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Death Park 2 Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Save Lily

Death Park 2 is a horror game developed by Euphoria Studios. It’s the sequel to the company’s previous title Death Park, where your sister Lily is kidnapped by a dream-roaming clown, intending to use her as a bridge to your world. As you find a way to save Lily, you will also have to deal with various monsters that roam the streets outside, solve puzzles scattered around your neighborhood, and take another visit to the cursed theme park. Can you brave the horrors within Farland City?

Death Park 2 features separate settings for both gameplay difficulty and puzzle complexity, allowing you to tailor your experience to your skill level. This will be discussed in depth later in this walkthrough. Either way, you are not completely helpless, as you can find guns to defend yourself from the creatures lurking about. If you want to save Lily and even the whole neighborhood, then stay with us and check out our comprehensive Death Park 2 walkthrough guide!

Welcome To The Freakshow

When starting a new game, you are given five difficulty levels for gameplay, and two difficulty levels for puzzles. The puzzle difficulties are a simple “easy/hard” option and whether or not you can get hints by watching an ad. The five gameplay difficulties are as follows:

death park 2 difficulty level

Ghost: The clown and his comrades do not detect you at all, but ads will interrupt gameplay every few minutes.

Easy: The first difficulty level where you can actually lose the game, but you can unlock a different skin for the clown if you can beat it. Monsters now deal damage and getting caught by the clown is a guaranteed game over, but you can watch ads to get more ammo.

Normal: Monsters deal more damage per attack and the clown moves faster. You can no longer watch ads to get more ammo.

Hard: Monster count and damage are increased, and the clown moves even faster.

Extreme: Monster count is at its highest, and both the clown and the monsters move very fast.

Besides autosaving every time you enter a new area, scattered across the game are typewriters you can use to save progress. However, keep in mind that only one regular save and one autosave can be stored. If you need to start a new game, you will lose your previous save data.

death park 2 unlocks

Another thing to note is that only the first two areas of the game, the Prologue and your House, are unlocked at the start. You can unlock the next area by watching two ads when you enter it for the first time, or via one-time, in-app purchases. Either way, they will remain unlocked for future playthroughs.

Not-So-Safe Haven

The Prologue has you wake up after you hear your sister Lily screaming in her sleep. Her bedroom is nearby, but the door is locked, so you will have to take another path through your parents’ bedroom. There is another path that leads to Lily’s bedroom, but before you can enter it, you will need to arm yourself.

death park 2 lily's room

death park 2 master bedroom

Near your parents’ bed is a safe with a keypad. The six-digit code is the date written on a photograph placed on an end table. Punch in the code to get yourself your first weapon: a pistol. A red balloon will suddenly float in, tempting you to touch it.

death park 2 master bedroom code

death park 2 master bedroom safe

At this point Death Park 2 introduces a mechanic you will be seeing from time to time: entering the dream world via these balloons, which in some cases may pop to deny returns to the real world or future access. The dream world will open up alternate paths for you to explore, but you cannot carry weapons while you are inside it.

death park 2 bed balloon

When you enter the dream world for the first time, you will be able to access Lily’s room and learn why she is screaming: the clown has kidnapped her in the dream world, trapping her in an endless sleep! After the clown finishes taunting you, unlock Lily’s door so you can return to your parents’ bedroom, then interact with the balloon to return to the real world. With your parents out of the house, you will have to find a way to save your sister on your own.

death park 2 flashlight kitchen

The front door is locked, and the only spare key is located in your dad’s office. As the direct path to the office is locked as well, your only option is travelling through the dark basement. Find a Flashlight in the kitchen, and another balloon floats into the living room. Touch it to transport yourself into the dream world again and enter the basement.

Thankfully there is nothing that can hurt you here so you can safely move through, picking up pistol ammo along the way and the occasional medkit to restore health. Once you reach the other side of the basement, remember to pick up the Hex Wrench on the way upstairs. You will need it later.

death park 2 basement

death park 2 wrench

death park 2 office entrance

You have reached your dad’s office, but the door is locked. Luckily, there’s a nearby closet with a vent leading to the office. Use the Hex Wrench to unfasten the vent cover and gain access to the office. The safe is located at the far corner of the office next to the desk, but a web blocks the way.

death park 2 office dream

death park 2 office reality

While there is another balloon located to return to reality, there is also a block puzzle that holds the four-digit safe code, which randomizes each playthrough. Depending on what difficulty you set the puzzles on, it is either a 4×4 grid or a 6×6 grid. In both cases you tap a square to rotate it clockwise in order to arrange it in the right order. You do not need to solve the puzzle in its entirety; just to the point where you can make out all the numbers.

death park 2 easy puzzle grid

death park 2 hard puzzle grid

death park 2 office key

With the front door key in your possession, head back to the dream world to reenter the basement. Unfortunately, the moment you get to the living room balloon, it pops and the clown ambushes you with several decoy balloons. Since you cannot fight back, you have to find the right balloon while avoiding the clown the whole time, so keep an ear out for his laughter. The real balloon is randomized, so we cannot help you at this point. When you find the real balloon, you are free from the clown’s clutches… for now.

death park 2 clown decoy

death park 2 ballon search

As a reminder, the areas that follow will need to be unlocked before you can continue.

A Quiet Knoll

death park 2 fog street

Now we explore Farland City. It has been evacuated after monsters started invading. While supplies are scattered across the place, including weapons you will unlock later, it is best that you either run away from the monsters or stay out of sight. The monsters’ tell are their footsteps and growling.

Despite it being pretty obvious, your pistol’s low magazine size can make shooting them an issue, on top of them respawning when you (re)enter a new place. Your first goal is to head onto the street and move west, where you will find an abandoned police car with a city map on the hood and a baseball bat which you will need to conserve ammo.

In the same area, there is a nearby truck with a typewriter. You can swap weapons by holding down the reload button and swiping up or down.

death park 2 cop car front

death park 2 cop car back

Farland City is divided into three “sections.” Each section is separated by gates, with you starting in the middle section. The hospital is located at the top section. Along the way, you will come across an antenna with a missing component and the graveyard to the east (which you will have to visit later on). As a rule, you can find ammunition close to deserted Humvees.

So if you are running short, look for the Humvees. Ultimately, your main goal is to get to the hospital where you can find a “rifle,” or rather, a submachine gun which the game calls a rifle, at the foot of the hospital entrance.

death park 2 monster sneak

death park 2 antenna a

death park 2 hospital entry

After entering the hospital, search the reception desk for mentions of a drug called “HZ-3,” which can be found in the head doctor’s office on the second floor. Alas, the only way up is through the spare stairs, which have been locked up. You will have to go through the narrow corridors, making fighting monsters a necessity.

death park 2 hospital reception

The key to the stairs is located down the hallway to the left, at the furthest hospital room. Take it and head upstairs. You will notice two elevators in the main hall, though only one of which can be interacted with later on. The other elevator is busted.

death park 2 spare stairs

death park 2 stairs key

death park 2 elevator slot

The second floor is rather straightforward, no pun intended, as it is a path leading directly to the head doctor’s office. Before you interact with the door, take note of the name written on the plaque to the left: it changes on each playthrough so you will need to remember it. The moment you touch the door, another balloon appears on the other side of the hall. Touch it, and your next encounter with the clown begins.

death park 2 monster hallway

death park 2 head office

death park 2 hospital balloon

This part of the game has you running away from the clown and answering some questions as you escape the dream world. The question will appear as a sign on the ceiling and you are given three choices to answer via entering the given door. The questions, reworded for the sake of readability, are listed below in no particular order:

  • Which is the (x) planet in the solar system?
  • Which shape has (x) sides?
  • Which of these words has one/two of the letter “e” or “r”?
  • Which of these statements is a lie?
  • Which month has (x) number of days?

death park 2 hospital chase

death park 2 hospital quiz

Answer these questions correctly and you will get closer to the head doctor’s office. Answer them wrong and you will have to deal with another question. Eventually, you will reach the office with another balloon waiting for you. Touch it to leave the dream world. Now that you are in the office, search the painting to the right to find a wall safe.

Unfortunately, the key to it has been buried along with the late head doctor. You will have to go visit the graveyard, but do not forget to take the graveyard gate key on the doctor’s desk, along with another typewriter to save your progress. It will be some time until you find another typewriter so you should be prepared for a long trek in case you get killed.

death park 2 head office inside

death park 2 head office safe

Grave Robbing And Medicine For Older Brothers

death park 2 graveyard main entrance

Go out to the hospital and head to the graveyard, using the map from the police car in case you get lost. The front gate is locked up, but the key from the head doctor’s desk can unlock the side entrance to the right of the front gate.

death park 2 graveyard side entrance

In the graveyard, look for the grave of the head doctor, using the name written on the office door. Go to the nearby church to find a shovel. Unfortunately, a red balloon floats out of the church, cluing you in on what is next.

death park 2 doctor's grave

death park 2 church

Your third hide-and-seek match against the clown has you searching for four jewels: an emerald, a ruby, a sapphire, and amber. Each jewel is attached to a headstone with either a symbol (on easy) or a riddle (on hard) inscribed beneath it. The inscriptions are easy to see as their white glow stands out in contrast to the red filter present in the dream world.

death park 2 gem grave a

death park 2 gem grave b

Bring these jewels to the church where it is locked and each jewel serves as a key. You have to match each jewel to the symbol drawn on each corner of the lock, and you will know you got the correct sequence when your character says “I think this works.” Once you have unlocked the church, head inside and touch the balloon.

death park 2 church lock

Back in the real world, you will find a shovel and a shotgun, the latter of which can easily kill most monsters with a couple of headshots. Head back to the head doctor’s grave to dig up the safe key. Once you have it and are about ready to leave, you will find that new monsters will be guarding the side entrance.

death park 2 shovel

death park 2 grave up

Evade them and leave the graveyard, but be careful as two other monsters will spawn quite close to the side entrance as soon as the map loads. Carefully navigate your way back to the hospital and into the head doctor’s office.

death park 2 new monster

Once in the head doctor’s office, unlock the safe to find an injector, a keycard, and a note saying that there is one more dose of HZ-3 in the basement, or Floor Zero. Head back downstairs and use the keycard on the working elevator to move down to the basement. The HZ-3 dose is located in a small storeroom which will only unlock when the fire alarm is set off. It just so happens that the fire alarm is broken. Thankfully it is rather easy to fix.

death park 2 floor zero

Next to the fire alarm is a group of four switches in a room. You have to switch these on in the order presented by a set of lights in the same room, where each light is connected to a switch. On easy, the order of lights and switches is simple, but on hard the wires are tangled up so you will have to follow each wire before hitting the switches in the right order.

death park 2 switch puzzle

Getting the order wrong will reset the switches. Your character will say “I think this works” once you have activated the switches in the correct order, allowing you to use the fire alarm and open the door. Find the HZ-3 dose, which will automatically combine with the injector, and head back to Lily.

death park 2 fire alarm

Once you are back home, use the loaded injector on Lily. Unfortunately upon doing so, you learn that the clown anticipated this, trapping Lily even deeper in the dream world. Needless to say, it is clear the clown wants you to return to Death Park. Head back outside, and a cutscene plays where a firetruck travels down the southwest corner of the map, where the amusement park waits. Make your way to the now-opened portion of the barricade.

death park 2 southern farland

Surprise Sewer Trip And Military Mishaps

You are now at the bottom section of Farland City, with Death Park on the far end of the road. There is a typewriter nearby if you need it, and as you travel to Death Park you will find the firetruck parked near a crashed oil tank with a fire raging nearby. We recommend dealing with the fire first, so kill any nearby monsters so you do not get disturbed.

death park 2 firetruck

First, grab the firehose on the rear of the firetruck and attach it to the nearby fire hydrant. Once you have done that, head to the side of the firetruck to start the pumps. You have five pressure gauges, and your objective is to get all five of them to maximum pressure. How these gauges work will depend on the puzzle difficulty:

On easy, activating a pressure gauge will bring it up to half-pressure while increasing its neighboring gauges to quarter-full pressure. Over-pressurizing any gauge will reset the pumps outright, so you will have to try again.

On hard, activating a pressure gauge will instantly bring it and its neighbors to full pressure and vice versa. You are in no danger of over-pressurizing.

Either way, when you have all five gauges set up, the firetruck will put out the fire. Continue towards the Death Park entrance.

death park 2 fire out

When you reach the entrance, you character will note that it uses a special lock, and the key is probably located in the nearby military base. Look for the “metal scissors” (cutting pliers) at the park entrance (which is a bit more difficult to spot compared to the rifle), and another balloon floats over the door. Thankfully, this balloon does not transfer you to the dream world.

death park 2 entrance

Instead, you just have to follow it, past the burning oil tank (which we have put out beforehand) and into a sewer, using the scissors to open the gate. You will pass by another antenna across the sewer entrance.

death park 2 metal cutter

death park 2 balloon path

death park 2 sewer gate

Once you are in the sewer, there will be a map of the area on a nearby wall, and another balloon to the dream world. Your next goal is to travel through a maze and open up three gates to the other area, all while the clown lurks inside it. Each gate has an associated hand wheel, with the wheels located on the map below:

death park 2 sewer map

The first wheel is placed right in front of the gates themselves, so you cannot miss it.

The second wheel is in the westernmost loop of the maze.

The third wheel is at the far loop in the north. Unlike the first pair of wheels, this one will slowly close, so you will need to hurry once the gate is up.

With the clown safely away for the time being, you will come across an empty water tank and a broken bridge that leads to the next room. The idea is to flood the water tank to get across by using some junk, but how it works will vary between puzzle difficulties:

death park 2 sewer tank

On easy, it is just a matter of closing the gate in the middle of the tank and flooding the left side of the tank, bringing the junk up so you can cross.

On hard, it is more complex. Similar to the firetruck, you cannot over-flood each side of the tank otherwise it will automatically drain the water. You will have to close the gate as water is pouring in the right side of the tank before filling up the left side.

Once you are across the tank, you will find another balloon to reality, and the door behind you will lock up, so no worries about the clown for the time being. Your next obstacle is travelling through the sewers to get to the base, while evading monsters that are roaming in the tunnels. It is a little easier to avoid them compared to the hospital corridors, but be prepared for a fight regardless.

death park 2 sewer sneak

death park 2 sewer save

After travelling through the sewer tunnels, you will find a small room with a typewriter and a calendar. Further down the hallway is a locked door with a corresponding keypad. How to open the keypad will again, vary depending on the difficulty:

death park 2 sewer code easy

death park 2 sewer code hard

Easy mode will have the code more or less written next to the keypad itself.

Hard mode will have a different code based on the in-game day, displayed on a monitor in the typewriter room. Use the calendar to find out what day of the week it is, and consult a note close to the typewriter that shows how the code should be input.

Unlock the door to head to the military base. As you travel deeper into the base, you will encounter a rather large monster that immediately starts chasing you. Kill it quickly.

death park 2 military monster

Now that the monster is dead, you can safely continue down the hall to find three doors, with one of them unlocked. To open the other doors, you have to interact with the switchboard nearby, aligning all four switches to open a room of your choice. You can check out the other rooms to get supplies, but you should head to Block C, where you will find the key to the Death Park lock. Pick it up and continue onward.

death park 2 switch board

death park 2 clown key

On the way out of the military base, there will be another big monster lurking about and another room locked with a keypad. This keypad relies on some basic math. You are provided three equations written on a nearby window and a cipher whose numbers and mathematical symbols have been replaced.

On easy, only parts of the equations are substituted, but on hard, not only is the entire equation replaced with the cipher, but it is also mirrored. This actually threw us in a loop the first time we encountered it.

death park 2 math code

Solve the equations to find the three-digit code to the keypad, unlocking the room which has some supplies and most importantly the missing antenna components. Locate the exit to the military base, which leads to the middle section of Farland City.

death park 2 antenna components

Saving Your Sister

Now that you have the key, you can head into Death Park to save Lily. If you decided to collect the antenna components, do not forget to install them on the antennas as you travel back to the amusement park. Once you have returned to the Death Park entrance, use the key to enter the House of Horrors.

death park 2 park entry

death park 2 park ticket

death park 2 park save

Death Park is littered with monsters, and the only save point is a TV screen at the center of the park. The first thing you should do is to pick up the Train ticket at a nearby ticket booth, then use the ticket on the Train attraction to the left of the booth. The last antenna is also located here, at the far end of the park, so remember to install the missing component before continuing onward. Once you activate the Train, it will bust open a nearby gate, so follow the tracks to the final area.

death park 2 park train

death park 2 train gate

At the last area of the park, take the path leading to the nearby bridge where you will find some gears, a locked gearbox, and a nonfunctional lever. When you pick up the gears, one last balloon will show up, prompting one last encounter with the clown.

Remember the train you set off? The clown has tricked you into sending the train to Lily, who has been tied up on the other end of the track! You need to work fast and arrange the gears in the right order to activate the lever, moving the train to the opposite track.

Depending on your puzzle difficulty, you either have forty-five seconds or thirty seconds to get the gears in the right places. Luckily, we have the solution below if you are having trouble with this part.

death park 2 rail switch

death park 2 rail switch dream

death park 2 gear solution

death park 2 clown final

Death Park 2 has four endings based on two factors: whether or not you manage to save Lily in time, and if you managed to get all three antennas working to keep new monsters out of Farland City. Our guide just described how to get the best ending, so we hope this will help you save both your sister and your neighborhood. If you guys have any details that we missed, please let us know in the comments section. Thank you and we hope you enjoy Death Park 2!