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Con Man: The Game Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Run a Smooth Comic Convention

For those unfamiliar with the series Con Man, Con Man: The Game is not a game that challenges your swindling skills. Instead, it’s a game based on the aforementioned hit series, as you play the role of a comic book convention manager who’s trying to set up the biggest, brightest, and bestest con ever, Shock-A-Con. This is a management game where you have to do more than just place booths, attract cosplayers and other guests, and hire and manage your staff. According to developers Monkey Strength Productions, this game will also have you unclogging toilets, emptying trash cans, and even going as far as to “cover up naked grannies” and “defeat marauding aliens” from the cancelled sci-fi show Spectrum.

If you’re looking for something quirky in terms of a business management game, this should be one for you to check out – this isn’t your average café or restaurant management game, but a convention management game, as we told you above. And it’s available for Android and iOS devices alike. So without further ado, let’s take you to what you came here for – a list of Con Man: The Game strategy tips, tricks and cheats that covers all the things you need to do to manage the perfect convention.

1. Build More Booths

It might not sound like the brightest idea at first, but you’ll want to get cracking and build as many booths as you can so you can maximize your profits. That would apply even if you haven’t unlocked the new booth types. You can always demolish your older booths once you’ve unlocked the new ones and would like to start building them. Focus on the booths that make the most profit for you, and place them anywhere you wish; as it seems, your choice of booth placement won’t have any impact on your sales at the end of the day. As long as you’re adding to your booths whenever you could, you should be fine.

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Toilets And Trash Cans

We did mention toilets and trash cans in the game overview, and it’s no surprise that having enough of them is very important. That’s like how it is in real life – people need a place to throw their food wrappers, and also to answer the call of nature if need be, while at a comic convention. But unlike in real life, placement doesn’t look to be quite important here. But you’ll still want to give some thought as to where you’ll be placing the trash cans, as people don’t seem to complain as much about them filling up if the trash cans are far from the crowds.

3. Make Good Use Of Your Bonuses

Con Man: The Game will occasionally offer you some bonuses, and you should make the most out of them. For example, you can throw a party if you want more coins and experience points, and you can collect more bags, with every fifth bag being a “premium” bag. There are different kinds of bonuses, each of which having a specific timer, and you should turn your game notifications so you can be alerted right away if you have a bonus that’s due to be collected.

4. Have Your Staff Do Tasks Before Quitting The Game

You don’t want to be caught in a situation where the naked granny strikes and disrupts your comic con. To avoid this and other unpleasant situations that may affect your convention, you should have your staff members be handling tasks right before you leave the game for an extended period of time. This would allow you not only to avoid being dinged for these events, while also collecting more rewards in the process.

5. Leave The Game When Your Superheroes’ Health Is Critical

One instance where you’ll have to quit the game for a while would be when your superheroes’ health is in jeopardy. If you notice that their health is flagging, you can then quit the game and return at a later time, with everyone back in full health. Playing the game more frequently will leave you more likely to be attacked by aliens, and when those aliens attack, you have to fight them off. But it’s still possible to win battles even if your health is only at 30 percent; you can make use of the heart power-ups that are available each time you’re in a close encounter (no pun intended) with the aliens.

6. Play The Game As Often As You Can

Taking everything we said into account, it would be better if you spent as much time playing the game as possible if you want to make more money fast from your comic convention. Of course, as you play the game more frequently, you’ll have more opportunities to collect bonuses. If you’re the type of player who opens Con Man: The Game mostly to collect the bonuses, leaves the game, and returns at a later time to repeat the process, you’ll find yourself taking more time to make that serious money you need for a top-rate comic convention.

Robyn Thorne

Monday 13th of February 2017

Whom do I contact with an issue in the game....I just used 100 comix to obtain 5 gold bags and got 5 blue bags....not HAPPY!!!!