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Death Coming (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Become a Feared Grim Reaper

Having a bad day at work? Has your daily routine been stressing you out so much that you just want to take it all out on the first person you meet? Instead of hurting real people why not play the Grim Reaper in the brand new strategy puzzler Death Coming. This unique mobile title has been developed and released by Sixjoy. The game is currently available to download and play for a small price of $1.99 for iOS devices from the Apple iTunes store. The developers are expected to release an Android version quite soon as well. Due to its current popularity, players provide regular feedback and the developers are keen to work on these suggestions. The latest update to Death Coming bumped it up to version and occurred on 16 March 2018.

Despite having a funny morbid feel to it, Death Coming can offer quite a challenge during the later levels and this is because once you start killing off many people at once, the difficulty increases exponentially. Even though the built in tutorial does a great job of ensuring that you learn all the basic rules and get set on your way to becoming a terrifying Grim Reaper, you will definitely feel the need of some external guidance when you reach the higher stages. Follow our list of cheats, tips and tricks mentioned in this guide and you will find yourself on the true path to killing people even before they have a chance to think about what is happening!

1. Killing With Death Traps

Death Coming gives you all the tools and traps needed to cause spectacular deaths and it is all up to you to decide how you want the person of your choice to leave this cruel world. In game, these contraptions are known as Death Traps and they are of many different types each having some unique qualities. When you begin to play only the basic death traps will be available for you to use but a whole collection can be unlocked by performing well or thinking of creative ways for your victims to die.

The Death Traps are divided into three basic categories with hundreds of customizations available for each category as you progress through the game. These three basic categories are “Walk Into Traps”, “Death From Above” and “Self-Created Traps”. In order to proceed far into Death Coming and kill a ton of victims, you should know all about how each category works and how best to manipulate your victims to fall for the one which you wish to use in your death scheme.

Make Your Victims Walk Into Certain Death

These are the most common type of Death Traps in Death Coming and therefore are really hard to use because they must be hidden in plain sight of the victims. At the earlier stages, your victims are also not so intelligent so these are the type of traps that you will be using most during this time. The Walk Into death traps basically requires your victim to be the architect of their own death. You just have to make sure that you lay the trap in such an effective way that they are unable to notice it until the very last moment when it’s too late!

The most common Walk Into Death Trap is the camouflaged ditch where you fool the victim into thinking he is walking on solid ground. However there is a deep ditch strategically hidden below some leaves or weak wooden planks. Once your victim realizes that he should jump over this trap it is mostly already too late for him to move at all. In some of the later levels however, the more intelligent victims will be able to identify subtle differences between the normal ground and the trap that you have set for them. For these clever victims you will have to employ some of the counter strategies mentioned later on in this guide. In addition to the camouflaged ditch trap you have the options to place the Sudden Spikes and Metal Clamp traps as well which offer a much more painful death but are harder to hide as well.

Surprise Your Victims With Death From Above

This category of death traps is one of the most interesting and unique to play around and experiment with. They are not available to you until you have killed at least five victims and rightly so because you need to have a certain understanding of the victims before you can use these death traps successfully. Unlike the Walk Into Death Traps which remain stationary after deployment and wait for your victim to pass, the Death From Above traps need a very good timing to be effective. This is because most of the traps in this category consist of heavy falling objects or sharp objects. Therefore if you mess up the timing, the killing objects will miss your victim and also alert the potential victims behind him so they will also be able to avoid death at your hands.

The most common type of traps in this category are the heavy falling crate which does not cost much credit points and is effective at the same time. The only problem with it is the low level of accuracy that it provides and this makes it a high risk trap to use at the later stages. This is because once you progress to the later stages, the artificial intelligence increases by a huge amount and your victims will be able to predict the falling crate.

On some of the levels, observant people around the victim might also be able to alert him about the falling crate which totally messes up your plans for a quiet and effective death. In such kind of situations, it is better to use the upgrades and variations which you will be able to unlock as you perform well on the previous levels. One of these variations is when a construction platform drops on the victim and as this is a completely random accident no one suspects you and you can carry on with the death plans for your other victims.

Make The Victims Kill Themselves

This category of traps is a very brutal one as you play with the mind of your victims and force them into causing their own death. It cannot be called suicide however as you trick them into dying by their own hands and it is therefore much more evil on your part. This category is the hardest to use and is recommended only when you have mastered the usage of the other two categories of death traps. This is because if you try to use the self-created traps at the early levels, the artificial intelligence of the victims is not high enough for them to process the complex moves required to execute these traps. All of the self-created traps are very closely related to the daily routines of the victims and it is only at the higher stages that the routines are unique enough for you to play around with their minds and force them to do stuff they normally would not go with.

A highly recommended trap from this category is the drinking poison mind trick which you can force the victim to play on himself. The comedic part of this trap is that the victim will embrace his own death because you will have convinced him through different signs to be more curious than is normally necessary. The game offers you a “godly” isometric perspective so you can observe all the movements of your victim and even his colleagues at work after you have begun setting your trap. This makes things much more interesting as during the later levels you can even influence the people that your victim interacts with in order to add an additional layer of protection against the failure of your death traps. In contrast, these same people could also alert the victims of seeing or feeling something suspicious going on so you should try and find the optimum balance to become the most terrifying Grim Reaper ever!

2. Get To Know Your Victims

Death Coming introduces a very unique and interesting perspective to the normal gameplay of puzzler games. Instead of just mindlessly plotting death traps for your victims, the game challenges you by keeping a high variation of behaviors among the different victims. This means that just as you keep an eye for their regular movements in order to lay down effective death traps, your victims also look around for any suspicious activities or movements going on. Not only does this make your job much harder, it also does not allow you to make random decisions as this would affect almost all of the future victims in your plans as well.

A rating mechanism determines how well you performed with each victim and this score actually determines your progression in the game. If you manage to get a very high kill rating, Death Coming will automatically upgrade the potential victims to give you more of a challenge. However if you get successively low ratings, the game may derank you to ensure that you learn how to effectively read your victims and place death traps. In short you will remain stuck on the lower stages if you do not put any effort into improving your death planning skills in the game.

The best way to get to know your victims is to treat each of them as you would like to know them personally. This means that you should research on all aspects of their daily routine and do your best to find out some loopholes. These free times or irregularities are the times where you can fit in your death traps and shock your victims when they least expect it. Most of your victims will have certain times of the day like in the afternoon when they would leave work and roam around the city.

This time is usually lunch time or when they are returning from work. Remember the more you observe your victims, the better you will be able to plan your strategy for the most effective death trap. Therefore do not try to rush this process and take as much time as is required to really get a grasp on a personal level with each of your victims.

3. Battle The Weather And Angels

Death Coming is a game which actually builds a world that is true to the real world. Even though the concept itself is fantasy like but the environment and more importantly the weather is always changing and quite unpredictable like in real life. This is a major challenge for you from the developers. This is because even if you do manage to build a master plan for the death of a victim, it can all get messed up in a second due to unforeseen weather conditions. Most of the times you will have to combat such situations by getting an overview of the upcoming week. You will then have to plan your death traps according to the weather conditions. This will not ensure a hundred percent that you will succeed but it will guarantee a high chance of your victims falling prey to your death traps!

In addition to the weather being a nuisance, the developers have included forces known as Angels in the game which work to thwart your death plans. These Heavenly characters intervene whenever your chosen victim is dying a more painful death than necessary or if he is dying before his time. In other words they are there to take the fun out of everything so be sure to give them a tough time with some mind boggling death plans!