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City Story Metro Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Build a Thriving and Shining City

Have you ever dreamt about being a mayor, controlling a city’s infrastructure and working hard to improve it and building a city which thrives and achieves success under your guidance? A whole city to nurture from its infancy to the path to an urban metropolis, bustling with life. Well, there’s good news for you as a Storm8 Studios’ mobile game called City Story Metro has literally taken the iOS market by storm.

City Story Metro is a city-building game you can play on any device which has the partially bitten apple logo at the back. You probably should not wait anymore and download this game, build the city you’ve always wanted and show off your perfectionism to your friends by playing online.

Do note that this application is an ‘Online Only Game’ which means that you need to have a solid network connection at all times when playing the game. This game is free-to-play but in-game items can be bought with real money, and we would not blame you if that happens because the game is pretty addictive. There are also free weekly updates with amazing and new content which can further help you build the city of your dreams.

Game Dynamics

If you’ve ever played games like FarmVille and CityVille, you’re going to have it sorted out for the most part but City Story Metro brought in a different dynamic and touch to the whole art of building, managing and maintaining your own City!

The game actually phases from day to night to make you feel that it is an actual working and living city that needs its care and attention. In City Story Metro you can build houses, jaw-dropping mansions and watch the residents of your city prosper in a unique fashion. Run all sorts of different businesses ranging from a simple burger joint to multiplex cinemas and bowling alleys for your people in order to generate the in-game economy.

You can actually observe your citizens strolling and driving cars around the city as they induct in their personal lives. You can build the wonders from around the world in your city and it’ll attract a lot of visitors and potential future residents, all of this will add up to the economic and social well-being of your city. There are two options at the bottom screen of the game namely ‘Edit’ and ‘Market’. By choosing the Edit option you can make changes to your current city, redirecting and replacing your houses and buildings in the process. By choosing the option of Market you will further find 6 options starting from Homes, Businesses, Industry, Community, Wonders and Decor. You can buy new stuff or upgrade your current city through these options,

1. Align And Mix Your Goals And The Game’s Tasks

If you do an in-depth analysis of the opportunity costs of playing City Story Metro, the way you prefer to, and align all your interests with the goals and objectives of the game, you’ll realize that the smart way is the middle way.

Sometimes the goals and objectives can help but at times they can be a big hindrance in the development of your own city. The best way to play the game is to blend your goals and the game’s tasks and then play. Due to the game’s intense customization approach, you should be the one dictating the flow of progress rather than the game itself. Sometimes, you would be better off not wasting your energy planting a tree. Instead, you could set up a business which could be more beneficial to your city and definitely the better move in the long-term.

2. Utilize Your Energy Smartly

Like all the classics, this game also operates under some limitations and restrictions. Your energy bar is limited to an extent so there is a limit to the buildings you can build at a certain time. Maintaining this energy bar and utilizing it on the things that can be more fruitful to your city’s future is a better call than just using up all this energy for useless endeavors.

Most of your energy is consumed whilst trying to build houses, greenhouses, maintaining your businesses and cutting down trees to create space. When you collect revenue from any of your businesses or taxes from a house it consumes your energy. Decision making is the toughest aspect of the game and it will prove to be the vital difference between your city and your friend’s. It’s totally up to you to manage your biggest resource at hand, energy.

3. Keep Expanding Your City

You can expand your city’s borders and coastlines by creating rivers and lakes. Expanding your city isn’t really an easy job, this opportunity constantly knocks your doors in the game. Expanding is necessary for the game to sustain your city’s growth and development but expanding without managing the resources at your disposal could put your city and your citizens at risk.

4. Decorate Your City

Decorations are also an important aspect of the game, it proves to be essential to gain popularity among the residents and cause visitors and tourists to come to your city. By choosing the option ‘Decor’ in the Market’s option you’re going to find more ways to decorate your city as well as create a positive impact. Build sports stadiums and parks around various positions around the city to keep your city alive and beautiful.

5. Keeping The Track Of Time

Almost all activities that you do around your city take time. This includes collecting rewards, completing contracts and other happenings around the city. Time, if not on par with energy in terms of importance, can be of great significance in the game as well. Your contracts have a specified time and after that time is over you will have to collect the particular goods in order to take a new contract for other goods.