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Dance School Stories Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Stars are not born, they are made. Even if you have natural talent, you still need to put in hard work in order to succeed. TabTales’s new mobile game Dance School Stories puts you in the shoes of an aspiring dancer named Ava. The game lets you go on the journey of a lifetime, with the first step starting in the Dance School auditions. Getting into the school is the easy part as you will soon find out. Being part of a top dance school is not all about glamour and flare. Classes are rigorous, competition is tough, and worst of all, the school head is nearly impossible to impress. It is not enough that you go through the motions of dancing. It is not even enough that you win dance battles against other students. You will need to work on your skills in different dance types while maintaining your overall fitness. Don’t worry, though. Our Dance School Stories strategy guide has a few lessons lined up for you as well.

1. Pay Attention To Class

While this makes very good real-life advice, it is also true when it comes to this game. Your classes will involve one-on-one lessons with your teachers. You will see four buttons on the screen. These buttons indicate different dance moves. Your teacher will go through a routine that will highlight the buttons in a particular order. You need to be able to recreate what the teacher did in order to earn points for that class.

It sounds easy, and the game does start you off with low difficulty during the first semester. As you progress, however, the routines will get longer. If you don’t pay attention, you can easily get confused. You will be given a star rating at the end of the class, with three stars being the highest you can achieve. Make sure you always aim for three stars in order to get the highest possible grade at the end of the semester.

2. Your Look Matters

While it can be fun to go a little crazy with your fashion and make up choices, try not to get too carried away. Every time you put on a performance, you will be rated on your skills as well as your style. That means you need to think about what you wear. It makes sense since dancing is not just about movement, it is about the overall presentation. One trick to help boost your style rating is to try to complete your outfit as much as possible. Look for matching styles in tops and bottoms.

You should also pay attention to how your character reacts to her look. If she is not happy with it, there is little chance that the judges will like it. You can tell Ava doesn’t like a particular color of makeup if she shakes her head after you apply it. She will also make a face and bend over if she does not like her clothes. On the other hand, you will see her smile brightly and clasp her hands together in excitement if she is happy with her look.

3. Unlock Free Fashion Options

One good thing about Dance School Stories is that you are not limited in terms of fashion options. You will not be forced to spend real money just to get better grades for your looks. When you are in any character customization screen, you will see a few options that have a Play button on them. Tapping on it will play a short advertisement. Make sure you take advantage of this in order to push your performance scores higher. Not to mention you get to look a little more fabulous in the process.

4. Mix Things Up

While it is true that Madam Truffaut is difficult to please, you don’t have to base your progress on her comments. Instead, focus on getting your grades up. In order to get better performance ratings, you need to create a routine that isn’t boring. There are different options for dance moves. You will notice that the moves are divided into sets, as indicated by their colors. Don’t just stick to one set of dance moves. Try to find a good combination of moves from the different sets. Also, avoid using the same routine for different performances. The judges would not be as impressed the second time around.

5. Get Some Extra Credit, Here’s How

You don’t have to follow the game’s story strictly. At the bottom-left corner of your screen, you will find an icon that looks like a planner. Tap on it in order to see the different recommended activities. For example, instead of heading straight to your next class, you might have another line in your planned that recommends you hit the gym. Going to the gym first will allow you to earn some extra points for the semester.

On top of that, you can also do activities that are not listed in your planner. As we mentioned above, you will need to work on your skills. There are different skills that can be improved. There is one for each type of dance as well as a fitness skill. Going to the different dance studios will allow you to improve your skill on the respective dances. You can also go to the Gym to improve your fitness.

6. Play The Game Every Day To Unlock More Content

Pink tickets serve as a special currency that you will need in order to unlock more content in Dance School Stories. You get one for free every time you end the semester in the top ten. Of course, if you could get more, that would be better. An easy way to get more pink tickets and other resources is by simply logging into the game every day. The game gives daily bonuses as soon as you log in. You don’t even need to play. Just enter the game, claim your reward, then log back out. Take advantage of this and make time to claim rewards even if you are too busy to play. You get better rewards for consecutive logins, including major prizes on your seventh day.

You now have what it takes to become the next dancing superstar! Stick to our Dance School Stories cheats, tips and tricks and you will make it to the top in no time!


Saturday 29th of April 2023

I love this game but I don’t know how to take off the sunglasses

Jaqueenester Collier

Saturday 8th of August 2020

I can't unlock the clinic


Saturday 11th of July 2020

Please I'm stocked in semester 4 year 5 why is it like that and please open the clinic and spa please 🙏🙏💦💦🙏and also when u are watching videos of wat u performed it is not showing the characters cloths that I put on the character please adress that😫😩😟😥😭🙏💦🥺 but overall it's a very nice game

Erica Fernandes

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

I love this game but I am not able to play it now because it's asking to go to the battle arena and when I go there now it's asking ticket but I don't have tickets and I don't know how and where I will get the ticket. Please if someone can help me with my problem please tell me what to do now. Help me friends..

Noneya business

Monday 13th of December 2021

@Erica Fernandes, so when you get on the game the next day it should have a present for each day when you open it on the first day you should get a ticket

Ciara Murphy

Friday 4th of October 2019

I love this game app but I don’t know how to open the clinic and spa in the game Ciara