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Clicker Fred Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide: 4 Hints You Need to Know

I’ll have to say that Dedalord’s promotion of it’s new mobile game called Clicker Fred is quite interesting. If anyone is “tired” of collecting shiny things and sweating while rushing through levels and even experiencing the horrible death then Fred in his new adventure is the right guy for you!

I’m afraid that Dedalord has put their baby boy Fred a level down; few levels down. Many have enjoyed previous running arcade sequels with never-tired running boy, but I guess someone thought that Fred should have an excursion to strategy category of mobile games. Sure thing. It’s not that we don’t have more than enough high-quality strategies out there.

In any case that’s what we’ve got, whether a disappointment or a fresh step forward. As you have noticed in my dirge, you don’t get to control Fred in the game. You just have to galvanize him by taping the screen as he is running through halls of hell completely on his own. What a fun! But to be honest, it’s not just taping that you do. First of all, you have to manage your team of runner (upgrading and stuff), recruit new ones and take gained rewards into account because you need them for building up. So these few things are what we’ll take into account in this list of Clicker Fred tips, tricks and hints.

1. One Little Finger Tap, Tap, Tap

Not only that you’re put aside from the game by not controlling Fred, but the game is going to give you numb finger for sure as you’re going to tap, tap and tap for a long time (if you decide to play the game for so long). Even though the reaper says that you have to tap Fred to make him running, don’t take it literally and chase Fred around the screen trying to tap him – you can tap anywhere on the screen. Our suggestion is to tap on the lower corners as you’re going to have a better overview that way. In order to make Fred survive, you will have to tap very quickly to make him run faster. Gauge on the bottom of the screen shows Fred’s speed. In order to reach the full throttle you will initially have to tap very quickly but once you’re in the red zone you can take it a bit easier – you don’t need a hell’s rhythm to maintain the full speed. If you’re an old school gamer from the ages of Mortal Combat on early consoles, you’ll find this quick tapping a piece of cake. Just remember to cut your nails if you don’t have a protection for your screen.

2. Focus On Upgrades

Upgrading your runners is the essence of the game. As you collect “skullies” (game currency) you will be able to upgrade your Freds, improving their skills in such manner. This means that they are going to do better job and collect more skullies as they run. There are four types of Freds you can acquire and every new Fred is better than the previous, thus their upgrading is more expensive. There isn’t too much philosophy how you should use your upgrades and how to spend skullies. Do it impulsively as you actually don’t need those skullies for anything else. The only real problem with the upgrades is that when you open the upgrade menu screen it will be opened as the game is running. So you’ll have to keep tapping the screen with one finger and pick upgrades with another. There’s the thrill we were looking for!

3. Collect Keys

As you progress and earn skullies in the game, you will also earn treasure chests. There are three types of them: common, silver and gold and they all respectively bring you valuable amounts of skulies. The thing is that, in order to open silver and gold chests, you need to get silver and gold keys. Since many will neglect the messages reaper is showing, pay attention that, occasionally, keys will fall across the screen and you need to tap to collect them. This is important as chest can bring you some big time skullies.

4. Deal With The Old Scratch

For the tiny price of your soul, there is another possibility to improve your performance in the game and it’s quick. A pact! Pacts are used to significantly increase the skill of your Freds, to enhance their speed etc. A useful stuff. TIP: evade using pacts to increase tap power as it is skullie thrown away. As we mentioned, reaching full throttle shouldn’t be a problem so this pact is completely useful for you. As you progress, you will notice that pacts are more and more expensive, but you should still take them and consider them as an investment in earning more skullies.

Another tip that every player should know. Clicking all menu tabs except the “Freds” tab will stop the game. As you continue your Freds will start with the lowest speed and you will have to fill the gauge again to max speed. You should especially avoid entering the menu while in boss level. In boss level you have a certain amount of time to finish the level and you may run out of it if you lose your speed and you’ll end up in eternal fire!

That’s all you need to know to have a blast playing Clicker Fred! If you know additional tips for the game, be sure to let us know in the comment area!