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DomiNations Strategy Guide: How You Can Get More Free Crowns

We continue our series of tips and tricks on the popular Nexon M game for Android and iOS devices and this time we will talk about Crowns. As a reminder of what this game is about, it’s a city-building strategy game designed by Brian Reynolds of Civilization II and Rise of Nations fame, and like Civilization, you can develop your Nation from the early days of man, all the way to the Space Age. You can unlock technologies and recruit historical Generals, and also play in cooperative mode by joining an alliance. Now, that we’re done with the brief recap, we shall show you how you can get more free Crowns in DomiNations, Crowns being the game’s premium currency.

1. Single-Player Campaigns

One of the simplest ways to get more Crowns is to complete single-player missions. Completing a campaign gives you a substantial amount of free Crowns, and you’ll see the number of Crowns you can earn once you complete that campaign in the lower right hand corner of the campaign.

2. Goals

Tap on the bearded dude in the upper left corner of your screen and you’ll get an overview of your goals. These goals can be completed by progressing through DomiNations, which sounds very simple and straightforward, but since you don’t want to be idling for too long with regards to goals, we suggest you regularly check them so that you can earn those free Crowns more often.

3. Achievements

Right below the bearded man you’ll see a place to tap to view your achievements. Again, playing the game will be the key to accomplishing them, and it will also be a good idea to check them regularly. Remember that the maximum amount of free Crowns per achievement is 250, so work towards accomplishing them.

4. When All Else Fails, Buy Crowns And The Starter Pack

It is surprisingly easy to earn free Crowns, but if you’ve got some extra money to spend, then why not buy from the store? Of course, if you pay more you’ll get more Crowns, but as a bonus tip, we would suggest that you make one big crown purchase per month, rather than smaller purchases more than once in a month. It’ll be more cost-effective that way.