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Cut the Rope: BLAST Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Beat Every Level

One of the cutest and most popular characters of mobile gaming returns with yet another fun and challenging puzzle adventure in Cut the Rope: BLAST as Om Nom takes you through a unique match-3, or rather match-2, puzzle unlike any other. Colored tiles to match and pop are just the tip of the iceberg as balloons, bubbles, crates, and other unique obstacles stand between Om Nom and Om Nelle and their candies.

Cut the Rope: BLAST offers a simple yet challenging puzzle gameplay that players of all ages and skill levels can easily pick up and enjoy, regardless of whether or not they have played loosely similar game before. There are various kinds of puzzles to be solved and nifty power-ups you can use to help solve them. Players can play longer if they keep solving puzzles and life, which replenishes over time, is lost with each failure.

cut the rope blast mission completed

Taking on a wide variety of obstacles, in addition to matching tiles to reach each level’s goal, can occasionally present a more challenging scenario than what you normally play through. You can expect to breeze through the early levels as mechanics are as simple as can be. Simple obstacles working in tandem, however, can yield surprising levels of challenges that can fully test the limits of your skills and strategies.

Cut the Rope: BLAST comes packed with a very helpful tutorial that introduces players to each game mechanic with ease. Players can make progress through the starting puzzles with little effort but will occasionally experience some hiccups in more challenging levels. If you have just started playing the game and want to beat every level, then we have you covered as our Cut the Rope: BLAST beginner’s guide has all the basic tips and strategies you need to become an ace puzzle solver!

1. Strategize Around The Power Tiles

Cut the Rope: BLAST may be a lot more forgiving than most match puzzle games in that you can eliminate tiles and obstacles simply by matching 2 tiles of the same color instead of 3. Just like similar puzzle games, however, making a move that eliminates merely 2 tiles or any number less than what would generate special tiles are often considered as the last resort, with exceptions.

In most levels, it is very important to generate the special tiles or power-ups that can yield blast effects and can eliminate multiple tiles and obstacles beyond what normal matches do. These special tiles can be generated by matching 5, 7, and 9 similar tiles together. Each one has its own distinct abilities that can also be used in combination with other special tiles.

cut the rope blast power tiles

Rockets can be generated by matching 5 or 6 tiles together. Rockets are randomly generated either horizontally or vertically and can clear all tiles, balloons, crates and some other obstacles in their way. Matching 7 or 8 tiles will yield you a bomb and bombs can clear all surrounding tiles. Matching 9 or more tiles will generate a candy, which is the most powerful power-up of the three.

The color of the candy you can generate depends on the color of the tiles you matched and activating it will clear all tiles of its color. You can earn some of these power-ups and activate them before engaging a puzzle to have a boost early on.

These power-ups are cool on their own but mixing them together results in even more powerful effects. Matching 2 rockets together will clear a lane of tiles horizontally and vertically. A combination of 2 bombs will yield a bigger explosion. 2 candies merged together will clear everything on the table. If you merge a candy with either a rocket or a bomb, all tiles of the same color as the candy will be converted to that power-up. Last, but not the least, a rocket plus a bomb gives you a blast that clears 3 lanes horizontally and vertically.

In addition to these special tiles and combinations, there are also 4 different special items you can use to help you clear puzzles. These items are limited and can be earned as rewards from missions and other achievements. The hammer can clear any tile, the car will clear a horizontal line, the weight can clear a vertical line, and the fan can replace some tiles on the puzzle.

cut the rope blast stars

Knowing all these power-ups and tools is the easy part as you would have to strategize on when to use them. For the consumable ones, we recommend saving them for the hard levels, or ones that you simply cannot complete following repeated attempts.

If you are in a situation when you are almost out of moves and are likewise certain that using a special tool will help you clear the level, then feel free to do so. These consumable items are meant to be saved for the rainy days but you should also be wary of hoarding too much and not being able to use them at all.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

Perhaps it is a result of being used to the mechanics of conventional puzzle games or simply an inherent desire to quickly finish a level but there is a strong tendency for players, especially beginners, to opt for matching tiles as fast as they can with hardly any consideration for alternative moves as well as forecasting the next ones.

Considering all the fun and excitement involved, match puzzle games like Cut the Rope: BLAST are a game of patience and strategy. While there are some random elements involved as new tiles drop down when you eliminate some, a careful analysis of every possible move before actually matching tiles will more likely yield better results.

cut the rope blast time

What strategic plays involve when it comes to choosing the best possible move is not constrained to only the next tile match you can make. Despite the presence of special tiles or power-ups, it can happen that matching 4 or less tiles together will prove to be the better option.

This applies to instances when matching a lower number of tiles will result in more tiles of the same color merging together, ultimately yielding better power-ups or combinations of such that can help you clear the level at a faster and more efficient rate.

On the other hand, rushing to complete a level through each move you make can make you reckless. In some cases, you may realize a mistake right after the move has been made. One of Cut the Rope: BLAST’s traits is that it creates such a fun and exciting gameplay atmosphere, handing a plethora of available turns for players to finish the puzzle.

cut the rope blast moves

More often than not, you can clear levels with a 3-star rating without much thought and strategy, creating a sense of ease in that levels with relatively fewer turns available will catch you by surprise.

With unlimited time within which you can decide on a move, regardless of whether or not the current level is easy, you will have a much higher chance of clearing it and even securing a 3-star rating, even without relying on any of the consumable tools and power-ups.

3. Keep Your Focus On The Goal

Cut the Rope: BLAST’s goals are tied up to the elimination of various obstacles in the puzzle and using the matching of the colored tiles to do so. The thrill and satisfaction of merging tiles together, especially in huge numbers that unlock special tiles or power-ups, can often serve as a distraction towards accomplishing the level’s goal or goals.

What usually happens in the earlier levels as well as select levels moving forward, is that the rockets, bombs, candies, and their unique combinations, will make it tremendously easier for you to clear puzzles. There are even cases where a mere 2-candy combo will wipe out all obstacles and clear the goal faster than anyone would expect.

cut the rope blast bombs

As fun and convenient those instances are, however, it will not always be the case. Cut the Rope: BLAST is designed in such a way that each level offers a unique challenge and, sometimes, these challenges make it so that power-ups are not always as helpful as you expect them to be.

Rockets, for example, will only trigger the pigeon homes and strawberry bushes that they go through, and more often than not, clicking on 2 or more tiles adjacent to these obstacles do a better job of taking you a step closer to your goals. In some cases, the obstacles are spread apart in that even bombs and fused bombs become less effective.

One of the obstacles you will encounter early on are bubbles that pop when the tiles behind them are merged and eliminated. However, eliminating those tiles with the use of power-ups will not get the job done. This is one of those cases where a 2-candy combo will not instantly complete the level for you and you will have to rely more on actually merging tiles together to get rid of the bubbles and clear the level.

cut the rope blast goal

In any case, there are plenty more of obstacles and combinations of them as well lurking behind higher levels. We are almost certain as well that Cut the Rope: BLAST will be adding more challenges in future updates.

As you keep clearing levels and move forward with your puzzle adventure, always be mindful of the goals at the upper left side of your screen. This is a basic habit that you need to constantly keep in mind, even if you are an experienced player in the game.

4. Make An Effort To Unlock Chests

Each level you play in Cut the Rope: BLAST can be cleared without relying on using power-ups before the start of a level or expending the tools you have as gifts following the tutorial. All of these special consumables can make your life easier but relying on them a lot will just make it harder as you move forward through more challenging levels.

Cut the Rope: BLAST does provide players with a plethora of means to stock up on these consumables for free. These additional perks are tied up to either your progression through the levels and other events that relate to the usual activities you engage in on a regular basis.

unlocking chest in cut the rope blast

Most of the treasure chests you unlock actually do not entail additional effort but for players who have more time in their hands daily especially those who conquer more levels with maximum star ratings earned, rewards are obtained at a faster rate.

The first set of treasure chests you can claim come from your level, or the last puzzle level that you have completed. Every 10 levels completed earns you a treasure chest and you only need to click on it at the upper left side of the home screen to claim its rewards.

On the upper right side of your screen, another treasure chest can be opened with every 20 stars you earned. This requires roughly completing 7 levels if you consistently earn 3 stars. Excess stars are carried over, so every piece of star you earn counts.

cut the rope blast bomb wednesday

Cut the Rope: BLAST also provides unique missions to take on each day of the week. Examples of these are Bomb Wednesdays and Move Thursdays, where the title of the daily event itself already gives you a solid idea of what you need to do within the day to earn a chest reward. In any case, all the requirements fall within the activities you will surely be doing as you solve a puzzle and should be accomplished easily with just a few levels conquered.

Logging in daily also earns you a random reward via the random magic coming from Om Nom’s magical hat. You can access this feature and claim your rewards once a day via its icon at the upper left side of the home screen. Unique events can also be seen through an icon below this on the main screen. Be sure to check it out and participate to earn extra rewards.

5. Join A Team As Soon As You Can

Cut the Rope: BLAST is a match puzzle game that exclusively has single player puzzles for you to play and solve all on your own. This does not mean, however, that players cannot help one another in one way or another. Once you have completed level 40, the team feature in Cut the Rope: BLAST will become available and you will finally be able to create or join one.

For beginners, especially players who have little to no experience leading a guild, faction, alliance, or similar group concepts in online games, we recommend joining one first. Of course, the team concept in Cut the Rope: BLAST is a lot simpler than what you would find in MMORPGs and strategy games but still, proper and efficient management of a team still requires a bit of experience from anyone.

cut the rope blast team info

Joining a team in Cut the Rope: BLAST is not at all necessary but doing so comes with all the benefits without any setbacks at all. There is no question about whether or not you should join one as you definitely should. In doing so, however, it is best to choose an active team composed of members you feel you can get along with easily.

One of the biggest perks of being a member of any team is that members can send and receive life from one another. As you only have a maximum of 5 lives and each failure to solve a puzzle diminishes it, asking for lives from your group can easily fill up your stock and you can proceed to solving more puzzles. Lives replenish over time as well but lives sent and received from fellow group members are instantaneous.

cut the rope blast chat

The team feature in Cut the Rope: BLAST also holds a means for its members to communicate with each other. While it is always a good thing for players to socialize with other people in-between solving puzzles, fellow team members are also an excellent source of additional tips and strategies specific to your current needs. If you are stuck on a particular level, for example, you can almost be certain that team members with a higher level than you can offer some help to get you through.

6. Push To Keep The Crown Rush At Max

Solving a level in Cut the Rope: BLAST certainly feels great whether it is your first attempt or a couple of retries later. The stars earned feel like an added incentive, and every bit of progress towards clearing the daily mission has its share of “feel good” vibes as well. In tandem with not having an energy-based system of gameplay as well, Cut the Rope: BLAST will tend to make you feel better and better the more puzzles you solve on your first attempt.

cut the rope blast crown rush

Beyond that, however, Cut the Rope: BLAST also provides a huge incentive for players who solve puzzles on their first attempt consistently through the Crown Rush! Feature. This special mechanics lets players earn a random booster based on their crown level and the crown level increases up to level 3 with each succeeding level you clear without losing a life. This means you get to continue starting off levels with 3 random boosters, making it a little easier for you to continue clearing levels with just one attempt.

cut the rope blast strategies

While this incentive is certainly helpful, however, it should not distract you from ticking with the tips and strategies we discussed earlier. It is still best to utilize the boosters at the right time and maintain patience with each turn you make. Likewise, there are still some levels to really watch out for in terms of how helpful boosters and power-ups will be in completing them.

7. Be Especially Careful With Difficult Levels

Another helpful feature that comes with Cut the Rope: BLAST is that it provides players with a “Difficult Level” warning at the pre-play screen of the level. These warnings do not come often and the first one you will see comes at level 20. While it can be said that the same level can prove easier for some players and at the same time be harder for others, all levels with a warning sign before them are actually designed to be challenging.

cut the rope blast boosters

Beyond the first 19 levels, which serves as an extended version of the tutorial session, players will naturally expect the level of challenge to increase from one level to the next. However, this is hardly the case with Cut the Rope: BLAST. You will soon discover some levels in the hundreds that will still be as easy as the initial levels you conquered.

However, the difficult levels, as indicated by the warning signs, are levels to really watch out for and if you do not strictly adhere to the tips and strategies we mentioned earlier, then at least exercise them as much as you can in these levels.

Although a 3-star rating is always an ideal finish, given the extra rewards you can earn for every 20 stars bagged, you should consider being satisfied with simply being able to clear some levels without losing a life. Although there will be no second attempts on a level you have already cleared, Cut the Rope: BLAST provides more than enough means for you to continue raking up more stars as you move forward with your adventure.

cut the rope blast tips

At the time of this writing, Cut the Rope: BLAST holds more than 700 levels for players to enjoy and revel in. While there are most certainly unique obstacles and challenges we did not delve into in our beginner’s guide, we are certain that the basic tips and strategies we shared with you can be applied to any level moving forward.

And that wraps up our Cut the Rope: BLAST beginner’s guide and we hope that you enjoyed all the tips and strategies we discussed. If you happen to have spent a lot of time in this game and have discovered or formulated your very own tricks and strategies, we will appreciate hearing about them from you so don’t hesitate and share away below!