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Combo Quest 2 Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Vanquish Your Enemies

Combo Quest 2 is a new iOS game developed by Boarding Party and is the sequel to the original Combo Quest. Combo Quest 2 is at its core a reaction game, with nice RPG elements and a quirky pixel art aesthetic. You are a knight who has successfully defeated a dragon and returned some treasure to the king. But a new evil has emerged, an ancient purple dragon (who for some reason has a large grey beard) is now menacing the land and it is up to you to stop him.

As mentioned above Combo Quest 2 is a reaction game which means that you will have to be quick if you want to do well. Your progress and gameplay is controlled by tapping the screen in time with the images that are displayed. If you want to attack enemies as well as block their attacks, then you will need to tap the small blocks on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Doing so in quick succession will fill up your combo meter, which can help you if you activate special abilities.

But as you increase your combo streak the game will get more difficult because the bar will speed up and it will be more difficult to block enemy attacks and land your own, as well as heal yourself. Sounds tough? Well, it kind of is, so read on for some Combo Quest 2 tips and tricks on how to slay any monster that gets in your way!

1. Don’t Tap Too Much

Right off the bat there is one thing that you should know about Combo Quest 2, and that is that you should not tap too much. This is because if you tap and you miss you will damage yourself. You don’t damage yourself for that much health but during a battle it adds up quickly, especially when there are bloodthirsty monsters coming at you.

So one of the most important tips for doing well in Combo Quest 2 is not to tap like your life depends on it, because if you do you’ll find your life over quicker than you anticipated. So don’t tap needlessly, only do so when you are sure you are going to hit it, or when there is no other option.

2. Choose Upgrades Wisely

In Combo Quest 2 you will battle through different stages of the level, each containing a different enemy for you to dispose of. After defeating each one you will be rewarded with an upgrade. But not all upgrades are created equal, so you need to think carefully when deciding how to upgrade your abilities.

A good upgrade to choose is one that increases your companion power. Upgrades that are based on skill e.g. combo damage, are a risky bet unless you are really sure of your ability to consistently. Companion power is usually not determined by skill e.g. the Dragon, who will just fire away consistently without any input from you. So it is a good one to upgrade if you are not sure what to choose.

Other upgrades such as maximum health and maximum damage are no brainers and you should definitely invest in them to make your character a lot stronger. Also, for critical hit damage, don’t prioritise this unless your damage is already a little bit high. This is because critical hits are rare and you want to make sure you actually have some damage so that most of your hits are doing well.

Lastly, don’t neglect the full heal powerups, these can be really helpful if you are nearing the end of the level. This is because the final enemy is always a bit more powerful than the others and you will need all of your health points in order to kill him successfully. So it is imperative that you make sure you are fully healed because if you die and you don’t have any revives on you then your character will be knocked out for a while and you won’t be able to play.

3. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

In a game about hitting the screen at the right time it is obvious that you must always keep your eyes on the screen at all times, lest you suffer a quick death. But there are some things that you need to look out for.

The first thing that you need to look out for is when lots of different squares are bunched together. This is a good time to tap the screen vigorously, but don’t over-do it. A good amount is 3 times because that is usually enough, any more and you run the risk of damaging yourself.

Next you should also look out for enemy special attacks such as the bomb, the shield and the speed attack. If you see a bomb you should always tap it, but try your best to do so when it is near other enemy attacks, that way you will be able to destroy them. For the shield attacks it is best to double tap, because if you only tap once each time then you will usually be unable to destroy it before it reaches you. Finally, is the speed attack, try to tap these if you can, but don’t worry if you miss it because your speed gets reset when you take some damage.

4. Find A Hero That Suits Your Play Style

Lastly, it is good to figure out what sort of playstyle you have and how good at the game you are. If your reflexes are not that quick, then consider choosing a hero with a lot of health or a hero that makes it easier to block attacks with e.g. the Knight. If you feel more confident in your abilities, then you can choose heroes that are based around combo damage or special abilities.

Basically just play the game for a while and see what you like and once you know what you like you can choose a hero that will bring out your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses.

Those are all the tips and tricks you need to battle monsters in Combo Quest 2. If you have found any other tips and tricks then feel free to get in touch!


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