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Dino Clash: Tribal War Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Assemble a Strong Team and Beat Every Challenge

Dino Clash: Tribal War sends you off in an alternate Jurassic Era where you take command of primitive yet powerful tribesmen as well as herculean dinosaurs armed with unique abilities. Recruit and rally your tribal army across a wide array of challenges and merge similar units together to make them stronger. Dino Clash: Tribal War is not just a war where power rules as your wits and strategic skills play a more vital role in every battle.

dino clash tribal war tips

Dino Clash: Tribal War features simple gameplay mechanics that make it very easy to pick up and play, even for total beginners. While easy to learn, it certainly is a challenge to master considering that teams you can build as well as teams you go up against can have unique compositions with up to 34 different types of warriors and 1 of 17 different dinosaurs. With as many possible combinations and strategies, Dino Clash: Tribal War guarantees that each match you engage in will be different than any other match you have and will encounter.

The first 9 stages you go through in Dino Clash: Tribal War serves as its introductory tutorial, walking you through the basic battle mechanics as well as the initial set of troops. The tutorial presents how different each troop is, hinting as to how you should consider placing each of your units on the board depending on the enemy formation and roster ahead of the board.

dino clash tribal war axe

Failing to clear a challenge does not automatically mean that you need stronger units. Now, if you are aiming to dominate the battlefield every step of the way, stay with us and read our comprehensive Dino Clash: Tribal War Beginner’s Guide!

1. Reroll For The Best Dino

Dino Clash: Tribal War, like most strategy adventure games, employs the gacha method in recruiting warriors and dinos. With this, you can expect luck to play a central role with almost every unit you recruit and given that both troops and dinos have different rarity grades, the chances of pulling higher rarity units are comparatively low. With this consideration, the idea of rerolling comes into play as the inkling to secure better units early on can go a long way in your adventure.

dino clash tribal war magic summoning

While rerolling is not at all necessary for anyone to make good progress in Dino Clash: Tribal War, investing some patience to restart your adventure for a chance at better starting troops can contribute greatly to your performance moving forward. If you are the type of player who prefers to proceed with your adventure regardless of which units you secure first, then you can completely skip this part. Otherwise, be ready for a recurring game of chance and probability as the rerolling session may take a while to bear its fruits.

To be able to reroll in Dino Clash: Tribal War, you must first sign in as a guest to make it easier to start over later on. If you happen to link your progress to an active email before deciding to reroll, then you will have to use a different email address later on. The difference is that even after resetting the app data on your device, having progress linked to an active email account will have you continue your adventure even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

dino clash tribal war legendary spinosaurus

After signing in on a guest account, proceed with the tutorial and clear stage 9. It should pose no problem and you will surely be able to get to the reroll point in just a few minutes. Once you are able to access your mail at the upper left side of the screen, you should be able to claim at least 10x summon tickets that you can use in the shop.

A 10x summon guarantees a dragon recruit but what you would want to grab here is not just any dragon, but a legendary one. With regard to the warrior troops, each one has a rarity grade as well so nabbing a legendary dragon as well as a top or high grade unit in a 10x summon is a sure win.

If you are content with your pulls then you can proceed with your adventure. You may want to visit the in-game settings via the gear icon at the upper left side of the screen. Be sure to link your account to a Gmail account to ensure that future progress will not be lost. If you are not satisfied with your pulls, this is the place to go as well. You can hit the “Delete Account” button at the bottom of the window to start over.

dino clash tribal war settings

Going for a reroll may take several attempts before you can even land a top grade dragon or warrior. However, after your first 10x roll, it will take a lot of time and effort for you to be able to perform another 10x roll, especially since it costs 2,700 gems. There are plenty of other ways to obtain dinos and units but the shop is one of the easiest ways to get good rarity units.

2. Prioritize Progressing Through The Main Expedition

Once you are through the initial tutorial levels and have made it past your first 10x pull from the shop, you would want to continue on with the main campaign and progress as far as you can. The main campaign is your top source of gold for now and although gold is a basic currency, you can never get enough of it and will always be needing more.

dino clash tribal war expedition

The main campaign in Dino Clash: Tribal War takes you through a series of stages, each with its own unique set of enemy units. Every enemy unit you take down earns you gold, making it worth your while even if you fail to beat the stage. Every fifth stage you get to serves as a milestone in a way considering treasure chests can be earned from them or enemy teams will sport a dino as well, making it a little extra challenging.

dino clash tribal war campaign

Progression through the campaign stages is not only important for your constant supply of gold as the rewards from the treasure chests you obtain will greatly boost your resources and indirectly strengthen your army. Some stages also introduce new unit types and clearing them will unlock those units for you. Do not get the wrong idea, though as no free units of the type will be given to you. Unlocking them simply means that you can begin recruiting those units using gold.

dino clash tribal war strategy

Regardless of your team and strategy, it will naturally happen that you will reach a temporary hindrance as far as progression in the main campaign goes. You can always keep on trying as there is gold to be earned and you can also opt to take on the remaining game modes that Dino Clash: Tribal War has to offer.

Considering starting points, the main campaign stands as the basic game mode where you can progress the most early on. In essence, campaign mode battles prepare you for other game modes in terms of the different challenges it offers and also earns you gold to recruit more units to join your army.

3. Familiarize Yourself With Each Unit

The tutorial, as well as the early levels you engage in, will introduce you to the basic units as well as what each one does. Even if you pay close attention to it, though, the number of units that become available over time can complicate things, not to mention that the stats and abilities of dinos will not be introduced. As such, it is best for you to spend time in the barracks and look into each unit’s stats, regardless of whether or not you have them in your roster yet.

dino clash tribal war strategy troops

You can click on the Army icon at the bottom of the home screen to check on your troops and dinosaurs. The ones you have in your roster are on the group above. The group of soldiers at the bottom may have already been unlocked, but have not just been recruited yet. All dinosaurs come unlocked but they are a lot more challenging to obtain so you can expect only to have a handful in the early part of your adventure.

dino clash tribal war dinosaurs

What Is good about the roster is that you can check the details of each unit, even if you have yet to have them in your crew. Be sure to check the stats not just for the base grade but for each upgrade as well. Note that for the troop units, rare, epic, and legendary warriors have unique skills. Having a solid idea of what each unit’s strengths and limitations, in terms of their stats and skill, should give you a better idea of where they should be placed on the board. Keep in mind as well that some units are fit for relocation under unique circumstances.

dino clash tribal war mirror shielder

Dinosaurs, on the other hand, serve as you star units and you can only use one per formation. There are no common dinosaurs and you will have rare, epic, or legendary ones only. Rare and epic grade dinosaurs will only have 1 passive ability and one active skill while legendary dinosaurs will have an extra active skill that triggers from time to time. This is actually the reason why we recommend rerolling for a legendary grad dino early on.

dino clash tribal war epic dilopho

Higher grade troops and dinosaurs are expected to have better stats and stronger skills. However, the relative difficulty in obtain extra copies of rarer units make it less likely for you to be able to upgrade them. In this sense, it can happen that a lower grade troop or dino in your roster will become stronger than a higher grade one especially if it has undergone several stages of upgrades.

Troops can be upgraded by simply merging similar ones of the same level. This will not have any costs. Dinosaurs, however, will require you to secure extra copies of them and not just one and upgrades will also cost some gold. In any case, there should not be any apprehensions with regard to upgrades as you should always consider upgrading whenever possible.

dino clash tribal war enemy army

Familiarization with every unit in Dino Clash: Tribal War should not be limited only to the troops you have. In the main campaign, as well as the other game modes you will revel in, you will likely encounter units you do not have. Having a solid enough idea of what these troops and dinos can do will contribute positively to your strategy as you can make adjustments tin your team’s formation more appropriately.

4. Master Formation Strategies

For the most part, a failure to conquer a stage in the campaign or other game modes will likely be attributed to a lack of power and while this may hold true in some cases, your squad’s performance can be impacted by other factors, largely attributable to the formation you use. Knowing each unit in your employ is one thing and knowing how best to use them is another and given the ever-changing roster of enemies you will encounter, there are no perfect one-for-all formation either.

For starters, you should consider each unit’s stats and their range of attack. Typically, units that exhibit good defense are melee types while ranged units will often be easily disposed of in close quarters. The usual formation will involve strong defenders or tanks in the first row and stronger melee units behind them. The back row will initially be reserved for ranged units, but you will quickly be introduced to units like assassins and microraptors that have the innate ability to attack from behind.

dino clash tribal war formation

Of course, leaving your ranged units like bowmen and catapults all on their own in the back row leaves them as an easy prey for these types of units and if you see them in your enemy’s roster, then it follows that you have to guard your rear line as well. Assassins and microraptors are pesky at best but you can easily deal with them with just simple countermeasures. Axemen and berserkers in the back row can make short work of them. Likewise, shielders can work too as your ranged units will automatically target the back attackers when they appear.

On a more advanced note, what you would aim to have is a more stable formation that can deal with a variety of threats without much modification from one battle to the next. While the front and mid row units are more or less the same for almost every player, the difference can lie with back row units. For us, we consider it best to have melee units that move fast for the back row. These units will be able to deal with back attackers and rally forward fast enough to deal with the main enemy army. Berserkers, raptor riders, and hedgehogs are considerable candidates for the job.

There is also a concern on how to allocate power between the left and right sides of the battlefield. You can always consider to balance everything out and deploy your dinosaur right at the front and center of your board. As far as the troops are concerned, the most basic approach is to allocate top grade units between the 2 sides.

Of course, there is always an option to concentrate all power on a side and doing so has its share of advantages as well. The problem with this is that there are plenty of units that deal AoE damage to troops and if they happen to concentrate their attacks on the stronger side of your formation, then it will become easier for you to lose the battle.

In any case, an important consideration to how to strategize around your formation rests as well on the dinosaur you wish to employ. Given that each dinosaur has their own unique passive and active abilities, they very much influence how your troops should take on each challenge.

dino clash tribal war combine all

For example, the Archelon is a dino that boosts your troops’ defense and health by a certain percentage, utilizing him in your formation fits a more defensive approach perfectly. On the other hand, the Dilopho is a dino that increases allies’ attack and attack speed, which means that it is best to capitalize on a more offensive formation if you choose to have one in your team.

What contributes greatly to Dino Clash: Tribal War’s addictive elements is how simple and easy it is to change your team’s roster and formation. Before the start of each battle, you can simply click on the Barracks icon at the lower left side of the screen.You can simply tap on the Dinosaur tab and click on whichever dino you wish to use for the battle and for the troops, you can simply drag and drop anywhere on the board as well as back and fort to the boxed roster.

You can only deploy 40 different troops and the number of troops you have in the formation will always be displayed. It may take some time for you to have extra troops beyond the 40 on the board, especially if you are always merging them but once you do then you will have to choose which ones will have to be banked for the round.

You can set 3 different formations and if you have yet to explore this feature, the number “2” and “3” tabs of your troop formation will be empty. There are fun ways to experiment with different formations but if you arrive at one you would like to hold on to, then the extra formation tabs should be your option for your “experimental” formations.

dino clash tribal war auto set

There is an auto set option available for you if you want to quickly and conveniently deploy troops to the board but we recommend going at it manually. You can also reset and get a clean slate. If you are looking into overhauling your formation, then this is the best way to go.

5. Merge And Recruit As Soon As Possible

With an abundance of challenges that await you in your adventure, you can expect each succeeding battle in Dino Clash: Tribal War to be more demanding with each step forward. As such, it only becomes a basic necessity to continue strengthening your army. Again, progression in Dino Clash: Tribal War is not entirely dependent on power but it certainly is a central factor that raises success chances and at the same time makes it easier for you to push forward.

Increasing your army’s military strength basically involves 2 activities. The first one is to recruit more units and the second one is to merge troops together. Before each battle, you can spend gold to recruit random troops and once you have 2 similar units of the same level, you can merge them together. To some extent, you may become apprehensive to recruit more troops as well as merge existing ones together. Merging troops may yield stronger units but ultimately diminish their numbers.

dino clash tribal war troop count

Keep in mind, though, that the strength of your army does not necessarily depend on numbers although troop count between you and your current enemy is always displayed.

Early on, merging troops together will impact how you can effectively balance out troop strength on both sides of the board. However, the overall increase in stats that units gain after each merger more than makes up for that. At some point, it can become a challenge to check which from among your deployed units are available to merge. If you have a plethora of troops, you can click on another tab in the formation to more vividly distinguish units that can be merged and merge them there.

dino clash tribal war merge

With probabilities as well as frequency attributable to hatching eggs and recruiting more dinos, it may take a while for you to be able to recruit triplicate copies for an upgrade. In any case, a red dot indicator will appear on your army icon in instances when an upgrade becomes available just the same as it would when a new dino has been recruited.

Although gold has other uses in Dino Clash: Tribal War, do not hesitate to recruit a new unit once you are able to do so. Each new recruit will cost more and given that this is a constant, it is best to recruit sooner to utilize the units in combat sooner as well. At some point, recruiting on the battle stage will become expensive enough to make the offers in the shop well worth it. Be sure to grab the daily offers especially if the units there cost less than what you need to spend recruiting in battle.

dino clash tribal war daily deals

6. Time Your In-Game Visits Strategically

With some gold to earn even for failing to clear a campaign level, Dino Clash: Tribal War makes it possible for you to grind for gold and continue recruiting more units to strengthen your army. However, not being able to spend a lot of time on the game does not necessarily prevent you from making bits of progress as there are also idle income earned over time.

On the home screen, be sure to click on the treasure chest for some gold and gems. You earn a specific amount of each over time and the numbers can accumulate for as long as 6 hours. Yet another reason to push forward with the campaign is that at certain milestones, the amount of gold and gems you earn idly from this feature will increase. Make it a habit as well to take advantage of the ad boost when claiming idle income as doing so will triple the amount of rewards you earn.

dino clash tribal war time reward

Aside from gold and gems that you can uncover from treasure chests in designated stages within the main campaign, you can also uncover horns and eggs that can net you troops and dinosaurs once they have been unlocked. After obtaining a summoning horn, it will take 5 hours for it to be usable and will net you 3 random units. Eggs take even more time to hatch and you will have to wait 8 hours to uncover the dino inside one. You can also opt to play an ad boost for each one to cut down waiting time by 2.5 hours but you can only play 3 ad boosts per day for each type.

dino clash tribal war summon

Considering both idle earnings and waiting times for the horns and eggs, you should make it a point to align your in-game activities to these times. Use the 3 ad boosts for the eggs and horns in such a way that you can unlock more in the day and try as much as possible to claim the idle earnings before it reaches its 6-hour cap.

Strategically taking advantage of perks also extend to the booster you can claim from the shop. Another ad boost gives you a battle speed boost that lasts for 15 minutes. These 15 minutes, however, will continue to run even if you are not in combat so be sure to use to activate it only when you are ready to make the most out of it. The speed booster is not just limited to the campaign battles and applies as well to arena battles, missions, and even the Volcano Expedition.

dino clash tribal war battle

7. Expend Attempts On Extra Game Modes

The main expedition in Dino Clash: Tribal War serves as your basic training ground for the rest of what its world has to offer. Despite the challenge in the main expedition increasing from one stage to the next, it is still comparatively easier to progress in than the other game modes. Just the same, progressing through all the other content in Dino Clash: Tribal War forms part of your adventure and if there are limited attempts on some of them, then you should expend them within the day.

Once you have progressed enough through the main expedition, you can begin your adventure in the volcano expedition. You can switch between expeditions by tapping on the icon beside the “Play!” button on the main screen. The volcano expedition plays a lot like the regular one, but has tougher enemies. Beyond that, volcanic eruptions occasionally send rains of fire down on your troops, damaging each of them.

dino clash tribal war volcano expedition

You will not earn gold from progressing through the volcano expedition but will instead earn mystery stones, which can be exchanged for a variety of goods from the secret shop. Like the regular expedition, milestone stages also earn you bigger amounts of mystery stones, gems, and even growth stones. Though the exchange costs for goods at the secret shop may require thousands of mystery stones, each purchase is actually well worth the effort. Go for the more expensive troops as much as you can as these will be more challenging to obtain elsewhere.

dino clash tribal war secret shop

No strategy adventure is complete without a PvP game mode and Dino Clash: Tribal War gives you plenty of chances to test your mettle against other players’ troops through the arena. You will have 20 attempts to fight in the arena each day and regardless if you win a match or not, every attempt gains you something.

dino clash tribal war arena

Your rank and league in the arena at the end of each season determines your overall reward but there are also battle milestones that you can accomplish just by engaging from one match to another. The milestone rewards can earn you gold, gems, as well as extra horns, eggs, and even new troops. For best results, we recommend engaging in the arena towards the end of the day or your last minutes of time to play. You may want to consider it as your army will typically be strongest at the end of the day following some recruits and mergers.

dino clash tribal war missions mode

Dino Clash: Tribal War also has a missions mode to test your army’s strength and your strategic prowess in different ways. The first mission type is the Death March where your troops go on a survival run that lasts for 9 waves of enemies. Each wave you defeat earns you gold and there are 3 waves that have dino enemies in them. As it is a survival run, your troops lost in 1 wave, as well as your dino’s HP, will not be replenished for the next wave. Each succeeding wave is also more difficult than the previous one.

dino clash tribal war death match

Defeating the first survival stage unlocks the next one, which carries with it more gold rewards. You only have 2 attempts to run the Death March each day and one of the goals is to beat 5 dinos to earn an egg. If you have barely beaten the first level, you may want to consider playing through it again instead of attempting the next level.

The difficulty gap between each level is reflected by the amount of gold rewards you can earn for each. Given that the level 2 reward is almost triple the level 1 gold rewards, you can expect it to be 3 times as difficult as well.

dino clash tribal war victory

Touch Down is a fun and unique way of testing your troops’ prowess as well as your tactical proficiency on the go. There will be no dinos present in this game mode and you will only rely on 9 unit types of your choice. The goal here is to summon units and break through enemy lines for a touchdown. You start off selecting 3 units and a new one can be summoned after a certain period of time.

dino clash tribal war touch down game mode

Although troop strength certainly has its merits in this game mode, how you choose which units to deploy and when to deploy them equally matters. You have 5 challenge attempts per day and you can choose 1 from 3 available opponents. Naturally, if you beat your opponent, a new one will appear on the selection. Each enemy team has its own unique roster and traits, which means that a unique roster and strategy may be required to beat each of them.

dino clash tribal war touch down

Each win you claim earns you rewards and there are also extra rewards earned on the accumulated number of wins you bag. Win or lose, Touch Down is certainly a fun experience. Losing to one team once does not necessarily make them unbeatable so feel free to experiment with different rosters and strategies for each opponent.

8. Accomplish Daily Missions And Achievements

Dino Clash: Tribal War more than aptly provides players with instant remunerations for every activity they engage in. Beyond immediate rewards from campaign battles and other game modes, there are also a plethora of freebies you can effortlessly claim as well as ad boosts to further aid your army’s growth and your journey’s progression. To top it all off, Dino Clash: Tribal War provides a missions and achievements system that further adds more ways for active players to earn extra resources.

You can visit the daily missions and achievements page via the missions icon at the upper right side of the screen. More often than not, you are likely to see a red dot indicator on it, signaling that rewards are ready to be claimed. Daily missions are comprised of simple and straightforward objectives you can easily accomplish on a regular basis. It is a source of extra gold and achieving a certain number of targets daily also unlock extra rewards at the top of the screen.

dino clash tribal war daily missions

Achievements reflect milestones you reach across every aspect of your adventure in Dino Clash: Tribal War. A lot of these targets take a while to complete but each one offers gems as rewards. For both daily missions and achievements, you should not see them as extra layers of targets requiring extra effort as both sets of objectives are well aligned with the regular activities you engage in as you play the game.

If anything, the daily mission and achievement targets should serve as your main guide towards progression as seeing these targets should readily inform you on certain features or game modes you may want to spend more time on.

dino clash tribal war achievements

And that covers every tip, trick, and strategy we have for you on our Dino Clash: Tribal War Beginner’s Guide. We are fairly confident that adhering to this simple guide can go a long way in propelling your growth and progression in this unique strategy adventure. Although we have tested a wide variety of strategies and formations, we are certain that it will go differently for everyone else so if you chanced upon anything close to full-proof formation as well other nifty tricks and strategies, drop us a line down below!

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