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Daybreak Legends: Origin Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Master the Game

An evil dragon is threatening to end the world as we know it, and the fate of the world rests in your hands. Daybreak Legends: Origin is an epic MMORPG created by Linekong Holdings Limited for Android and iOS devices. Treat yourself to a stunning display of visual effects and breathtaking cutscenes never before seen in the mobile platform. The game takes pride in its seamless combat system that utilizes actual combos. You can go solo or join a team and go on raids. Participate in guild wars and duels in order to prove your supremacy. Don’t forget that you are supposed to save the world, though. Embark on a journey to find the legendary artifact. It is the only thing that can stop Gagheig the dragon and retrieve the light. The path before you will be long and filled with challenges. Make sure you are prepared by reading our Daybreak Legends: Origin tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Pick Your Class Wisely

Upon starting the game, you will immediately be asked to create your character. There are currently four classes to choose from. Unfortunately, the only customization you have in the beginning is the character’s hair color, and there are only three options. That aside, the choice you make when it comes to your character’s class will determine how well you will enjoy this game. All classes are gender locked, so you may want to think about that as well. Make sure you choose a class that works best with your play style. We have listed the different classes below for your reference.


This guy uses dual blades and is adept in close combat. He is the closest thing there is to a tank in the game. Choose him if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Since he can take a few hits without going down, he is a good starter for beginners.


She is the second melee character in the game, but she isn’t as tanky. She makes up for it, though, with her summons. Her combat style also allows her to be somewhat effective in mid-range battles. Pick this class if you are confident in your ability to effectively dodge attacks and disengage when necessary.


As the name suggests, this is the spellcasting class that specializes in massive magical damage. He is quite squishy, but his disabling spells help him survive when used correctly. This class is for slightly advanced players who know when to use specific skills as opposed to just button-mashing whichever skill is available.

Bounty Hunter

Another ranged class, this girl specializes in guns. She also has a few disabling skills that can help her survive in case enemies get too close. Her skills have different ranges and areas of effect, so you will need to be aware of your positioning if you pick her.

2. Master The Combat System

As soon as you create your character, even before you give your name, you will be transported to the battle with Gagheig. The game will attempt to teach you the basics of attacking, but before you can figure anything out, the dragon will slap the living daylights out of you and throw you off the floating island. There is more to the game’s combat system than the basic attack button that the game introduces. You will notice that the icons of your skills and the attack button itself changes as you fight. That’s because there is a combo system in place. Certain skills can only be used if the Release Condition has been met.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the sequence of your skills. Just head into the Skills menu to see an overview of how the skills are chained as indicated by the arrows. If you find the arrows confusing, you can check out the skill descriptions and check the Release Condition from there. It may not seem immediately important during the easy battles early on, but you will eventually have to know how to trigger specific skills if you want to progress far in the game.

3. Learn And Upgrade Skills

When you hit level 6, you will be introduced to the Skills menu. Don’t worry because you won’t really need it prior to level 6. Once you have access to the Skills menu, you will be able to Learn new skills. You will also be able to upgrade existing ones. Learning and upgrading skills only cost Gold, the normal currency of the game, so keep upgrading and learning skills as long as you can afford it. Keep in mind that learning new skills and upgrading existing ones are limited by your level. Don’t forget to drop by the Skills menu to see if anything was unlocked right after you level up.

4. Enhance Your Gear

Upon reaching level 9, you will be able to start enhancing your equipment to increase its stats. Enhancing requires Boostones which you can get as rewards from completing quests or by buying them from the in-game store. You can also get Boostones from fishing. Don’t be afraid to enhance even your starting equipment. The enhancement level will automatically be transferred to any new equipment you put on. Try to raise the equipment level of all your gear equally to ensure a balanced build.

5. Follow The Growth Path

The game has several rewards lined up for you if you are active during your first few days. To start off, when you tap on the Bonus icon on the top right area of your screen, you will see a tab that is labeled Login Gift. Tap on it to see the different rewards you will receive on specific days. There is a catch, though. You will need to reach certain levels before you can claim those rewards. For example, you will need to reach level 9, 15, and 20 on Day 1 in order to claim the rewards. You will get better rewards as each day progresses, up until the 14th day if you manage to reach level 65. You also get the Nightmare mount on the 20th day of playing.

Another reward you get for simply leveling up in this game is in the SVR icon on the top right of your screen. Go to the Level Up Gift tab to see the different rewards you will receive upon reaching milestone levels. The first reward will be available when you reach level 15. You will get additional rewards for every five levels after that until you reach level 55.

Finally, you also have the Growth rewards in the Bonus icon. This time around, you will be given rewards for accomplishing certain tasks within the game. For example, you will be given extra Boostones when you enhance your weapon to level 10. You also get Magic Dust for clearing the level 28 Abyssal Raid – 5. Keep checking these sections for rewards. These will help you out a lot in getting started on the right track in the game.

6. Play Every Day For Rewards

Aside from the rewards you receive from leveling up, you also get numerous rewards for simply logging into the game. When you head back into the Bonus menu, you will see the Sign-in tab where you get various rewards every day you sign in. You also get extra rewards if you meet the required VIP level. The SVR menu has its own daily login rewards as well. You will receive items, premium currency, mount shards, and even outfits for simply logging in consistently during your first eight days in the game.

7. Use The Auto-Navigate Function

The game has a convenient feature that allows your character to automatically navigate to where you need to be for your current quest. Just tap on the quest summary on the left side of the screen to auto-navigate. If your auto-battle is on, you will also automatically fight any battles that you encounter on your quest. Utilize this feature in order to efficiently complete quests. The game has a vast world that is open for exploration, but it tends to get in the way if you are trying to get a job done.

8. Beware Of Auto-Battle

While we encourage the use of the auto-navigate function, you should use caution when relying on auto-battle. Your character will continue to soldier on in battles if you leave it on auto. That means you will end up dying if your opponent is not a lot weaker than you. Your character will not automatically dodge and will not run away even if your health is low. Make sure you keep an eye on your character even if you are on auto-battle to ensure nothing goes wrong.

9. Warpet Care 101

When you reach level 12, you will acquire your first warpet. Warpets are companions that boost your power and fight alongside you. It has its own stats like HP, ATK, PDEF, MDEF, and so on. To increase these stats, you will need to feed your warpet other pets. Just tap on the Eat button above your warpet’s stats then add the ones you don’t need. The good news is it is fairly easy to get extra warpets in the game. You just need to go on a few raids to pick up new warpets. You can also evolve your warpet to make it stronger using Evolvore stones. You can acquire these from the in-game shop, through raids, and while fishing.

Upon reaching level 18, you will gain access to warpet skills. Here you will find both Active and Passive skills. In order to teach your pet a new skill, you will need a Skillbook. You can get these as rewards from Timed Events. You should also upgrade your warpet’s skills in this menu by spending Gold. Make sure you regularly check your warpet’s skills to ensure they are fully upgraded.

Finally, when you reach level 29, you will unlock the warpet soulbox. These are items that can be equipped on your warpet in order to boost its stats. Soulbox items can be upgraded using soulbox experience items. You can also evolve them by using Advancore. All soulbox-related items can be farmed in the Endless Tower.

If you want to acquire specific warpets, you can check out the Index on the lower left of the warpet screen. This lists down the different warpets available and they can be filtered according to types, aptitude level, and colors. Just tap on the Obtain button to find out how you can get them.

10. Find A Guild

The game has a guild system where you can team up with other players from around the world. Tap on the banner icon on the top left of the chatbox. You will see all the available guilds. You can also search for specific guilds that you are interested in joining. If you want to create your own guild, it will cost your 300 Diamonds. Our advice, though, is to try joining a guild first before creating one. A guild’s success depends on how active all the members are. Unless you already have a bunch of friends who are waiting to join the guild you will create, it will most likely be an uphill battle for you.

Upon joining a guild, you will be able to participate in different Guild Events that will reward you with rare items, Gold, Diamonds, and equipment. More importantly, you can earn plenty of Guild Donation from these events. Guild Donation points are used to purchase items from the Guild Store. You can buy upgrade materials, soulbox items, and even mount shards from the Guild Store.

Some Guild Events follow specific schedules like the Guild Prayer and Guild War. Most of the Guild Events require guild level 2. This is why it is important to find an active guild. You will not be able to access the best features of the guild system if you are the only one active. The more active members your guild has, the easier it will be to raise your guild level.

11. Farm Hard And Abyssal Raid

One of your daily tasks should be to farm Hard or Abyssal Raid ten times. Only Hard Raid is initially available to you. You will need to reach level 28 to unlock Abyssal Raid. Don’t worry because they aren’t really all that hard if you have not been neglecting your growth. What’s even better is that you can actually click on the repeat button on the right side, so your character will continuously replay the same raid over and over. That makes it easier to farm. Raid gives you a lot of resources including experience, Gold, warpets, equipment, and Evolvore stones among other things. Keep in mind that if you run out of AP, you will no longer be able to claim additional rewards. You will still be able to receive experience and gold, though. Make it a habit to farm Raid every day in order to maximize your progress in the game. Don’t forget to invite your guildmates as well because raids give out Guild Donation points depending on the number of guild members on the team.

12. Hunt For Mounts

Aside from your warpet, there is another creature that will help increase your power. Mounts in this game do not only increase your movement speed, they also have their own set of stats that will automatically be added to you when you ride them. Mounts can also be evolved but this time around, you will need Relic Blood which you can farm in the Castle Defense timed event.

Mounts can be obtained through different means. The most straightforward way is to buy them with real money. You can also get more mount shards by playing Castle Defense and other timed events. To find out how to obtain a specific mount, just open up the Index in the Mount menu. Look for the mount you want, then tap on the Obtain button. This will show you the different options you have for obtaining that mount.

13. Light Up Artifacts

When you hit level 24, you will be able to light up your first Artifact. Each Artifact has multiple points, with each point giving your character a boost in specific stats. You will need Astrastones to light up each point in the Artifact. Astrastones can be acquired through fishing and by playing Treasure Hunter. Once you light up all points, you will get an additional overall boost. For example, lighting up all the points in the first Thunder Artifact will give you a 1.7% boost in ATK. New Artifacts will be unlocked when you hit level 29, 35, 42, 47, 53, and 60. Keep lighting up Artifacts in order to give your character a massive power boost!

14. Switch Up Your Play Style

The game has a feature called Switch Skill that is unlocked upon reaching level 28. You can access this on the Skills menu of your character. Just tap on the Switch button on the top right of your skills overview. Doing so will change your character’s skill set. You will also be able to upgrade the individual skills in the new role. Switching skills is really more important when playing in teams. This will allow you to adjust your play style depending on the needs of your team. Make sure you practice using your alternate skills, so you can fight effectively in both roles.

15. Fish When You’re Idle

We have mentioned fishing a few times in this game. If you are going to be idle for some time, try to leave the game on so you can fish. You only need to throw a line and your character will automatically fish repeatedly until you make him stop. Just run towards the edge of the water and look for the fishing icon. Tap on it to start fishing.

Fishing is the best way to get different upgrade stones for free. You can also catch rare carps that you can eat in order to gain some extra experience. Finally, lesser carps that you catch can be sold in exchange for Gold. Make sure you leave your character fishing whenever you can instead of just logging off from the game.

16. Hunt For Treasure

When you go on Abyssal Raids, you will most likely get Treasure Maps as rewards. Using these will lead you to different items including upgrade stone and gems. Just tap on the Treasure Map item to automatically navigate to different areas on the map. Just make sure you pay attention to where your character is going since you may encounter enemies along the way.

17. Dress To Kill

One of the best things about this game is that the outfits are not just for cosmetic purposes. Outfits are unlocked upon reaching level 38, but it is possible to get them long before you reach that level. Once you have an outfit, you can equip it in the Hero menu by tapping on the Outfit icon to the left of your weapon. Outfits give stat bonuses and they can also be upgraded by using Outfit Essences. If you can’t decide on which outfit to wear, don’t worry! All owned outfits will continue to give you stat bonuses even if they are not worn. Keep collecting outfits in order to gain a lot of boosts. You can check out the Outfit Index to find out how to get the different outfits in the game.

18. Don’t Forget Your Dailies

Aside from the Main Quests, you will notice that there are other quests listed on the left side of the screen. One of these quests will be labeled Daily. Tap on it to view the different tasks that you should accomplish for the day. These include fishing, treasure discovery, raids, duels, and so on. Each task has its own activity score. The more tasks you complete, the more points you accumulate. If you check the bottom of the Daily screen, you will notice a bar. There are markers for scoring 120, 240, and 300 points. These are milestones that you need to reach in order to gain the indicated rewards. Reaching 300 points will reward you with 100 Diamonds, so try to complete as many tasks as you can.

Stopping Gagheig and his evil plot will not be an easy task. Just remember everything you learned from our Daybreak Legends: Origin strategy guide to ensure your success!