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CubeCraft Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Cube Empire

The explosive popularity of Minecraft and its continued recognition to this day catalyzed players of all ages to realize and appreciate the fun and excitement that exploration and crafting games can offer. There certainly has been a plethora of games that took inspiration from the same concept with some even securing insight from its simple cubic design. Today, and perhaps for the foreseeable future of gaming, mining, and crafting games will forever be a popular genre that a lot of gamers will ceaselessly revel in.

cubecraft ship

SayGames’ CubeCraft is one of the latest additions to the roster of games that can easily be attributed to Minecraft, taking into account its visual design and core concepts. However, CubeCraft has certainly toned the difficulty and simplicity levels several notches down. The ease of gameplay is largely attributable to the automation of a lot of processes, limiting player activity to gathering resources and taking them to the necessary crafting and building spots.

As simple and direct CubeCraft’s gameplay seems, however, the creation-centric adventure it provides, particularly the buildings and structures you can build as you dabble in its world, is a visual treat, especially for fans of similar adventures. The presence of helpers, NPCs, and zombies gives it an added twist as well, and being able to mount a pig for faster travel makes it all the more exciting.

cubecraft sand

As far as gameplay and controls are concerned, CubeCraft is as easy as it comes. As a casual game that total beginners and even players with very little time can enjoy and make good progress in, CubeCraft makes it so that you will get the hang of everything in just a matter of seconds or a couple of minutes at most. You only need one finger to move your hero around as mining, fighting, and crafting are all as automated as can be.

You can only ever move forward in your journey within the world of CubeCraft. As relaxing and relatively peaceful as the entire adventure is, you may often feel the itch to build faster and more efficiently to see the completed structures in line for you to build. If so, then you are in luck as we have come up with a guide for CubeCraft, that includes the tips, tricks, and strategies, so you can mine with full efficiency and craft your cubic empire as fast as possible!

1. Follow The Objectives

Chances are that you will be raring to explore around as soon as you hop into CubeCraft. Beyond the main structure that you aim to build for the level, there are a lot of items and areas that will pique your interest, especially on the very first dive. Building the main structure is automated, requiring you only to bring the necessary materials close to it and while some objectives directly relate to the building of the structure itself, CubeCraft provides some objectives in-between that break the monotony of the crafting cycle.

collecting wood in cubecraft

Although you can enjoy gathering whatever materials you can get your hands on, and even engaging in other activities that you can find, the fastest way towards clearing the level is by taking on the current objective you can see at the top of your screen. In essence, the best value objectives provide is actually serving as your guide towards completing the main structure and effectively the level itself.

Most objectives direct you to bring certain materials to the main building. However, the objectives do not necessarily require you to deposit all the materials of that type needed by the main structure. A building may require 100 pieces of wood and the objective will only require you to bring 50. The silent but practically given directive is to bring the rest of the needed wood as well. Wood and cobblestones are just 2 of the most basic materials you will be introduced to and you can expect the number of materials to grow with each new level you reach.

Some objectives can also be completed by merely picking up a certain number of a given item. Whether you obtain them through manual gathering or from your farm makes no difference, so you can easily complete these objectives. Occasionally, you may also be instructed to sell some extra blocks to the merchant to earn some diamonds and likewise spend those currencies to upgrade your skills.

cubecraft main construction

Following the objectives stands as the basic foundation of how you manage resources with minimal waste. Keep in mind that carrying blocks you will not need for anything will just wind up with the merchant since you do not have any temporary storage of any sort. While there is a fair payout for each block you sell, every block has the same value despite some being a lot more challenging to obtain than others.

Paying attention to the numbers needed, especially concerning the main structure, should be instilled as a basic habit you will need to adhere to moving forward. The farther your adventure goes, you will be thankful and appreciative of the objectives and learn how to pay close attention to them early on.

The whole rationale behind the following objectives is to hasten the completion of the main building and clear a level. There are 5 structures or levels within each island and completing all of them takes you to the next one. Each main structure you successfully build will contribute to the island mining rewards that you generate over time and every new island will have a higher cap of gems that it can generate over time. Idle mining rewards are given in the form of gems, which are needed to purchase the upgrades so, in a way, you would want to complete as many structures sooner to earn more gems over time.

cubecraft island

2. Balance Out Investment Upgrades

While finishing main structures one after another is the basic requirement for you to move from one level to another and one area to the next, your upgrade levels are also indicators of your progress. Starting with a very limited carrying capacity as well as storage capacity for your farms among other aspects of your adventure, CubeCraft provides a way for you to improve that through upgrades. The NPC with arms crossed and looks like a basic villager is where you can purchase upgrades. You only need to get close to him for the upgrade window to pop up.

collecting cobblestone in cubecraft

Upgrades cost gems which is a currency in the game that you can obtain while farming resources, selling blocks to the merchant, finding inside treasure chests, or even receiving rewards for clearing a level.

Naturally, you can expect each upgrade cost to grow exponentially higher with each level reached, and with each upgrade item practically being as important as any other, the best strategy we recommend is to balance out upgrade levels across all 5 of them. This way, you will ultimately receive more upgrades with as little amount of gems spent or, to put it another way, you can get more upgrades sooner given your limited currency.

cubecraft upgrades

Character Speed is as basic as it comes and each new level reached adds 3% to your character’s movement speed. It might not be that easy to feel and appreciate a 3% speed boost, especially just after the first upgrade but keep in mind that this applies to when you are mounting the pig as well. Faster movement speed means being able to mine and craft faster so if you care about efficiency, then this is a basic necessity.

You will only be able to carry 24 blocks when you first set foot on CubeCraft. To be honest, that is not that bad, especially on the initial level. However, you should expect that you will be dealing with greater numbers of needed materials as you move forward, so being able to carry just 24 items will hardly suffice. Each upgrade gives you an extra 3 slots for your backpack. Again it does not seem much but with a double backpack size activated, you will be surprised at the number of blocks you can carry.

cubecraft house

Mining stands as the basic activity you will consistently do in CubeCraft and while the amount of materials you obtain with each hack of your axe or pickaxe is decent to begin with, having an increased Mining Rate will further increase those numbers. Upgrading the Mining Rate increases it by 15%, making each hack or slash you perform yield more results.

Although it is a single-player game, what gives CubeCraft a feeling that you are not all alone in its world are the farmers that you can hire to gather resources for you. Farmers only gather a specific type of resource and each one carries their loot to a specified farm, which serves as the warehouse or storage area.

Initially, the storage capacity will only be 50 slots, which is a lot considering the relatively slow pace at which the farmers work. You may not readily appreciate upgrading the storage early on but just a little later in your adventure, an extra 20 slots per upgrade will help you a lot.

cubecraft gameplay

Finally, CubeCraft is not just about raw materials you can readily gather and use as a lot of the fun and excitement in its gameplay relates to the abundance of other materials you can craft with different raw materials. Products of basic materials can also be processed into new items, making a seemingly endless chain of different materials that make up the world of CubeCraft.

You do not necessarily have to perform any sort of crafting manually as you can build factories that perform these tasks automatically. Although the rate at which factories convert products starts at a reasonable speed, upgrading Factory Speed makes them even more efficient. Each upgrade you buy for the factory’s production speed increases it by 10% and this one buff applies to every factory you have across every level.

cubecraft island mining

There are some perks from ad boosts that reset from one level to the next. Fortunately, upgrades purchased will have permanent effects so there are no reasons for you whatsoever to hold off on spending gems to improve your efficiency with these upgrades. As part of the strategy we recommended, expending gems as soon as you have enough for any of the available upgrades you can afford is highly advisable as well.

3. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

As a free-to-play casual game, you can expect CubeCraft to have its array of video ads as part of its content. Despite the existence of video ads in free mobile games that have been around almost as long as the free mobile games themselves, there are still players who are not used to or accustomed to the idea. After all video ads, particularly ones that randomly pop up while you are playing can be an annoyance sometimes, and these ads can even distract and disorient some newer mobile players.

It is very important to understand that video ads in free games need to exist as these ads can be the only means for the game to be available for everyone to enjoy. With little to no premium items to sell for real money, a free game’s continued existence can be entirely dependent on video ads. Not only that, but ads can also be a means to ensure the continued development of free games.

There are no random video ads that pop up in CubeCraft. Each video ad you will see forms part of its ad campaign and by that, it means that players get rewards or perks for patronizing each video ad they see. To be honest, you can do away with every video ad in CubeCraft since it is not an online game.

cubecraft backpack

You can simply turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and you will never get to see any video ads within it anymore. Going offline, however, prevents you from taking advantage of ad boosts and while you can fully enjoy CubeCraft without them, ad boosts tremendously enhance your adventure.

One of the simplest yet most attractive perks to get through an ad boost is the Backpack Expansion. Even if you invest in the Backpack Upgrade and get 3 extra slots each time, doubling your backpack’s capacity at the cheap cost of playing a 5 to 30-second video ad is certainly worth the small effort. Like all other ad boost perks, this buff will remain active until you complete the main structure.

Factories start by converting base materials into different items that you will always need for the main structure. Although the default speed is fair enough, activating the Mega Speed Boost almost doubles the processing speed. On the earlier levels, you can do very well without activating Mega Speed for the factories but once you progress enough to have an abundance of these factories processing tons of materials at a time, the Mega Speed Boost will certainly be very important to take advantage of.

cubecraft mega speed

Gathering the needed materials directly for the main structure for the level as well as for the factories producing other materials can be fun when done manually. At some point in your adventure and even with the help of your farmers, the number of needed resources can become increasingly overwhelming.

If ever you get tired of manually mining for basic resources, CubeCraft provides ad offers as well that instantly give you an abundant supply of the needed items. Considering the max duration of ads being 30 seconds, the amount of supplies you can obtain from these resource spots makes it very much well worth it.

cubecraft ad offer

Riding the pig in CubeCraft, as cute as it seems, is not entirely cosmetic. Whenever you move while mounted on the pig, your movement speed is doubled. This goes hand in hand with the movement speed upgrade your purchase with your gems so whatever movement speed you have at your current upgrade level, riding the pig doubles that.

riding the pig in cubecraft

While manually gathering resources from trees or anything, you are sure to see purple-colored tools as part of the loots dropped. These tools form part of the game’s ad boost campaign and playing a short video ad will give you enchanted tools. With its effect duration lasting the entire level, your mining speed will double enabling you to manually gather resources at a faster rate.

cubecraft enchanted tools

There is no doubt that you appreciate the presence of NPC farmers that gather resources tirelessly for you. Although unlocking any resource farm grants you 1 farmer automatically, you can also further boost farming efficiency through an ad offer that gives you another farmer. Like the rest of the ad boosts, the 2 farmers will continuously work for you until you complete the level.

cubecraft farmers

Some NPCs offer finished products close to the factory that manufactures them. The number of materials you can obtain may not be that much but will certainly speed up the process of complying with the requirements of the main structure. Like the instant resources earlier, there is a cool-down period in-between patronizing these ads but you can always make repeat orders if you need more of the items for the level.

bringing board to the main construction in cubecraft

The NPC Villager we talked about earlier where you can spend gems for upgrades also has his ad offers. At the bottom of the page where you can purchase upgrades, you can earn an extra 200 gems if you play a short video ad. In this sense, you can speed up earning gems and purchasing upgrades even within the early levels since you can play ads one after another here. If you are watching a movie or doing something else while playing CubeCraft, you can take advantage of this feature.

purchasing upgrades in cubecraft

Finally, your offline rewards, which are generated by islands based on the number of structures you complete, can also be tripled by playing a video ad. As these idle mining rewards are diamonds, it certainly becomes difficult to ignore. Similarly, the rewards you earn for completing a main structure or level can also be tripled with an ad boost, and while the sum of gems is attractive on its own, getting 3x as many makes it all the more enticing.

cubecraft rewards

Considering all the ad boosts we discussed above, the Backpack, Piggy Ride, Extra Farmer, and Enchanted Weapon will each have its icon at the upper right side of your screen when activated. If you want to ensure that you are working at maximum efficiency within each level, always check if you have the complete set of buffs.

cubecraft brick

4. Keep The Processes Running

Yearning to become a top performer in any mining and crafting game entails working with maximum efficiency and if you crave to grow your cubic empire most proficiently, then part of it means that you are utilizing all the tools at your disposal to their fullest potential. In this regard, you want every automated process to run as continuously as possible to have as little idle time wasted as possible.

Having just one or a couple of factories is easy to manage but you certainly cannot expect CubeCraft to house so few factories. As you progress from one level to the next and from one island to the next, you will soon have a lot of factories that can run and process their products simultaneously. For efficiency’s sake, you would want every factory you have opened to continue production for as long as needed.

building a bridge in cubecraft

What makes it more important to ensure a factory’s unbridled production is that that factory’s product also serves as the production material for another factory. In this sense, you would want to ensure that the base factory will always have its needed basic resource so it can continue producing the base resource for the other factory in line.

In latter areas with numerous material requirements for the main structure, you have to ensure the efficiency of processing materials as there will likely be a chain of factories involved for some of the needed items for the main structure.

As an example, cobblestones are among the most basic resource that can be turned into stones through the stone factory. Stones, in turn, are needed to create bricks. Although this is just a 2-step process, there will be longer production lines in CubeCraft the further you progress with some factories even needing 2 distinct raw materials to produce the needed item for the main building.

Factories naturally stop working when there are no basic resources to process. Considering the other end of your production line, farmers will stand idly if their storage in the farm is full. In this sense, you should also make it a habit to check on your farms to ensure that there is always ample free space for your farmers to store the resources they farm.

building a bridge in cubecraft

There will certainly be times when you can opt to stop manufacturing as there will no longer be a need for the products relative to the main building you are constructing. If this is the case, do not forget that you can always sell your extra blocks to the merchant to earn some extra gems. Although there will be a cap to the upgrade levels you can purchase using gems, it will surely take a long while of earning gems to be able to afford all the upgrades available.

cubecraft planks

5. Develop A Routine For Each Level

Ensuring that factories and farms are always active when needed is just part of the habit to maximize efficiency. Within each island, some of these processes continue to remain active from one main building to the next and will only completely cease once you have created all 5 main structures and hop on to the next scenario.

Within each island adventure, you should establish a routine to follow from one level to the next. Starting with the first level for the island at hand, there should be an evident enough cycle to consider to ensure that your production line and progression are comparable to a well-oiled machine.

cubecraft gems

This can be a huge challenge on the first few levels as you may still be learning some of the ropes, but it should quickly dawn on you to find a routine to follow that lets you progress in terms of building the main structure as well as earning gems and spending them on upgrades.

Naturally, there will be occasional hindrances like zombies that randomly interfere with your work, but there really should not be that much trouble sticking with a basic cyclical run around your area of operations. As mundane as following routines would sound, you do not necessarily have to overdo it. Taking time to enjoy the surroundings as well as exploration can net you treasure chests with gems inside of them.

building a cobblestone farm in cubecraft

6. Watch Your Step

Automation always seems like a feature that yields nothing but positive effects and results but the ease of farming and processing in CubeCraft carries with it bits of light hazards that you may want to avoid. With basically just a virtual directional pad to let you move around and the occasional confirmation button for upgrades and ad boost acceptances, every other aspect of the game has been made super convenient with automation in farming, placing, and taking materials.

For all these actions, you simply need to come close to farming spots, storages, factories, and NPCs. As a result, you may sometimes take items you do not currently need or even drop some that you need for something else.

For example, you may need some cobblestones to build a bridge or to deposit on the main structure that you are building. If you are carrying those cobblestones and pass by the stone factory, particularly the left side where cobblestones are dropped for processing, you may lose those cobblestones so you will have to get some more.

carrying cobblestone in cubecraft

In some cases, these instances will hardly be an inconvenience at all but concerning byproducts that take a long line of processing to complete, accidentally selling them to the merchant or dropping them into another factory can be an annoying experience. For this reason, it becomes important for you to always be fully conscious of your surroundings, especially in the latter levels where a lot of the factories and structures lay close to one another.

Avoiding these small mishaps is relatively easy to compare to when those pesky zombies pop up out of nowhere. Even if you are not necessarily hunting zombies for the 3 gems that drop with each one you kill, or even if the 3 blocks they are trying to steal whenever they appear are considered inconsequential for the growth and development of your cubic empire, attacking the zombies just seem difficult to ignore.

cubecraft zombies

While there is absolutely nothing wrong to want to exterminate zombies in CubeCraft, what you need to ensure is that you do not make any missteps in doing so. Chasing zombies indiscriminately can be prone to picking up unwanted resources or dropping them anywhere other than the intended target location. In this regard, make the hunt for zombies a little more challenging, but rewarding, by always ensuring you will not trigger automated processes involuntarily.

selling blocks to vendor in cubecraft

For a casual mobile game, CubeCraft packs quite a lot of content sure to keep you hooked for several hours. Perhaps more levels, islands, and even new features will become available following future updates but for now, this is where we end our dedicated guide. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of decent tricks and strategies with what we shared and that you enjoyed reading the guide as well. In case you have additional tips and strategies to share on top of everything we have discussed, then feel free to drop us a line!


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heyy I am playing it for a while and i am stuck at one quest. i shpuld build blacksmith (at pink land) and i dont know how. it does not show what should i bring or whatever. i have samsung a52s 5g