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Cooking Frenzy Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Clear Levels Quickly and Become a Top Chef

Real life cooking can be messy and extremely exhausting. In contrast, preparing burgers, pasta, ramen or stakes on your mobile device is way more fun, and a lot cleaner as well. So if you too are looking to hone your digital chef skills, you might want to take a look at Cooking Frenzy – a time management game which has got a new update earlier this year.

The game was created by mobile gaming studio DragonPlus Game Limited, a developer that has released a few other titles before, including an idle merge game called Merge Fish and two coloring apps.

Like any other restaurant games out there, Cooking Frenzy follows a familiar script which blends strategy elements with the popular collecting and diner dash gameplay styles. At a glance, everything in the game revolves around real-time resources’ allocations with the goal to complete a variety of objectives. Players are put in charge of running several restaurants and must do their best to react quickly to the incoming requests of hungry diners who visit their establishment.

Basically your job is to cater to these orders as fast and efficient as possible in order to collect rewards of various types. As the game advances, you’ll also be tasked with upgrading kitchen equipment, as well as ingredients by using the earned rewards.

cooking frenzy tips

Cooking Frenzy lets you have a go at managing several types of restaurants, and so you’ll take turns at running a Breakfast diner, Ramen and Burger place and lots others. The game spans across different locations, so once you’re done improving your eateries in Delicious Town, you can travel to Yummy City or Tasty Town, where other restaurants are in need of your attention and skill.

DragonPlus’ mobile title offers countless hours of entertainment, as you jump from one restaurant challenge to the next. But while the first restaurant is easy to attend to, there are some really tricky levels waiting for you up ahead. When you finally stumble upon them, don’t get intimidated, because we’re here to help!

It’s inevitable that you’ll have to take on some challenging levels if you want to progress in Cooking Frenzy and unlock all the restaurants the game has to offer. With this in mind, we’ve created an in-depth Cooking Frenzy guide that’s filled with tips and tricks designed to teach you how to tackle every level, regardless of their difficulty. So without further ado, let’s get started with our Cooking Frenzy guide!

1. Prepare Dishes In Advance

Preparing food ahead of time should be an integral part of your strategy throughout the game. It’s not a good idea to wait for a customer to show up to start cooking a dish because the process takes time, and the diner(s) might get restless while waiting for the food to get ready.

how to prepare dishes in cooking frenzy

We think it’s best that you start applying this tactic as soon as you open a restaurant. In the beginning, you start out with only one pan and a plate, so it’s crucial that you start preparing another food item as soon as the frying pan is empty. As you upgrade your kitchen paraphernalia, you will be able to add more pans and plates, but even then it is still recommended that you prepare stuff in advance.

During really intensive levels, you will need to start cooking a second batch of food, immediately after you moved the first batch to the empty plates. But remember, in cases like this, it’s very important that you use this scheme in moderation, as to avoid wasting food. Try to anticipate your customers’ orders and patterns. For example, don’t cook too many dishes in advance if you don’t see a strong demand for that particular recipe.

2. Check The Level Objectives Before You Start Playing

Never head into a level without checking the objectives first. There are three main objectives that need to be completed in Cooking Frenzy:

• Gathering a number of likes
• Serving a number of dishes
• Collecting a sum of money

Some levels have a timer, while others include an exact number of customers you need to serve efficiently in order to achieve the level’s main objective.

The first restaurant – the Breakfast diner – is pretty easy to manage, in part, because most of its levels feature a single objective. Later in the game, main level objectives become a lot harder to reach.

In addition, secondary objectives are also introduced to make things even more complicated. These mostly have to do with not wasting food. For instance, you’ll be asked to abstain from burning food or throwing food into the garbage bin.

cooking frenzy level objective

Whenever you start cooking a dish and there’s no empty plate immediately available to move it, you can leave the item in the pan for a while, but not indefinitely. The thing is – if left too long a dish can get burned to a crisp and rendered unusable.

Fortunately, during levels with only one objective you can simply throw away the burnt food and continue playing like nothing happened. However, that’s not the case for levels with secondary objectives, during which burning or throwing food to the bin will automatically get you disqualified and so you’ll have to start playing the level all over again (unless you are willing to use some end-level Boosts – more on that in section 5).

Another secondary objective requires that all customers are kept happy and nobody leaves your restaurant. During such levels, you need to keep a close eye on your customers’ moods to complete the level successfully.

Checking level objectives is also useful when you’re trying to determine whether you should use a pre-level Boost and if so which one. For example, if you’re about to start playing a level where the objective is to gather a sum of money, your gameplay will certainly benefit from the use of a Double Price pre-level Boost.

3. Update Your Equipment And Ingredients

Unlike many of the restaurant games we’ve played before, Cooking Frenzy has a unique equipment upgrade system. As we explained above, each restaurant opens with a single stove and plate. By upgrading these items, players are eventually able to add more stoves and plates which in turn enable them to cook and serve dishes faster.

The same goes for ingredients. You might start off with less than savory buns, patties or shrimps that don’t bring that much cash in when served. Fortunately, you can upgrade them and increase their worth, as well as taste and appeal.

how to upgrade ingredients in cooking frenzy

While the majority of games in this genre require players to spend in-game currency to upgrade their kitchen utensils and other components, in Cooking Frenzy things are a bit different. Here players need to accumulate experience before they can unlock an upgrade. How do you get experience? It’s simple – by playing levels.

Each time you complete a level successfully you’ll be able to redeem a bundle of rewards including: gold coins, gems and experience. In this game, every level is divided into three separate stages which provide players with distinct rewards. In most cases, you’ll get 10EXP for playing each stage, but in some special instances you can earn more than that.

As experience accumulates, you can unlock upgrades for your kitchen. Be careful though and make sure you read the requirements for each upgrade because for some there might be additional demands. For example, in the Burger place, besides experience, you also need to complete level 93-1 or higher in order to be able to upgrade the Sausage’s monetary value from 7 to 9.

So at this point you’re probably wondering what are the coins good for in this game, if not to pay for kitchen upgrades? Since you end up collecting quite a lot, there must be something you can spend them on, right? We explain everything in the following section.

4. Buy Card Packs, Spin The Wheel And Play Bingo To Get Rewards

In Cooking Frenzy, the only place where you can spend the accumulated in-game currency is via the Games tab that can be accessed by tapping on the first button in the lower left corner of the display.

From there you have three options. The first one is buying Card packs. You can either open 1x pack (1300 coins), 3x packs (3900 coins) or 5x packs (6500 coins). Collect enough of these cards (either ingredient cards or dish cards) to complete a restaurant deck and so unlock different rewards packages. You will have to check the Delicious Town tab in Achievements (second button next to Games) to view your progress.

cooking frenzy album

When you open a pack, duplicate cards will transform into fragments that can be exchanged for the missing cards in the restaurant decks. For example, a 3-star dish card in the Breakfast shop deck costs 1500 fragments.

The second option in the Games tab is the Lucky Wheel. In exchange for a sum of money you can spin the wheel for a chance to win some goodies. Prices start at 2200 coins for a spin and some of the prizes you can get include gems, Boosts and special cards. The chance to get items is 66%, while the chance to get special cards is 34%. Special cards unlock puzzle pieces in the Gift tab in Achievements. Complete a full puzzle and you can grab a gift brimming with all kinds of goodies.

cooking frenzy bingo

Next stop, there’s the Bingo challenge. Pay 1500 to draw 10 random balls. If they coincide with the numbers of your Bingo ticket, then you have the chance to win rewards including gems or Boosts.

Whenever you find yourself in need of extra Boosts or gems, we recommend that you try your luck in the Games tab. Gold accumulates quite easily, if you spend time playing a few levels on a daily basis, so you’ll probably always have enough for a few games.

5. Use Boosts With Moderation

Boosts are vital for winning challenging levels, and so you should try to stock up on them as much as possible. It is our recommendation that you attempt to complete as many levels as possible on your own, even if you have to re-play them a few times in order to do so. Conserve your precious Boosts for later in the game, when you’ll be in dire need of them.

In Cooking Frenzy, you have three types of Boosts and below we’re going to talk a bit about each of them in turn.

how to use boosts in cooking frenzy

First up, we shall discuss pre-level Boosts. These are power-ups which have to be activated before a level starts. This is why you need to pay attention to the level’s objectives, as to be able to decide which Boost you need to use. There are four to choose from:

Ultra Cooker – food won’t get overcooked anymore
Double Price – double the coins you earned from one level
Instant Cook – cooks dish instantly
Combo Twister – slows down the combo timer

To give you an example of how to use a pre-level Boost, let’s say you’re playing a timed level during which you need to serve a number of dishes. Well in this case, you might want to activate the Instant Cook power-up which eliminates the time you’d spend waiting for dishes to be cooked, so you can serve more food faster.

Customers who aren’t served quickly tend to be get annoyed for waiting on their order. If you ignore customers for too long, they will get very upset and eventually will leave you restaurant. In order to avoid this at all costs, you can employ some in-level Boosts to help your cause. You have two at your disposal:

Candy – refills a customer’s satisfaction meter while you’re preparing their order
Magic Rainbow Cake – keeps all customers happy while you’re preparing their orders

Candy is automatically generated by the game at various time intervals, so all you need to do is remember to redeem the Boosts by checking and tapping on the Candy button on the upper left corner. The standard amount you can get is 5 at a time, but if you’re willing to invest 150 gems to upgrade the Candy Maker, it will produce 7 instead of 5.

Want even more? Upgrade it to the next level. There’s a total of 7 levels to go. Candy gets automatically activated in game, whenever a customer’s satisfaction bar starts dropping to worrying levels.

cooking frenzy end level boosts

End-level Boosts are the third type of power-ups you can take advantage of in Cooking Frenzy. They make an appearance at the end only if you failed to complete a level in order to give you the chance to continue playing. There are three of them:

More Customers – gives you 3 more customers
More Time – gives you 30 more seconds
Second Chance – gives you a second chance to try and make things right

The game offers you a set of Boosts to try out for free at first, but once you run out of them you can head to the Shop (tap the icon in the upper right corner) and buy more in exchange for gems. The most expensive ones are end-level Boosts as they will take you back with 300 gems. Next up are pre-level Boosts which are priced at 200 gems. The cheapest is the Rainbow Magic Cake (in-level Boost) that costs only 150 gems.

As we mentioned in section 4, you can get your hands on some Boosts also by playing games such as Bingo or the Lucky Wheel in exchange for gold coins and by unlocking gifts.

6. Ways To Get Gems

Gems are an essential currency in Cooking Frenzy as they can buy you Boosts, so you’ll probably want to know how to collect as many as you possibly can. Below we detail the main ways to acquire gems.

how to get more gems in cooking frenzy

Check in to the game daily – it’s important that you log into the game on a daily basis so that you can get the Daily Bonus. The Daily Bonus window pops up as soon as you load the game for the first time during a day, so luckily, there’s no chance you’ll forget about it. Rewards vary, but at least every other day you get a chance to grab some gems. Log in for 7 days straight to get a nice 25 gem bundle (which you can double by watching an ad).

Complete the Daily Tasks – every day the game generates 3 new tasks. For example, Using 3 Boosts. Once these objectives are achieved, players can collect rewards which usually consists of 4 gems and 10 fires. Collect enough fires and you’ll be able to unlock a gift package which might contains additional gems, as well as Boosts.

Replay levels – in Cooking Frenzy each level has 3 stages. Playing stage 1 of a level gets you 1 gems, but completing stage 2 results in 2 gems, and stage 3 in 3 gems. As a result, replaying levels will not only bring in more gems (plus gold and experience) but it might also get you Keys, which are needed for unlocking future levels and new restaurants.

Watch ads – you can collect some gems by watching ads. Look for the Gems button on the right side of the display in the main menu area. Tap on it to watch a quick ad and get a few gems (2-6).

Alternatively, try visiting the Shop (upper right corner) and browse through the offerings and Boosts tab, then leave. Sometimes, a window will pop up asking you if you want to get some free gems. Again, you’ll need to watch an ad for that to happen. Mind you, this is an on-and-off option which won’t always be available.

Play games – you can win gems either by playing the Lucky Wheel or Bingo in the Games Tab (for more details check section 4). Or they can buy Card packs to complete restaurant decks and thus unlock gifts that might also contain extra gems.

Log in with Facebook – players can log in with Facebook and receive an additional 50 gems for their effort. Once you do so yourself, don’t forget to check your mail to redeem the rewards. Furthermore, those willing to send invites to their friends via Facebook or any other social platform will get an extra 50 gems.

Buy gems – as a last resort, you can always buy gems using real-world money. Check the Shop to see what bundles of gems are available for cash.

7. Be An Active Player During In-Game Events

Like most restaurant games, Cooking Frenzy hosts a bunch of events in-game. Some are actually extremely helpful, for example, Mystery Box. During this event, all you need to do is win three levels without failure to start the next levels with a mystery Boost. You’ll be able to keep the power-up until you fail a level.

how to take advantage of events in cooking frenzy

If you come across this event (or similar ones like Food Rush) – which fortunately runs for a few days in the row – we recommend that you try and spend as much time playing the game as your schedule allows it. Having a Booster back-up your cooking and serving efforts is extremely advantageous, so you should exploit this opportunity to the maximum, until it inevitably dries out.

In case you really need the help of a Booster during a harder level, go back to earlier levels of the restaurant (usually are easier to beat) and play three in a row to activate it. Then return to the tricky one and try your luck again.

The Mystery Box is not the only type of event that takes place in Cooking Freezing. There are others you can take advantage, but frankly, they aren’t as worthwhile as Mystery Box. For instance, during Level Rush players collect stars by beating new levels and once they accumulate enough they can win rewards.

8. Tips For Solving Hard Levels

Cooking Frenzy is a fun game to play until you bump into some really hard levels which will test your patience. If you too are currently struggling to find a way to beat one of the more complicated challenges, in this section we’re going to try and detail some of the most common scenarios that pose a problem and provide suggestions on how to conquer these situations.

Before we begin, we should note that there are two types of levels in Cooking Frenzy: those with a timer and those featuring an exact number of customers.

The former levels are more complicated and harder to win. During these levels you’re given a fixed amount of time to:

a) get a number of likes
b) serve a number of dishes
c) gather a sum of money.

These are the situations where the game can get extremely tricky. In the first one, you have to do your best to serve perfect orders to each of your customers. Fail to get a like and you won’t be able to complete the level. During such levels, it might be a good idea to employ some pre-level Boosts like maybe the Instant Cook or the Ultra Cooker.

Also, try your best to keep an eye on your customers and if you see they are getting annoyed, don’t hesitate to use some in-game Boosts to refill their satisfaction meters.

cooking frenzy strategies

Now let’s look at the second scenario where you’re required to serve a number of dishes within a given time. To maximize your chances of winning this challenge, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve upgraded your kitchen equipment to the max so that it takes the least possible time to prepare dishes. Alternatively, if you have an Instant Cook power-up at your disposal, you might want to use that.

What if you don’t have enough experience to upgrade your kitchen equipment as much as you would like to? Go back and replay levels to get additional experience. Collect enough to upgrade the gear in your restaurant.

If you find yourself in the third scenario, then again you need to make sure you’ve upgraded your kitchen equipment, but also your ingredients to the max. This is to ensure that you can get as much as much coins as possible when serving a particular dish.

Moreover, you should aim to make combos, as a means to produce extra cash. Serve items in quick succession to generate a combo (up to 6 food items served in row). You shouldn’t have a problem achieving this during high-intensity levels, where the tapping never stops.

If you’re still worried you won’t be able to make combos, try throwing in a Combo Twister pre-level Boost, which slows down the combo timer. Obviously, if you have a Double Price Boost to spare, it virtually guarantees that you’ll be able to successfully complete a scenario 3-type level.

cooking frenzy hints

If you tried all of these tips during timed levels, but you still haven’t managed to succeed, don’t forget that the end of the level always provides one last opportunity to change the course of events. In exchange for 100 gems, players can employ the help of an end-level Boost. However, if you’re short on gems, you might want to use an alternative route.

Don’t rush to throw those 100 gems away! If you’re having a hard time with a level, we recommend this trick – wait until the following day and then try again.

The thing is, the first few levels you play during a day come with an extra option in case you fail. You can either choose the standard pay 100 gems for a full end-level Boost or you can watch a quick ad in exchange for 10 more seconds of gameplay or 1 more customer. When given the opportunity to do so, we encourage you to pick the second option. This might offer enough respite to allow you to hit the level objective, and also conserve your precious gem stash.

Managing your own restaurant empire can be quite challenging, but with the help of our Cooking Frenzy guide we hope that you will be able to become quite successful at it. If you played this game for a while and know of some tricks and strategies you haven’t seen mentioned here, please feel free to share them with us by leaving a message in the comment section below!


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Monday 9th of August 2021

Hi.. i cant even pass level 72-2..... been stuck for weeks....... i did everything i could do still STUCK !!!!!!!

Joy Loveland

Saturday 17th of July 2021

How do you use puzzle pieces

Danielle Eaton

Thursday 4th of March 2021

Why can I not go any further in the game..I got to the winter world and could only do two restaurants?