter of which are another form of premium currency apart from the gems. Some events may also earn you some Guild Currency so you can purchase more items at the Guild Shop — if you haven’t joined a guild yet by the time you’re reading this, you might as well do so sooner rather than later.

dragon nest m daily events

There are also Activity Rewards, which may vary depending on the number of tasks you are able to achieve, as shown on the corresponding menu — for example, for Sharp, you’ll be asked to enhance your gear one time, and for Invest, the game will require you to buy any item from the Bazaar. Completing the tasks found in Activity Rewards will earn you treasure chests, which may include crafting materials, agates (for gear enhancement), coins, XP, and a variety of other goodies that could help you as you continue leveling up and playing the game. More points in here (usually, one task completed is worth 10 points) means better rewards, so keep on completing those daily activities within the given day, before they reset!

2. Raid The Dungeons

The dungeon (starting with the Abyss) is another social activity/game mode/feature you should be checking out, and it becomes available once you reach player level 10. These are co-op raids where you can team up with your friends, or with random players from around the world, and defeat the monsters in hopes of earning some valuable rewards. Take note that you can only attempt raiding an dungeon six times by default, and if you want more chances, you’ll need to pay Dragon Coins for that. The obvious benefit of completing dungeon levels — you can complete them on your own without prompting, or complete them as they become available to you via the quests — are the shards, or crafting materials you can win for completing the raid! These materials can then be used, as we had mentioned above, to create a set of equipment (or individual pieces of equipment) that’s generally better than the stuff you can normally pick up via item drops at a given point in time.

3. You Can Specialize Once You Reach Level 15 Or 45

Regardless of your chosen class — again, you can also choose multiple characters in the game — you will be able to specialize once your character reaches level 15, then once again when they reach level 45. Specialization in level 15 will allow you to choose a secondary class for your character — for example, Assassins can specialize in being Chasers or Bringers, and once you choose a specialization (you can test both new classes out during the specialization challenge that becomes available right before this), your decision is final — you will start from scratch with a limited number of special skills, and will need to learn those skills just like you did with your original class, meaning with whatever skill points you have.

We won’t talk much about choosing a territory class, which you can do at level 45, but for the sake of discussion, the Assassin in the above example would have Light Fun and Abyss Walker as your choices for territory class. Regardless whether you’re specializing in level 15 or 45, read the description of each class carefully, and take the star rating into account, on top of your performance in the specialization challenge — choose a class that fits your play style, and while you may gravitate toward the easier class in terms of star rating, you don’t always have to take that route, especially if that won’t match your play style in the way you were expecting.

4. How To Earn More Dragon Coins

We told you briefly earlier about one way in which you can earn more Dragon Coins in Dragon Nest M —by completing the daily activities. But it is also possible to earn this currency by completing the tasks listed under Rewards — one of the tiny tabs on the top right corner of your screen. Normally, you will win coins by completing those tasks, but some milestone tasks will reward you in the form of Dragon Coins. It’s also possible to receive Dragon Coins via email rewards — check your mail regularly, because you’ll never know when the folks at Kimi are giving away some of those precious Dragon Coins!

how to earn dragon coins in dragon nest m

Also make sure to check the Benefit tab, also on the top right — this is where you can claim your rewards for daily logins, which reset back to day 1 in the event that you miss a day of gameplay! (Obviously, you want to make sure you’re logged into the game at least for a few seconds to a minute each day.) Your third, eighth, 13th, and 17th daily login rewards are all worth 50 Dragon Coins each — be especially careful not to miss a login as you approach the 20th and final day!

5. Explore The Rest Of The Benefit Menu

There are several tabs in the Benefit menu, beyond the Sign-In Rewards tab you will normally visit. The First Top-Up Pack tab pertains to real cash purchases, and as the game says, any amount of recharge will give you a chance to earn Angel Wings permanently — Angel Wings are a costume which, compared to the others that may become available to you, could significantly boost your stats in all areas. The Gold Chest tab gives you a chance to win up to 25,000 coins for free, with each succeeding roll costing you one Dragon Coin each. We strongly advise against going overboard with this tab, even if you have a chance at getting 5x Critical Hit if you’re lucky.

Daily Stamina rewards you with bonus stamina points that will allow you to get more things done (more campaign battles, more dungeon raids, etc.), but the catch here is that the bonus stamina is only available at specific hours of the day — 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., South Korea time. Lastly, the Retrieve Reward tab allows you to earn a Resource Reward in exchange for “a few” Dragon Coins, though this feature won’t be available too often. Your best bet is to prioritize Sign-In Rewards, and to try your best to be online for the Daily Stamina rewards, the latter of which could really add up as you go along and redeem more of it.

6. The Basics Of Crafting

We mentioned above that the items you will pick up while playing the campaign battles won’t be as good as the ones you craft. You MIGHT think that they’ll suffice — you will see your BP (your character rating) increasing when you equip your first items — but you’ll learn soon enough that you could increase your BP much more significantly by wielding the weapons and wearing the armor that you actually craft. You’ll need to have the required materials, as well as at least a couple thousand coins, in order to craft items in Dragon Nest M.

Crafting materials, as mentioned, can be gathered mainly by completing dungeon raids in the Abyss, though you can get the exact details on where you can find a certain item by tapping on the material, then tapping on Go. The game will go ahead and craft the item if you’ve got the required materials and coins, but if you don’t have the materials yet, just follow the above steps (tap on material/tap on Go) and you’ll know what to do and where to do it. Also, just to be safe, always check the stats of an item and compare those stats against those of the gear you’re potentially replacing. You don’t want to waste coins and materials (especially the latter) on an item that, in some cases, might not be as good as the one that’s currently equipped!

There are also two types of items you can craft — regular gear, and Heraldry items. Materials for the former can be found in the dungeons, while Boss Rush Events will be your best bet for collecting more of the latter materials.

7. Make Sure To Enhance Your Gear

It’s all good to equip your heroes with only the best possible gear, but it won’t really be the best until you give those items the right kind of upgrades, or in this case, enhancements as they’re called. All gear in the game is categorized in three tiers or grades — A, B, and C — and in order to increase their grade and improve their stats, you’ll need to spend coins and enhancement materials to perform the enhancement. Simply tap on the Character tab, then go to the Gear tab, and you’ll know if a piece of gear can be enhanced if you see a green arrow next to it. Once you’ve selected an item, e.g. a sword, chest armor, boots, or what have you, you can then view its current stats and the stats post-enhancement before you proceed. Take note that it takes a nominal amount of coins and agates or other enhancement materials at first, but the required coins and materials could increase progressively as you keep enhancing!

how to enhance your gear in dragon nest m

As a bonus tip, you can also use the Character/Gear tabs to sell, or Salvage items that you no longer need — usually those item drops from the campaign battles. Just don’t expect to receive a ton of money in exchange for the lower-quality, more common items — usually, it’s just going to be a few hundreds.

8. What Can Costumes And Titles Do For You?

Your Character tab also includes a sub-tab for Costumes, which you can pick up as a reward for completing certain campaign levels, or buy from the shop. Equipping a costume improves your hero’s stats, though there are also smaller costume fragments which you can use to purchase individual items, e.g. gloves, hats, or shoes. You’ll also notice that costumes generally expire after a few days (one week for the Ziyo Tunic, which is the first costume you will acquire in Dragon Nest M), which means that they only provide temporary improvements to your heroes’ stats!

Right below the Backpack tab under Character (the Backpack is where you want to go to view your inventory), you’ll see the Title tab, which increases your BP by a certain number of points if you’ve achieved certain milestones, such as reaching 10,000 BP, reaching level 15, etc. Take note that you can only activate one of these Titles (or attributes, as they’re also called) at a time — naturally you want to choose the one that gives you the biggest BP bonus. Usually, these are the titles under the Time Limit category, which are based on how well you do in special events. And speaking of those special events…

9. Take Part In The Special Events

It doesn’t matter what your play style is, or if you’re more of a lone wolf or team player — Dragon Nest M has a ton of special events that refresh on a weekly basis. Most of these are based on guild activities, however, so once again, if you haven’t got a guild yet, you know what to do. The benefit of joining events, quite obviously, is the chance to win some rare and attractive rewards and chests, with the latter containing equally rare equipment that you won’t be able to pick up in any of the other game modes! The most basic of these events, we’d say, is the Item Exchange, where you can trade requested items for coins, potions, agates, stamina units, and a variety of other rewards, assuming you have whatever is being requested.