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Covfefe Answers – English Word Quiz Guess the Picture

Covfefe Level 6

Black. Blue. Brown. Gray. Green. Orange. Pink. Purple. Red. White. Yellow

Covfefe Level 7

Banging. Carrying. Catching. Cooking. Driving. Flying. Folding. Jogging. Licking. Opening. Pushing. Riding. Shaking. Singing. Smelling. Stacking. Swimming. Tickling. Washing. Writing.

Covfefe Level 8

Apple. Apricot. Avocado. Banana. Blackberries. Blueberries. Cantaloupe. Cherries. Coconut. Cranberry. Dragon. Fruit. Fruits. Grapefruit. Grapes. Kiwi. Lemon. Lime. Mango. Orange. Papaya. Peach. Pear. Pineapple. Plum. Raspberries. Strawberry. Tomato. Watermelon.

Covfefe Level 9

Calf. Chicks. Cow. Donkey. Duck. Duckling. Foal. Goat. Goose. Hen. Horse. Lamb. Pig. Pony. Rooster. Sheep. Sheepdog. Turkey.

Covfefe Level 10

Backpack. Bag. Barrette. Baseball. Cap. Belt. Beret. Bracelet. Brooch. Cufflinks. Earrings. Glasses. Gloves. Hair. Clip. Handbag. Hat. Headband. Keychain. Mittens. Necklace. Pendant. Ring. Suspenders. Watch.