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Civilization Revolution 2 Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Build Up the Ultimate Civilization (Part 2)

Previously, we gave you a few tips and tricks you could use when playing 2K Games’ Civilization Revolution 2. And before we continue with this next part in our Civilization Revolution 2 strategy guide, let’s fill you in on the game in case you missed the first part. This iOS and Android game comes to us courtesy of 2K Games, and is part of the same Civilization franchise Sid Meier introduced to PC gamers over two decades ago.

civilization revolution 2 guide

Just as you would in other titles in the franchise, your goal is to become the most powerful civilization out there, while dealing with others who may, or may not want to maintain peaceful relations with you.

That said, let’s take you to the second part in our series of Civilization Revolution 2 tips and tricks.

1. Bolster Your Defense

You may want to remain peaceful with other civilizations, but the fact of the matter is that you should always be prepared for war. This is a point we emphasized on the first part, though we’re doing that once again as we talk about some of the better ways in which you defend yourself.

civilization revolution 2 military boss

If you’re the type of leader who’d like to focus on the more peaceful aspects of building a civilization, you can set up ranged units and put up a wall (through Masonry) that will allow you to stave off invaders from a distance, while keeping them at bay.

2. Culture And Technology Could Delay Enemy Attacks

Most of the time, rival civilizations will come to you with demands. They may ask you to pay some money and/or resources, with the tradeoff being a longer period of peacetime. Some of these demands are plausible enough, but others are flat-out unreasonable.

civilization revolution 2 attack

And if the latter happens, you might as well get ready to fight if you’ve got a strong military presence, or concede if you don’t. But if your military and defenses aren’t as impressive as those of most other civilizations, you can keep them away for a bit by intimidating them – not with powerful armies, but with superior technology and culture.

3. Less Competition Means More Success Later In The Game

The game’s mechanic will dictate that everyone out there will be gunning for you. They won’t be fighting each other, they’ll be laser-focused on taking you out in one way or another, so you shouldn’t really hope that two civilizations or more would eliminate themselves while you watch in peace.

civilization revolution 2 victory

So with that taken into account, you can try to eliminate the competition early on – this will allow you to gain more resources and control more cities, and more importantly make you stronger against big, bad bully civilizations when they try picking on you.

4. Use A Spy

If you really aren’t comfortable with declaring all-out war, or even building up a strong military mainly for defensive purposes, you can have one city produce a spy, preferably one per capital city.

civilization revolution 2 defeat

Having a spy infiltrate the enemy could reduce their production speed; creating that spy could make your cities less productive, but at least you’ll be slowing down your rivals’ progress while quickly advancing on your end.

And this ends our second strategy guide for Civilization 2. Have you discovered any other useful tips for this game? If so, feel free to share them with us in the comment area below!