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Circle the Dot Cheats: 5 Tips and Tricks for Catching the Blue Dot

When it comes to mobile games, simpler is often better, and there are few games with a simpler premise than Circle the Dot. Basically, what you have is a blue dot in a field of gray dots, and the objective of the game is to “trap” the blue dot by tapping on the gray ones and turning them orange. According to the game’s developers Ketchapp, the blue dot is “one smart dot,” and by that the company means the dot will do everything it could to get away before it is captured. Yes, it is all very simple, but what’s not that simple is constantly succeeding in capturing that blue dot. Here we’ve got five Circle the Dot cheats you may want to keep in mind the next time you play the game.

1. Block The Blue Dot At The Margins

This means blocking the blue dot as it takes what it perceives to be the quickest way out of the matrix. To do this, you’ll want to stay away from the blue dot’s path, and to circle around it (not within it) until the blue dot is close to escaping. That way you’ll have a better chance of blocking the dot’s path and circling it in.

2. Keep Practicing

Yes, we’re cheating a bit with this one, but this is simply to underscore how tricky it is to monitor the blue dot’s route and to ensure it doesn’t get away by working around its path, then blocking it at the margins. Once you’ve practiced this technique well enough, you’ll find that it’s second nature, thus giving you a go-to strategy when it comes to circling the dot.

3. Keep The Direct Route Open

Now the obvious thing to do would be to block the blue dot at its direct route, but this is something you wouldn’t want to do too early. What you’ll want to do instead is to add orange dots around the blue dot’s direct route, instead of blocking it immediately. That’s because the blue dot tends to find new ways to get away – remember what Circle the Dot’s developers said in the game’s description on Google Play. The blue dot, to reiterate, is a very smart one.

4. Remember The Orange Dots’ Initial Placement

The matrix of gray dots will include a few orange dots each time you start a new game. This could help you predict the blue dot’s moves, and at times, the pre-placed orange dots may actually help you out in circling the blue dot faster. And that actually brings us to our fifth and last tip below.

5. It’s All About Getting Lucky

There is a reason why Circle the Dot hasn’t gotten the best of reviews from some Google Play Store customers. If the game has a drawback, it’s the perception that success is quite dependent on one’s luck. As we said above, there are times when the orange dots’ initial placement would help you, and other times when it would not, so in the latter case you may want to keep restarting your game (as long as you’re not deep into it) until you get ideal orange dot placement.