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Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Survive Longer

Fortnite’s massive success has proven that battle royale mixed with sandbox elements is a winning combination. Creative Destruction follows that formula while successfully adding its own style. This is an exciting mobile game, which features bright cartoon graphics that keeps things lighthearted despite the action. In-game avatars are beautifully executed, with smooth animation and virtually seamless movement. No oddly distorted limbs here! Players each get their own Dismantler. This is a unique weapon that can only be used on objects. Use it to dismantle practically any object on the map in order to get materials. You can then use the materials to build platforms, ramps, and bastions.

Of course, the most important part of Creative Destruction is still killing every other person on the map. There are a hundred players on the island, and you will need to be the last one standing in order to win. Go ahead and check out our compilation of Creative Destruction cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your victory!

1. Prioritize Your Dailies

While it is understandable that you would want to start shooting things as soon as you enter the game, it would benefit you in the long run if you took time to check your Daily Missions first. Each mission you complete will reward you with gold and experience. Don’t worry because they usually involve various tasks that you would normally do in a game anyway. It just helps to know what your goal is, so you know what to focus on while playing. For example, some missions will require you to deal a certain amount of damage, build a number of structures, or pick up a specified number of weapons. These are things you would normally do, but it helps to know the target.

Aside from gold and experience, you also earn Exchange Medals for completing missions. You can get special chests by spending these. You can get one silver chest for five medals. These contain random rewards that include gold, Star Coins, and weapon skins. You can also get a gold chest once a week for 30 medals. Gold chests contain random rewards that include even more gold, Star Coins, and permanent skins.

2. Check Your Compass

The compass is the set of lines and numbers at the top of your screen. It tells you your character’s orientation in relation to the map, but more importantly, it will tell you where sounds are coming from. You will see an icon with footprints on it if an enemy is walking nearby. It is yellow when the enemy is still a few meters away. It will turn red if the enemy is right beside you. Gunfire will also be marked on the compass. You will see a pistol icon on the compass if someone is shooting nearby. Just as with the footprints, it will turn red or yellow depending on the shooter’s distance.

If someone suddenly starts shooting at you, it is a good idea to instantly build a bastion. You can then get your bearings by checking the compass to see where the bullets are coming from. Relying on the compass will help you dodge bullets, find your opponent, and return fire. Just make sure you don’t relax too much because your bastion is not indestructible.

3. Use Your Bastions Wisely

The building aspect of Creative Destruction can be used in different ways. As mentioned above, you can use it to shield yourself from an ambush. Aside from that, however, there are some other uses for building bastions. You can quickly build a tower by creating bastions on top of each other. This makes for a useful sniping spot, especially if you place it on top of an existing building. Just keep in mind that the whole thing will fall if your opponent smashes through the base.

You can also build multiple bastions to confuse your opponents. They will either dismiss your bastion as an empty one and walk right past it, or they may try to look for you. If it is the latter, having multiple structures built will help you sneak around until you get the jump on them. You can also use the building function to build bridges over water or across high ground to avoid putting yourself at a disadvantage. Water slows down your movement but building floors on top of it will allow you to move normally. Building across high ground, on the other hand, will allow you to maintain your vantage point while you are on the move.

4. Find The Best Equipment

Not all gear is created equal. You wouldn’t bring a pistol to a rifle battle, right? As soon as you land, your priority should be to find the best possible equipment. Weapons are color coded based on their strength. White ones are the most common while the Gold ones are the strongest. Between them are the Green, Blue, and Purple weapons.

Stronger weapons are usually hiding somewhere in chests. Check your compass to see if there is a shiny icon. This means there is a chest nearby. You just need to figure out where it is. It may be on the roof or inside a building. Look around and try to find the chest as soon as possible. It takes a couple of seconds to open one, so make sure you stay alert while looting the chest.

The game will also announce when it will send down an airdrop. These boxes are dropped in random locations. Opening it will reward you with very rare weapons that could possibly secure the victory for you. Keep in mind, however, that others will be looking for the airdrops as well. Expect to come across some competition along the way.

5. Use Your Dismantler

When you start out, this is the only weapon you have. Unfortunately, it won’t do anything to your opponents. Regardless, make sure you use it right away. You will need a lot of materials later on. Try to dismantle from the inside of buildings. This way, you won’t be exposed while breaking down walls. It is important that you use the beginning of each match to gather materials while the other players are still busy looting or gathering materials. The last thing you want is to get caught in an ambush with no materials to build a bastion with.

If you come across an enemy and he decides to build a bastion, you can also use the Dismantler to destroy it. The Dismantler will make quick work of their walls, making them sitting ducks. Just remember to quickly switch to your weapon as soon as you see the enemy.

6. Check Buildings For Loot

While it is possible to find equipment lying around, your best bet for finding loot is to go inside buildings. Even before you drop, you should decide on a location where there are at least a couple of buildings that you can loot. Once you find enough equipment, you can head out to look for enemies, hunt for airdrops and chests, or run towards the safe zone.

7. Learn To Strafe And Shoot

There are scope and trigger buttons on both sides of the screen. Learn to use both because when you are face-to-face with an opponent, you cannot afford to stand still. Use your left hand to move while your right hand shoots. When you are sniping, you can aim with your right hand then shoot with your left. Mastering these controls will help you win most battles because you will be able to stay mobile while successfully shooting your opponents.

8. Stay In The Safe Zone

The game teaches you in the tutorial how to spot the safe zone and what happens to you if you remain in the storm. Make sure you take this lesson to heart and always stay in the safe zone. A good strategy is to stay in the outer circle of the safe zone to wait for any players who are running away from the storm. Pick off any runners as they will most likely be damaged and easy to kill. Just make sure you still look around inside the safe zone for other enemies who might have the same idea.

9. Save Your Quick Build Energy

When you press F5 to instantly build a bastion, you will consume your Quick Build energy. This regenerates over time, but it is best if you don’t use it all up at once. If you suddenly get ambushed, you won’t be able to build a cover. If you are just planning to build structures for the sake of camping, it is better to manually build them instead of using the quick build option. You should also make sure you don’t spam the F5 button when you are defending in an ambush. If you use up all your Quick Build energy at once, you won’t have anything to build with when your opponent breaks down your wall. Make it a habit to manually build walls and ramps until it becomes second nature to you. This way, you won’t really need the quick build option until you are really in a pinch.

Are you ready for the ultimate battle royale experience? Remember everything you learned from our Creative Destruction beginner’s guide and you will emerge victorious!