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Clotted Cream Cookie and Wildberry Cookie Coming to Cookie Run: Kingdom

Following the last Cookie Run: Kingdom update in April, that has brought Cherry Blossom Cookie to the game, Devsisters is now back with a brand new update for its super popular mobile RPG. According to the South Korean developer, two new cookies will be added to the game as part of the new update, that’s set to roll out on May 2. The new cookies that will be introduced to the game are Clotted Cream Cookie (Super Epic/Magic/Middle) and Wildberry Cookie (Epic/Defense/Front).

Clotted Cream Cookie is a Super Epic Cookie, he is a member of the Magic class and his position is prioritized to the Middle.

clotted cream cookie teaser cookie run kingdom

Here’s a description of Clotted Cream Cookie.

“A mixture of cream, ambition, and respectability, and you will get the Republic’s youngest Consul ever. But beware: each of his sweet smiles is thoroughly calculated. This Cookie is always on the winning side.”

With regards to Wildberry Cookie, he is an Epic Cookie, who falls into the Defense class and in general he is used in the Front position.

wildberry cookie teaser cookie run kingdom

Here’s a description of Wildberry Cookie.

“Filled to the brim with wild tropical berries, Wildberry Cookie’s ardent loyalty to the Hollyberry Kingdom is unquestionable. And the brightly gleaming jewel embedded into his mighty gauntlet is proof! Wildberry Cookie has sworn to protect his kingdom and its loyal dynasty! Even though sometimes what it takes is serving generous amounts of berry juice!”

Besides the new cookies, new in-game events such as the beginning of „The Republic Trilogy” and the Champions League (Arena) will be added to the game as part of the upcoming update.

Are you excited about the new cookies, Clotted Cream Cookie and Wildberry Cookie? Will you pick any of them for your team? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!