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City Mania Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Build Your Dream City

Gameloft brings yet another contender in the city-building simulation genre with City Mania. Available on iOS and Android, the game offers the standard city-building mechanics along with a few neat tricks of its own. On top of constructing buildings to make money for your city, you also get to meet and recruit an assortment of characters to help you. Assign your Bizzies to jobs in your city, or send them out on missions! There will be a lot of things to do in your city and you will have to rely on our City Mania strategy guide in order to succeed.

1. Plan Your Building Space

A common rookie mistake in city-building games is to plop buildings down wherever it is convenient. The problem with this is that you will end up with a messy city later on, and you will spend a lot of time rearranging stuff. Make sure you allocate enough space in between your buildings for roads you may need to build when you start expanding. It is alright to have a few gaps in your city while you are still starting. This will make it easier to fill things in when you have more money to spend.

2. Prioritize Emergencies

Random events will pop up from time to time, and you will need to take care of these as soon as you see them. If one of your buildings suddenly catch fire, make sure you put out the fire right away. Neglecting these emergencies will cost you a lot of money. You might even lose the entire building, wasting all the money you spent on it.

3. Focus On Making Money

Since the main appeal of simulation games is to be able to create something according to your vision, you may be tempted to splurge on aesthetics. Resist this temptation or you will end up going bankrupt. Focus on money-making buildings and expand slowly. Do not spend everything you have right away. Try to earn a decent amount of money and avoid spending it all in one go. Always keep a certain amount available in case you encounter some emergencies.

4. Recruit Bizzies

Bizzies are characters that you can unlock in order to improve the performance of your city. You will need tokens to recruit them but their skills will be worth the investment. They will help perform tasks that you assign to them such as operating fire trucks and going on missions. Don’t forget to give them work to do after unlocking them so they won’t just sit around in your gallery.

5. Collect Rewards

There are several ways to earn tokens, gold, and other rewards in the game. The first and easiest way is to simply log into the game daily. You can collect a reward for every day that you are logged in. Don’t miss out on any of the rewards because you won’t be able to collect the rewards from previous days. If you are busy, you can just log in and collect the daily reward. You don’t even need to play.

The second way to earn in the game is by completing your To-Do list. This is a list of things you need to accomplish to progress in the game. It can include anything from construction certain buildings, to collecting a specific amount of gold. You will be given a reward each time you complete an item on the list.

The third way to earn is from the buildings that you have. Your buildings produce gold through taxes which you can collect at any time. Make sure you collect taxes from your buildings before logging out of the game. Your in-game treasury can only hold a specific amount so it has to be emptied regularly or you will miss out on potential earnings.

It’s time to build the city of your dreams by following our City Mania strategy guide! Do you know more tips or tricks for the game? Or just want to share your thoughts about Gameloft’s new mobile game? In any case, feel free to leave us a comment below!